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Last week I mentioned Strike Back's format and how they seemed to have gotten rid of it. After seeing this episode I think it might still be there. This episode felt completely different than the first two, mainly because of the setting so the two-episode arc storytelling is still in play. And realising that, i started to enjoy this episode more.

This time around, Budapest was the backdrop for this week's mission. After newly appointed badass McKenna, claiming to be real IRA, killed Dalton and Al-Zuhari's wife, she became the main focus for Locke and Section 20.

Let's start from the beginning though. I was confused at first. Ok, McKenna was spotted in Hungary, but I was still trying to put two and two together with the introduction of the Irish's presence in Budapest. Apparently, a shipment of weapons meant for the Hungarians, is the target for the real IRA. The price for this information: Al-Zuhari's creepy video message we saw a couple episodes ago. So the real IRA is now working together with Hezbolah aswell? For the sake of enjoying this show to the fullest, I'll go with it.

Still trying to wrap my head around it, things start to get interesting when Section 20 rolls up at the British Embassy, and already have everything set up. Impressive.
And Scott get's rejected by the lovely Natalie Fisher, an embassy employee. More impressive! The look on Scott's and Stonebridge's faces was classic! Good stuff!

Speaking of Natalie Fisher, her introduction is short-lived. Wish she could have stayed around for a bit longer but she did have an interesting couple scenes with none other than McKenna. How McKenna found out she is both a diplomat, a lesbian and frequently visits fancy high-end bars with half naked woman is beyond me. But for the men amongst us, I don't think we stopped to think about this at the time. It was lovely, period.

So after a rather steamy lesbian sex scene, nicely shot by the way, Mckenna simply snaps Natalie's neck and for some reason she gets Natalie's fingerprint? I'm sure this will be for later in the season, because it wasn't used in this episode. Or did I miss something? Pretty interesting though...

Back to some real action now in true Strike Back fashion. The capture of Mckenna at the switching yard. This was a great scene and explained a few things. It did leave me with some questions too though. So if Section 20 doesn't stop the real IRA from getting their hands on the weapons, they loose their only lead to Al-Zuhari's next attack? Apparently the video of Al-Zuhair is to be broadcast after it. So I take it, the weapons are meant for the attack itself? Then why was the USB stick with the video the price for the information? Who the heck was this Sean dude then? He's the only one who could put out the video? I might be fishing here too much.
In any case, this was pretty awesome. Ski-masked shoot-outs, blood explosions, Stonebridge still struggling with his aim, even with a bazooka...it was grand!

But, mission accomplished. They have McKenna. But we all know this wasn't going to be the end of it. I did love the interrogation part between her and Locke. One small thing that was a little convenient though, was the little video between him and McKenna's brother and how that was a way to put the screws on her. Until last week, she wasn't even in the picture. But now Locke's already got all this leverage. How very convenient.

Meanwhile on a little side mission Scott and Stonebridge almost got blown up, which made them think it's time to retire? C'mon boys, don't get so sentimental on us!
Blowing things up and almost getting blown up is what it's all about!

Before getting any information out of McKenna, International politics put a halt to the interrogation and she's to be transferred out of the country. Now the real fun begins. This was a blast until the very last second. There were some unbelievable aspects to it (that particular toilet has all that hidden? Really?) but it was a thrill all the way. Since a picture says a thousand words, I'll let them to the talking for now...

Boy that was one hell of a shoot-out at the airport! I loved Locke, slow motion through the smoke and everything. And then Mckenna grabbing him by the hair just like he did to her just before...plain awesome!

And once again Stonebridge hesitates because he can't see clearly, leaving Locke in the hands of McKenna and her crew. Quite the escape. I couldn't have planned it better myself (perhaps with a lot less casualties maybe?). Her expression towards the end: also priceless. She is nasty...and I love it! (doesn't yet make up for Dalton, but still...)

Small sidenote: Stonebridge and Martinez getting cozier? Pretend or not. I'm liking it. Scott shouldn't be the only one getting it...am i right?


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Sep 16, 2013
Ok, I'm not from that part of the world, so could it actually happen that their only suspect in hand ― the sister of a most-wanted/informant ― would be released just off of political favors/threats? Well if I ever become a cop or agent, I'll definitely run a gloved finger around the toilet rim and paper holder!
Sep 15, 2013
I was going to suggest a title for this review =


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