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  • Great Show To Watch!

    Love this show ! Hope they stick around for more seasons !
  • Strike Back is like 24 meets Homeland, meets Rambo and then meets Game of Thrones.

    Everybody has their demons; there ain't no room for heroes in Strike Back. War and conflict will always take its toll, even on two badasses like Scott and Stonebridge (and before them, Porter). I binge watched this show ever since the first episode - the action is (kind of) realistic and plentiful but doesn't resort to the cheesiness we see in 24; some of the seriousness we see in Homeland we also get in Strike Back. All in all, this show does everything right and fulfills each of my manly desires.
  • COD meets softcore porn.

    Not saying it is a bad thing but don't delude yourselves.

    There is pretty much just 3 parts to this show since Cinemax took over -Action scenes, sex/nudity scenes and the stuff in between said action and sex which is simply there to break things up a bit.

    I can tolerate the near supreme lack of realism and the embarrassingly thin veneer of "character development", what really gets to me is the 'convenient incompetence' that protagonists seem to suffer from.

    One moment their super unexplainable senses are saving them from ambushes or exposing liars, traitors and spies when no one else could but then -in the next; they are completely unaware they are screwing or giving sensitive information and access to an enemy operative.

    I mean -can you actually imagine super elite soldiers (let alone "heroes") actually surrendering critical nuclear technology to mercenaries/terrorists just so they could live?

    The show and it's fans need to get over themselves and accept what Strike Back actually is, that way they can move forward properly.

    TBH This show would be a lot better if the guys from COD MW and Brazzers or Naughty America took over the writing.
  • Strikeback is non stop action...

    I love this show! Action, hott sexy, more action, funny, Sexy.. Why why why is there only one season left? Cinemax only has 3 series and Strikeback & Banshee are the reason I pay a ridiculous amount per mo. Come On! PLEASE LISTEN TO THE AUDIENCE! And 8.8 rating my ass.. 10.0
  • Strike Back will be back for only one more season

    I read that Sullivan Stapleton had an didn't elaborate but did say Strike Back's new season would be delayed by a few months. So we will see them again which is the good news! I don't know who decided to make this the last show is excellent! I can't take my eyes off the screen for even a few seconds because I'll miss something. Why cancel an awesome show that people love when there are dumb shows still around? Who makes these decisions?
  • Bring back the show

    Its been since october... where is the promised season 4?
  • Banshee's Baby Daddy

    When I heard that Cinemax was going to take over production for the cancelled BBC series 'Hunted', my heart sank. I only knew Cinemax by reputation, but that reputation wasn't based on quality.

    While checking out their website for the first time, I saw trailers for 'Banshee' and 'Strike Back' which looked surprisingly entertaining, so I figured when I had time, I'd check them out. My long standing crush on Ivana Milicevic won out, so 'Bashee' was first. I'm now getting to the end of season 4 of 'Strike Back' and it's all starting to make sense.

    While entertaining enough, 'Banshee' is clearly the second generation of 'Strike Back' with all the kinks worked out. Their formats, themes, characters, action sequences are far too similar for it to be a coincidence. Almost like after they took the series over from the BBC, some exec said, "You know, this Damien Scott character is kinda don't we sit down next week and see if we can put together an entire series loosely based on him, and just like that, Lucas Hood was born.

    I don't know how it ends just yet, but seeing the amount of repetition, maybe it's best that this show go out on as high a note as it can and be proud that it's legacy lives on in 'Banshee'.
  • Strike Back (rating10) it puts 7.5 which is wrong! It should be 10

    You really need to bring back Strike Back! That show was so well done.

    I really can't believe it was cancelled! I know you had so many people who loved the show.

    So please consider bringing it back.

    Thank you, a sad Texan:-(

    Linda Gasaway
  • This is how US should make action series

    Its a shame that this particular Action drama is not on the radar of big Channels, I see the epic work of the actors in this Drama and compare it to the USA drama/action like Agent Shield and find USA series wanting.

    I believe that there is no higher compliment than saying that I watched a 2 minute snippet from the Season 1 (UK Season 1, which was USA Origin series) and that was enough for me to binge watch this show. Its a true definition of engaging and great work that you can pick up any episode, watch 2 minute clip and that makes you want to see more and more.

    I hope that this series go higher and get the acclaim and praise that it deserve

  • Wow, what a show!

    Being an American I nevertheless have to admit: Brits make the best shows. And there's also a slight chance that it will screw up at the end as happened to many our domestic shows (Fringe, Arrow, for example).
  • Strike Back is the home version of a big screen block buster

    This series has got to be one of the best written and well cast action/adventure TV shows ever. The plots are imaginative, action packed and engaging; compelling the viewer to tune in for the next episode. The filming locations are exceptionally realistic and add significantly to the international flavor of the story lines. The lead characters, Stonebridge and Scott, are very believable in their roles as the backbone and muscle of the elite Section 20 British military operation. The supporting cast members also deliver strong interactive performances by interjecting their own unique and personal spin on the characters they portray. In each episode there is no lack of bullets flying, guerilla warfare tactics, intricate plot twists, and a true feeling of camaraderie between the principal cast members. This show is such a pleasure to watch I wish I could be part of the action. Strike Back has got to be a shinning star for Cinemax. I hope they re-consider cancelling the show after next season. Give it at least 7 seasons so it can go into syndication. Then I can watch re-runs in my old age.

  • Strike Back is one of the BEST SHOWS ON TV and this is why....

    This series is one of the best on TV. It is very realistic and it seems to mimic current events. I mean obviously the scenes where these 2 guys rip through a whole army of bad guys is a little unrealistic but the story line is very interesting and action packed. This show always seems to keep me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next. I have withdrawals when i have to wait for the next episode to come on. This is one series that i hope they keep on for ever which i believe they can for a while due to the fact that they can keep changing the story line and bad guys because that really happens in real life anyways. There seems to always be a new bad guy or terrorist that is planning something horrible. Like i said earlier you are correct it lacks realism during them fight scenes but the story line as a whole is very interesting and i think if they went to real it would lack the feeling you get when the good guy is winning even against the odds or when the good guys escapes that impossible situation just to save someone or something. These are the type of scenes that make a movie great. I think if you were %100 realistic the entire movie it wouldnt be a good movie and there would never be a main character if you were to tell the story correctly cuz he would probably be dead in the first scenen lol. I really believe this is one of the best shows on TV hands down. If you disagree let me know what series out there can compare in any way?
  • Linas

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare
  • So what

    I love it, Sometimes there is no need for perfect realism.

    Its funny, has action , men and women are equally badasses
  • not bad, but...

    Everything about this show is decent: acting, filming, etc. It's quite good, actually.


    In some parts it seriously lacks realism. I mean, come on, two guys taking down whole ARMIES, you have to be smarter than that. It's just completely unbelievable. And that's even without high-tech equipment, mostly they just have a pistol, and then they grab some worn gear from their foes. In addition to that, there's constant insubordination, basically they defy 90% of their orders. I'd give it a 10, if not for that. But with me having to facepalm every 10 minutes cuz of totally unrealistic scenes, like when 5 "elite troops" are shooting full-auto on 1 non-moving target from 20 yards distance and not hitting 1 single shot, I'm rating it 7/10.

    . . and of course you gotta love suicide bombers, who set their bombs to detonate in 30 seconds, instead of just blowing it up instantly
  • money

  • Whoa! Season 3

    Season 3 up this summer if I'm correct 50DpY7zc
  • Entertaining show

    I really liked the 1st original season with Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln (before his Walking Dead days, clean shaven and much more handsome). I also prefer the 2 female leads in the original mini series. The cast of the 2nd season lacks the charisma of the original cast but the show is still pretty exciting. Usually its 2 episode for a case which gives it more time but it never lose the pace. Its like a 90 mins movie. I am catching up on the show this summer and just finished episode 6. Epi 5-6 was really exciting. Lots of guest stars from the cast of Games of Thrones too. Watch it if you have not. Use the summer to catch up on it before season 4 starts !
  • New Season 1

    I've discovered a new season 1 with six episodes:

    S01 E01 - Iraq 01

    S01 E02 - Iraq 02

    S01 E03 - Zimbabwe 01

    S01 E04 - Zimbabwe 02

    S01 E05 - Afghanistan 01

    S01 E06 - Afghanistan 02

    Season 2 (your season 1) with all ten episodes called "Project Dawn part 1 to part 10" and season 3 with all ten episodes called "Vengeance part 1 to part 10".

    I find this British TV series to be fast paced and mostly full of action and I enjoy them very much. The good team takes a few casualties along the way, unlike most American series. I can't wait for season 4 to start!
  • Rhona Mitra :)

    I liked the show before Racheal(Rhona Mitra) started, but since she came to the show has added something extra. She is a Beauty and a badass which makes her a good fit for the show. I didn't see her name listed in the shows cast. Why? I sure hope she is coming back she is very sexy and is one of the reasons that I renewed my Starz and HBO with direct TV.
  • disappointing

    I am so disappointed in this decided to catch up on Season II since I was off today. I was quite disappointed to see that Damien Scott did not sleep with Lillian in Episode 7 or 8. This guy literally sleeps with every woman who comes in his path, including the repulsive CIA agent, yet he did not sleep with a pretty woman because she is Black. I am so disappointed. Now I cannot even finish the last two episodes. I will definitely now watch the third season. I was going to make this my new disappointing.
  • Why do ignorant yanks think that EVERY show needs to be made 'hollywood' ?


    As usual the yanks slag off what they fail to understand. This show is entertaining. The first season was brilliant as well. Let's just say, if you like action tv then this is for you. Never mind the claims over '24' type action, that would make the show tacky at best. This show stands on it's own but as usual, the yanks have had to interfere with a perfectly good premise and make it more 'hollywood'. For once, just leave a show alone and let it speak for itself. The USA is not the world, get over it.

  • Badass! (Also, Phillip Winchester might be a God, just saying)

    Is this the same as the British series? No. Do I miss John Porter? 100%! Does that mean I don't like these 2 bad-asses running around blowing sh*t up? Absolutely not. This show is just a pure action adrenaline ride and I love every second of it. Hollywood might've gone a little overboard with the storyline and the effects, as it usually does, but who cares? The UK version had it's issues too. Basically they're both good shows, and if you just want a good, low-intellectual value, action show, watch this. (After you watch the one with Richard Armitage, since Project Dawn likes to pretend the 2 stories are related).

    ps. I disagree with anyone who says this is like 24 or the Unit for whatever that's worth. Other than the fact that all 3 are action shows. Beyond that, not so much.
  • Strike Back is outstanding!


    We have missed 'The Unit' since CBS made the mistake of canceling it. Strike Back is a similar show but without the restraints of network tv. This isn't just an action show but the stories have serious depth (much like The Unit). Can't wait for the next season.

  • The americans take over the reigns of control of another british show, and this time its better than the original!!! Strike Back was entertaining.


    After the lead man from the first season ( Richard Armitage ) is taken hostage, a new team is formed to get him back! the first season was said to have "24 Type action around each corner " boy, was that misleading ....But we are not here to chat about that season, no we are here to talk about the new incarnationStrike Back 2: Project Dawn. this lives up to the hype! I saw the first trailer and I was hooked, saw the first 2 eps. and I was sold. This lives up to the comparison to "24" and because it a cable show it can go one more step in action than "24" could. If you are a fan of action tv. this is a show for you. Oh, yeah the Opeing song kicks ass also!


    Samuraikuroi USA