Strike Back

Friday 10:00 PM on Cinemax Premiered Aug 12, 2011 In Season





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  • Badass! (Also, Phillip Winchester might be a God, just saying)

    Is this the same as the British series? No. Do I miss John Porter? 100%! Does that mean I don't like these 2 bad-asses running around blowing sh*t up? Absolutely not. This show is just a pure action adrenaline ride and I love every second of it. Hollywood might've gone a little overboard with the storyline and the effects, as it usually does, but who cares? The UK version had it's issues too. Basically they're both good shows, and if you just want a good, low-intellectual value, action show, watch this. (After you watch the one with Richard Armitage, since Project Dawn likes to pretend the 2 stories are related).

    ps. I disagree with anyone who says this is like 24 or the Unit for whatever that's worth. Other than the fact that all 3 are action shows. Beyond that, not so much.