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Strike Witches

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Strike Wtiches is a Japanese anime television series based on a manga and light novel of the same name that aired in 2008 on the Fukui TV network. The Strike Witches are girls with unlimited magic potential who are trained by a military organization to fight Neuroi. Neuroi is an evil force which seizes territoris throughout history, this time it is in 1939. Neuroi's army deploys a virus that human beings have no way of combating. In addition to killing humans, the virus transforms anything it touches into new weapons for Neuroi. The Witches fight against Neuroi through the use of Striker Units which give them the ability to fly and harness their magic. The Striker Units also create a shield that protects the Witches from Neuroi's virus. The Strike Witches 501st Joint Fighter Wing defends the Britannian islands, as most of the land on Earth has been completely destroyed by Neuroi.

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AIRED ON 9/22/2010

Season 2 : Episode 12

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  • Victory through Girl Power

    Strike Witches is an Anime series about a diverse group of cute girls who are called on to use their latent magic powers to defeat an alien force. But what makes this series stand out is that it is set in an alternate reality in which WW2 was put on hold due to the appearance of the alien menace known as the Neuroi.

    The aforementioned girls have magical powers that let them attach mechanical devices to their legs & allow them to carry large weapons,thus becoming like living fighter planes of that period to battle against the Neuroi.

    The girls are from a rather curious mix of both Allied UK, USSR, Free France) & Axis (Germany, Japan, Italy) countries who put aside their differences & unite to fight the alien force

    Despite its premise & "fanservice", this show is a delight to watch, just to see how these little ladies deal with the current threat as well as their day-to-day lives.

    War is Hell, but who says it can't be cute?moreless

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