Strike Witches



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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 9/22/10
      Major Sakamoto risks her life to save the world, but the Neuroi hive proves nearly impossible to destroy. The witches are all out of magic, but Yoshika refuses to give up the fight!
    • To Be Myself
      Episode 11
      As the Strike Witches prepare for their most dangerous mission yet, Major Sakamoto - the bravest warrior among their ranks - can no longer hide the fact that her magic is rapidly fading!
    • 500 Overs
      Episode 10
      Hartmann teams up with a famous witch on loan from another unit in order to defeat a special Neuroi that's impervious to airborne attacks! The new girl has lethal skills - and an attitude to match!
    • 9/1/10
      When the girls of the 501st hit the beach for some special training, Lucchini discovers a treasure chest that leads to a treasure map that leads to booby traps!
    • 8/25/10
      Yoshika is permanently grounded after suddenly losing the ability to fly, but a prototype Striker Unit inspired by her father's letter may hold the key to putting her back in action!
    • 8/18/10
      Bath time is interrupted by an invasive insect hopping from one set of skimpy skivvies to another. The Strike Witches are up in arms over this shocking breach of their britches, and they'll do whatever it takes to protect their panties!
    • 8/11/10
      A menacing new breed of Neuroi looms high above the clouds, and the Strike Witches must equip themselves with experimental rocket boosters in order to reach the unprecedented altitude required to destroy their enemy!
    • My Romagna
      Episode 5
      A Strike Witch shopping trip goes up in flames when Lucchini spends the squadron's money on a sightseeing adventure and the town is attacked by Neuroi!
    • 7/28/10
      Barkhorn runs into big trouble during a test flight of the new jet striker unit, and only an extremely well-endowed comrade has the power to save her from the ultimate crash-landing!
    • 7/21/10
      Yoshika, Lynne, and Perrine report to a mysterious old woman for some special training, but their broomstick lessons are soon interrupted by a deadly Neuroi attack!
    • 7/14/10
      When Sakamoto's strike unit malfunctions, Yoshika is forced into a solo dogfight against a rapidly-regenerating Neuroi! The bombastic beauties of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing race to provide backup, but will they arrive in time?
    • 7/7/10
      Yoshika's plans to become a doctor are put on hold after a mysterious letter from her father leads to a reunion with Sakamoto. Elsewhere, her former Strike Witch comrades take to the air to battle a new breed of Neuroi!
  • Season 1