Strip Mall - Season 1

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  • Big Hanger
    Big Hanger
    Episode 10
    Sergei and Hedda are getting ready for The Wankie Awards. Hedda has been nominated for best actress for Tits-tanic, and Josh for best director for Booty And The Beast. Hedda is angry when Josh announces he is not attending the awards. Fanny kicks Althea out after catching her with Pussy Magnifico and plans on jumping off the roof of The Valley Armada at midnight. While sitting by Rafe's bedside at the hospital, Bettina finds out from two nurses that Rafe has been doing porno films. Horrified, Bettina slaps him and rushes out, and Rafe awakens. Tammi and Blair search frantically for Ashley, and Tammi finds her sleeping behind the toilet at The Funky Fox. She drags Ashley over to Star Hunt to get her ready for their routine, but Ashley won't cooperate unless Patty continues to feed her bugs. Blair takes over for Patty at the bar and has Star Hunt playing on the television. Bettina and Fanny are there watching, and Bettina sees Ashley on the commercial with Tammi advertised as "Tammi and Teeny." Fanny offers to drive Bettina there so she can reunite with her "daughter" Ashley. As The Wankie Awards start, Hedda and Barry wonder where Sergei is. Back at We Shoot You Video, Tasha returns because she got a call from the alarm company, and she finds Sergei's dismembered ear on the floor. At Star Hunt, Tammi and Ashley perform "It's Raining Men," and win first place. Josh, Elyce, and Caroline enter the hotel where The Wankies and Star Hunt are being held. Elyce and Caroline are looking for suitable hotels for the wedding banquet. They realize they meant to go to The Beverly Hills Armada, not The Valley Armada, and are about to leave when Elyce hears Josh's name announced at The Wankies. She and Caroline are mortified to find that he directed porn, and Hedda comes out and is about to punch Elyce until Elyce announces that she is pregnant. At Star Hunt, everyone adores Ashley as Tammi is left backstage, where a mysterious person abducts her. Bettina arrives and takes Ashley outside, where Rafe meets up with them. When Rafe explains that the only reason he did porno was to save Bettina's store, Good Things, from going bankrupt, he forgives her. As this happens, Ashley looks up and sees Fanny leaping from the roof of The Armada.moreless
  • Tammi's Little Problem
    Tammi and Ashley go to audition for the television talent show Star Hunt, but the interviewer doesn't think Ashley is "tv-friendly." He has a change of heart when he hears Ashley sing and when Tammi tells him that Ashley is a "recovering crack-whore baby." While Tammi is out getting costumes, Blair is rehearsing with Ashley and she runs away. Hedda, still believing that Elyce is Josh's sister and he is having an affair with her, gives Josh an ultimatum. Sergei announces that both Hedda and Josh have been nominated at The Wankies, the annual adult film awards. Fanny and Althea host "Lesbian Country Karaoke Night" at The Funky Fox. Sergei hires a former porn actress, Pussy Magnifico, to break them up by seducing Althea so he can buy out Fanny's lease. Barry visits the new store at the strip mall, "Mood Meals," and orders a dish called testosteroni. It makes him go crazy and he climbs onto the roof of the strip mall. The lesbian karaoke singers call the police, who try to bring Barry down with a tranquilizer gun. However, the tranquilizer dart hits Tammi while she is looking for Ashley in a garbage dumpster. Eventually, Barry falls off the roof when Hedda flashes him her breasts.moreless
  • Mommy Dearest
    Mommy Dearest
    Episode 8
  • Tammi Babysits
    Tammi Babysits
    Episode 7
  • Barry's Big Surprise
  • Burbank Bigfoot
    Burbank Bigfoot
    Episode 5
    Hedda gets it on with a sasquatch for her newest porn film.
  • Rafe Gets Stiffed
    Rafe Gets Stiffed
    Episode 4
  • Harve Takes a Bullet
  • Tammi Settles Down
    Tammi Settles Down
    Episode 2
    Tammi is dismayed to learn that her new hubby Harve isn't the wealthy owner of a chain of dry cleaners like she had thought.
  • Pilot/Blunt's Bad Idea
    Welcome to Plaza Del Toro, a strip mall in Van Nuys, California. "Wok Don't Run" - A Chinese restaurant owned by Fanny Sue Chang and her lesbian lover Althea. "We Shoot You Video" - A photography studio owned by Sergei where porno films are actually directed in the back room. Tasha is the secretary; Josh is a young film school graduate directing adult films; Barry is Josh's best friend and works on the set; and Hedda is Sergei's favorite porn actress. "Good Things" - A craft store ran by Bettina and her husband Rafe. "Star Brite Laundry And Dry Cleaners" - A dry cleaners owned and ran by Harve. "The Funky Fox" - A neighborhood bar; Patty is the bartender and Tammi Tyler is a former child star now working there as a waitress.moreless