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Spike TV (ended 2004)


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Stripperella Fan Reviews (7)

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  • I love this show although i was only seven or eight when it was on i loved it.

    This show stripperella was really short lived .which is actually too bad.Because we have the beauty of Pam Anderson and the nice voice but not her acting LOL.anyways i thought the show had a good concept i thought it was pretty original but apparentley it wasnt canceled for low ratings but because of a stupid argument which is bad because this show COULD have had some potential.there was supposed to be a comic book but that was canceled to. I hate that theres nothing but the season one dvd. but i guess ill make the best of what i can..for now
  • *sexy cat purr* Read. Because you'll love her.

    This is as sexy as it gets. Really, because SpikeTV aired 4 cartoon shows, Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, Gary the Rat, the digitally remastered episodes of Ren & Stimpy, and of course... you have "Stripperella."

    The sexy superhero is Stripperella. And no, I'm not saying she is not as sexy as Catwoman.

    Released on SpikeTV from 2003 and ended in 2004. Why? Well because of the court law... with the Marvel Comics extraordinare, Stan Lee. Sad to see her cancelled. She was such a kick-ass hero from 1 to another. And, did I mention that she was sexy?

    By that, this is a good show. A real mild chuckle at first, but you get more laughs than usual. Besides, it's way better than Bob Barker's (before he retired) pet warning to keep away.

    8-bit Dog from the Hunting game: ARF! ARF!

    Like I said, this show rocks. Even if she is sexy, this show was/is a show so good on SpikeTV, that comedy and action are mixed in general.
  • Great all around

    This is just what I would expect from Stan Lee, and I say that as an old school Marvel Comic fan.

    Stripperella, is reminiscent of the humor found in the Horward the Duck comics back in the 70's. Stan deffinatly knows super heros and for that reason there is no better person to pardoy them. Pamela Anderson was perfectly cast (never thought those words wold pass my lips) as Stripperella/Erotica Jones. Voice over greats Maurice LaMauche and Tom Kenny help fill out the cast, with a little help from Stan Lee himself. The writting and animation were top notch.

    Too bad Spike TV got out of the animated series business.
  • Waaayyy awesome! Bring it back!

    It was awesome and had a good plot. Even though it was censored it was still good. I like it because it reminds me of Teen Titans..I guess with the fighting and stuff? I don't know. And brings to the fact..why did it get cancelled? there was like a million stories and they were all different. Who knows..the only people who might know is Stan Lee and the people who helped make the show. I guess thats what you can say.
    I guess if you like anime like I do then you might like this show.
    They should bring it back.
  • this a good show with funny jokes and hot babes and strippers only watched it once but am going to watch it heaps more i like the strippers and plot. Bring on the babes.

    This is a extremely witty and sexy show.this a good show with funny jokes and hot babes and strippers only watched it once but am going to watch it heaps more i like the strippers and plot. Bring on the babes.ever since i watched it i heave liked it due to the ladies and plot

    This was a VERY HOT series.

    Lots of naked animted hot strippers.

    I didn't know Stan Lee was into this stuff! ^_^

    This show NEEDS a series.

    But this time FULL Nudity!

    Naked asses not just naked breasts!

    More girls. More hot girl villains. More action and more comidy.

    This series was ahead of its time.
  • Ok, this show is about a stripper (Erotica Jones) who turns into a super hero (Stripperella). Clearly we should be expecting sex and campy humor. Clearly we're getting it.

    You know how some kids cartoons are written to work on two levels? There's the slapstick, toilet humor that gets the kids laughing and the cultural, political or subtle innuendo for their parents. Well imagine that situation reversed. An animated show where the innuendo is so overt it can't rightly be called innuendo and the majority of the jokes are spoofs of the classic spy movie cliches. And then throw in some slapstick and toilet humor for the adults who can't get it.

    Ok, this show is about a stripper (Erotica Jones) who turns into a super hero (Stripperella). Clearly we should be expecting sex and campy humor. Clearly we're getting it.

    TNN "warns" that the show is rated CFFA "Cartoons for F**kin Adults - put away the kids". Actually it's rated TV-MA but the (please can't we be Spike TV) network probably thinks that isn't cool enough. Even given that and it's late night timeslot it's a bit surprising what they get away with. Think pole dancing strippers, lap dances, gratuitous nipples, upskirt camera shots ... you get the picture. They did put the little blur boxes on the topless girl though.

    And the campy humor really doesn't disappoint either. The show is packed from begining to end with cut-ups of the classic spy movie cliches. The villain cackles "I'll see you soon ... in the Obituaries" only to have the camera pull back and show him surrounded by onlookers. Erotica leaps over a wall and changes into Stripperella and explains at length that she's just arrived and wasn't there already. The spy headquarters is chock full of sliding doors and transforming walls which hides a tiny old TV (they spent all the money on the wall).

    Stripperella is sure to be a hit at the fraternity houses, but what about the rest of us. Well if you hear it's about a crime fighting stripper and think "Wow, that's cool" you'll love it. If you're offended by blatant sex jokes, outrageously curvy cartoon women, politically incorrect humor or low brow slapstick you'll probably hate it. Ultimately though, Stripperella delivers all that it promises. But yes, please do hide the kids.

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