Season 1 Episode 13

The Curse of the WereBeaver

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2004 on Spike TV
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Episode Summary

An asthmatic motorist runs off the road to avoid hitting an animal and slams into a tree. He is bitten by the animal -- a glowing werebeaver -- and he turns into a giant glowing werebeaver that runs amok chewing through anything made of wood and terrorizing the population. Stripperella must put a stop this rampaging werebeaver.moreless

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    Jill Talley

    Jill Talley


    Jon Cryer

    Jon Cryer


    Maurice LaMarche

    Maurice LaMarche

    Chief Stroganoff/Leonard/Various

    Pamela Anderson

    Pamela Anderson

    Erotica Jones/Stripperella

    Sirena Irwin

    Sirena Irwin

    Persephone Cliche

    Tom Kenny

    Tom Kenny

    Special Agent 14/Various

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      • Larry: I see now that killing beavers is wrong. Beavers are warm and sensitive animals, they should be stroked and kissed and caressed and played with until their cute little lips open wide and quiver with excitement. Sure, sometimes they like it rough and you need to be firm with them, but not kill them.

      • Shaw the beaverhunter: That's what I call a beautiful beaver. I can't wait to stuff you and mount you, but first I gotta kill you.

      • Shaw the beaverhunter: This scar's from a beaver I caught in Madagascar in 1987. These days I won't get near a beaver without protection.

      • Chief: Well Stripperella, I think your beaver is about to be exposed.

      • Chief (Points to picture of werebeaver on the newspaper frontpage): That's some beaver shot. That is the biggest, hairiest beaver I have ever seen.

      • Erotica: Who's that?
        Larry/werebeaver: That's Lance Shaw, beaverhunter. He's gotten more tail than anyone I've ever met.

      • Stripperrella: Are you kids ok?
        Kid: I guess so. You ruined our bikes.
        Stripperrella: I saved your lives.
        Kid: Yeah, but you ruined our bikes.

      • Mayor: This structure is an almost perfect recreation of an actual tree. The artist cut down and used the wood from over 500 actual redwoods to construct this majestic tribute to trees. Without further adieu, I, Mayor Samuelson, give to you -- the giant woody.

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      • Jaws: The city hall scene where the beaverhunter negotiates a deal is similar to the scene in Jaws when Quint scrapes his fingernails down the blackboard and negotiates a deal to kill the shark.