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What the next episode was going to be...

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    According to creator Jeff Olsen, the cliffhanger resolution was going to be:

    Stroker & Hoop died in the crash. Double-Wide survived, and was hanging on by a thread in the burn ward and having visions of Stroker and Hoop in the afterlife. Sadly, Hoop was being sent to lettuce Hell on a technicality (long story about lettuce hell). With Keith and CARR's help (CARR's brain and a hubcap survived the crash), Doublewide built a flat-liner device and had Keith pack his body on ice while he attempted an afterlife rescue mission. Just as Double-Wide was about to succeed, the doctors burst in and revived him. So in a last-ditch attempt to save his buddies, Double-Wide shot himself and Coroner Rick. Once in the afterlife, DW and CR teamed up with Stroker's dead dad (who was a custodian in limbo) and a dead Ninja (the one Hoop shot in episode 6) to try and save Hoop. After that, Stroker put together a series of small clues that culminated with God getting killed. For 20 minutes (the time it takes God's soul to return to the afterlife), there was no God around. Which gave Stroker, Hoop, Double-Wide, Coroner Rick, Stroker's dead Dad -- and a ton of people who had been quite justifiably condemned to Hell -- just enough time to escape back to Earth.


    Crazy, but its good to know how it was supposed to end.

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    That would have been a hell of an ending. Damn them for cancelling this show....
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    in an unusual way.........that's kind of a deep episode
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