Stroker and Hoop

Season 1 Episode 11

How to Get Behind in Advertising

Aired Monday 1:30 AM Dec 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

After a backhandedly complimentary speech to his employees at Rose's retirement party, her boss, Jackson Jefferson, gives her a glass paperweight inscribed with inspirational phrase, which will also be given to every other employee of Jefferson & Safferstein, an advertising agency; she is not particularly happy with it. As he is trying to unlock his car, he recognizes somebody coming towards him and is killed--the glass paperweight jammed into his skull. The next morning, Rose is telling Hoop what she plans to do now that she's retired when she is arrested for her boss's murder.

At the morgue, Coroner Rick, while scooping Jefferson's organs onto a scale, tells Stroker and Hoop that Rose had the only cube, which was a prototype, and that Jefferson's mistress heard him say good-bye to Rose over the phone before he was killed. With all of this, Hoop remains adamant over his mother's innocence, and tells Stroker they're going undercover at the agency under the guise of being offered jobs by Jefferson before he was killed. Stroker won't do another pro bono job, but changes his mind after hearing the job pays $200,000 to start.

Under the names Stroganoff and Hopowitz, they are told that Jefferson was handling a particular account personally, but the files cannot be found, so they and another pair are given 48 hours to prepare two pitches for Freshen Up fabric softener. According to Tommy, a rep for Freshen Up, the company is looking to rebrand after 35 years of Giggles, the Freshen Up Bear, specifically towards college kids. When Stroker asks if softener goes in the washer or dryer, the rep likes it, seeing it as an educational angle. Meanwhile, Rose is incarcerated at the Brighter Day Seniors State Correctional Facility for Women, where the inmates immediately call "fresh fish," which Rose takes as a welcome. Her incessant talking begins to wear on her cellmate Chica, who threatens with a "Colombian Necktie."

While looking through the files, Stroker finds that Jefferson had cut Rose's retirement benefits before she left, providing motive. They decide to look into the cube's inscriptions--someone may have been upset by one of them. After being antagonized by a rival team with a toy gun, Stroker threatens them with a real gun. In a lunch line, Rose returns the knives she found in Chica's bunk to the kitchen. Chica denies they're hers, but she gets dragged away, threatening to kill Rose. During a visit from Hoop, she tells him Chica's the head of the "Senior Senoritas" and pleads for help. Later in the shower, Rose warily picks up the soap for a prisoner, and gets shivved in the ass. In the infirmary, she tells Coroner Rick to give a message to Hoop.

As Hoop struggles with pitches, Giggles brings pizza and tries out a rap for Freshen Up. Hoop is warm to "Freshen Up Extreme," but is woken up from the dream by Coroner Rick telling him about Rose. Rick tries to get Hoop to the prison for his mother, but Hoop has to go to the pitch meeting instead. At the meeting, Stroker tells Hoop he'll go first with his pitch--a drunk Stroker shooting a TV airing a Giggles commercial, then promoting Freshen Up as "F.U.", complete with a hooker groping him. That's all Tommy needed to hear, as he decided to take Stroker's ad to the Super Bowl. Hoop is angry that Stroker "stabbed him in the back." When Coroner Rick tells Rose that Hoop couldn't make it, she is inconsolable as she goes to the prison courtyard for her fight with Chica. She seems to apologize about the knives, but instead stabs Chica with the one she didn't turn in, then slits her own throat.

Stroker tells C.A.R.R. to take him to the Rack Shack, but is held at gunpoint by an upset-about-being-shot-for-a-pitch Giggles, telling him to drive. Hoop gets a call from C.A.R.R. about the kidnapping, then a call from Coroner Rick about Rose's suicide. Hoop is distraught, but C.A.R.R. gives him the address anyway. While Rick mourns Rose, she tells him to get her out--faked suicide with the help of prison barbecue sauce.

While stuck in a traffic jam in the County Coroner van, Rose sees Stroker on top of the Freshen Up billboard. Giggles takes off his head, revealing Brandon Blank, who has held the job since college, killed Jefferson after the retirement party, then destroyed the files. Stroker tries to talk him down, but Blank says Giggles has to go--but not alone. Hoop climbs up and replaces Stroker, offering to jump with him. Rose calls him over a radio in a patrol car, but Hoop still feels he's a worthless advertising whore. Rose tells him of all the good advertising does--only to keep him from killing himself. Convinced to live, Hoop asks Blank if he's with him. Blank says he is, as he jumps to his death.