Stroker and Hoop

Season 1 Episode 10

I Saw Stroker Killing Santa (aka A Cold, Dead, White Christmas)

Aired Monday 1:30 AM Dec 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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I Saw Stroker Killing Santa (aka A Cold, Dead, White Christmas)
Stroker takes his son to the mall to see Santa, instead they witness Santa being injected with a mysterious and deadly poison. Stroker chases the man who attacked Santa through the mall and picks up a lottery ticket that falls out of the man’s pocket. The ticket happens to be a winning ticket and Stroker must choose between helping Santa or enjoying his new fortune.moreless

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  • funniest thing I've seen in a while

    I loved this episode, from the beginning to the end. I haven't seen all the Stroker and Hoops, I've seen almost half of them I guess, but this is the funniest one I've seen yet. As of now I'd say this and American Dad are the funniest shows on tv. Back to this episode tho, I loved the parody of the ghosts of Christmas. The opening was great "pillar of the community...but no, it was this guy" showing Stroker bitching at the mall. His reaction to the lottery was great, him explaining to his son where he was going was great "the slopes of Santa's workshop" and his letter to the dying Santa was great. "Help yourself to the booze in the fridge." It was really clever having the ghosts be able to interact with the past/present/future situations, and I loved the ghost of Jermaine right after he was shot seeing Jermaine as the ghost of Christmas past and Stroker there. Jermaine was great throughout "Do me a favor and don't do this sumbitch any favors." and I laughed hard when Christmas future pretended to be the pool guy. C.A.R.R. was great trying to save Santa "he had heart but he also had 4 bald tires and worn brake pads" (or something like that) and then trying to deliver presents. Another highlight was Stroker shooting his future self in the chest. But what I loved the most was the conclusion, Stroker manipulating the ghosts' ability to time travel to save Santa. No Double Wide in this ep, and very little Hoop and Coroner Rick, but they were good too in their limited roles. And just when you thought a happy ending was coming, Stroker reveals the ghosts' scam to win lottery money. Santa blows the ghosts away after a conversation, and then Stroker and Hoop get transformed back to the other reality where he never won the lottery, better for the show in the long run. And it ends with a great quote about Christmas not being about material things but being able to grow older and spend more time with the ones you love. That quote was from the goose narrator right before he got decapitated. This is truly a great episode, and more people need to start watching this show, instead of crap like Dance With The Stars.moreless
Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams

Jermaine Washington / Ghost of Christmas Present

Guest Star

Mary Birdsong

Mary Birdsong

Keith / Sarah / Announcer

Guest Star

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Santa / Elf / Mall Cop

Guest Star

Gary Anthony Williams

Gary Anthony Williams

Coroner Rick

Recurring Role

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    • C.A.R.R: Hey Santa, how are you doing?
      Santa: Oh, fine. (vomits)

    • Stroker: We were quite a team, weren't we?
      Jermaine: Eat sh**, Stroker.

    • Stroker: (on the phone seven years ago, after Jermaine was killed) Hey, Martha, it's Stroker. I have some terrible news about Jermaine. But first, the good news--we can stop sneaking around behind his back.

    • Stroker: (fires a single shot at his future self) That was a warning shot. My next shot'll be in your chest.
      Ghost of Christmas Future: You idiot, the warning shot was in his chest!
      [Future Stroker dies]
      Stroker Oh, crap. That's really gonna mess up the space-time contin..continuum--the space-time plane.

    • C.A.R.R.: Hop in, Santa. We're gonna get Stroker.
      Santa: What about the storm?
      C.A.R.R.: I can make it, Santa.
      Santa: But you don't have four-wheel drive.
      C.A.R.R.: No, but I'll tell you what I do have: heart.
      Santa: Heart is good. Maybe if you had snow tires and heart, I'd feel safer.
      C.A.R.R.: Santa, get in the damn car.
      Narrator: It was true what he said. The little car had heart. He also had four bald tires and worn-out brake pads, which, under the circumstances, mattered a great deal more than heart.

    • C.A.R.R.: Stroker, you better help me deliver the presents and save Christmas. It's a real bitch.
      Stroker: So Santa's real?
      C.A.R.R.: He's real, alright. He's real dead, thanks to you.

    • C.A.R.R.: Merry Christmas. Santa sends his best. There's a sack in the back with presents for Sarah, Bobby, and Mr. and Mrs. Jones.
      Sarah: Wow, thanks.
      Mr. Jones: (opening sack) All I see are presents for Pablo and Juanita.
      C.A.R.R.: Damn it. You idiots loaded up the South American bags for the North American trip. Bad reindeer. Bad reindeer!

    • C.A.R.R. On Dashiell, on Danzig, on Randolph, on Blitzkrieg, on other non-copyrighted names.

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