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  • This series like "Sealab 2021" and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" is very funny and comes loaded with satiritic references to American shows and fads, as two private eyes Stroker and Hoop try to solve cases for money with disastrous and ent

    Stroker and Hoop are two private eyes who investigate cases. The first joke comes in the car called "CARR" which is essentially a spoof of "Knight Rider" with David Hasselhoff. These two nitwits first case invovles a missing girl.

    Well the laughs starts when the two see that the girl has been possessed by the Devil (like the Exorcist) and she then attacks and practically vomits on them. The two make a getaway but run her over !!

    When Stroker and Hoop go to the girl's parents house, they lie and stall not telling the parents the truth. They then take another case involve a school car wash that is handled by young nerdy girls with tights shorts.

    Stroker and Hoop like successful cartoons
    like Family Guy and American Dad, South Park
    are politcally incorrect but funny comedy
    toons that poke fun basically at everything
    in our society. Not conservatives themselves
    Stroker and Hoop are not shy about their
    opinions. This is simply a funny show, and
    originally billed as a pilot it was never
    picked up until now.

  • nothing quite like it

    ooooohhhh yeah!!! This show has started off great and can only go up. It\'s fresh and funny the characters are out of line and that for me is a good thing it is about time tv went \"that far\". reminds me of a mix between aquateen and george carlin.

  • I am one of the passengers on the band wagon that feels Adult Swim is always right (I do what they say *zombie voice*) but Stroker and Hoop COULD be so much better.

    The advertisements are funny and they make me want to watch the show. The theme music is catchy and makes me want to watch the show. The premise is cute and makes me want to watch the show! But I\'ve watched it and watched it! This show has the potential to be a pretty funny show! With it\'s adult audience and the freedom of animation all stops should be pulled (or should they?) and there seems to be no end to the possibilities.

    Unfortunately I have watched it several times expecting, nay wishing! for it to be up to par but sadly it has fallen short every time. I will continue to watch because I want so badly for it to be good. Please Adult Swim! Don\'t let me down!
  • Snail boxing would be more exiciting.

    This show is so awful, it makes Super Milk Chan look like an emmy award winner. I\'ve never had to force so much laughter, the only thing this show needs is a fake laugh-trak to fill the gaps of silence.

    Mix Knightrider, with the worst nightmare you\'ve ever had and you get Stroker and Hoop.
  • Stroker & Hoop, two private detectvies (hehe) solve crimes and just act dumb along the way. Funny, but not the best thing that I have seen.

    I think that this show is quite funny, but again not the best thing that I have seen. It is alright and good, when their is nothing better on. Still I like the humor and the occasional detective tune that comes on when jumping to another scene. But, if Simpsons is on or something like that, I am already on the that channel. 7.3/10
  • A Wholly Original And Witty Show

    Shows like Aqua Teen are funny for their very fast-paced humor situations and that's the sort of humor that this new show, Stroker and Hoop, derives from.

    This show isn't going to seem all that great the first couple times you see it, but continue watching and even watch it with a friend who likes Adult Swims shows and you'll start to get it and you'll be able to tell that this show definitely has it's moments and it's own brand of unique humor that comes from it's unique characters.

    Because no character here is really predictable, so you'll always get a few surprises out of the them. Stroker and Hoop are freelance detectives aided by their automobile friend, Carr. Stroker seems to be always intent on doing whatever gets the job done fastest and making the right decisions to avoid getting killed on his dangerous job. Hoop is a peaceaholic who lives with his mom and generally tries to avoid killing others. And Carr is pretty much the most unpredictable one of them all, making him hard to describe.

    The dialogue here is extremely witty not to mentions well-timed. Having characters who you don't know what will really do is pretty funny too. There are also some pretty creative plots in each episode which does increase the quality of the show.

    The animation is decent enough as , literally speaking, the rough edges of the show are excused by good character modeling and a lot of motion. Voice acting is also pretty good especially within some of the main characters, like the voice for Stroker for instance, plays the perfect a-hole detective. Side characters like the local car repair man Double-Wide are also extremely funny and well voiced as well.

    Stroker and Hoop is a show worth watching, given that you are able to get into like I did. If you like shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Home Movies, then you'll probably dig this one.
  • Really funny show

    There aren't hardly any shows anymore that I anticipate and catch every episode, but this is one of those shows I can't miss. I think it's hilarious and it's just going to get better. I don't understand the negative reviews, I am a big fan of the shows those reviewers like but for some reason I love this show and they don't. It's ok to write critical reviews but saying things like "sometimes it's just better not to turn on the television at all" why don't you point out the faults without pointing out how big of an a-hole you are.
  • lousy animation, designs and stories. Occasionally has a funny moment, but not enough to save it

    Stroker and Hoop started out as one of Adult Swim's many "one hit wonders", and I hoped it would have stayed that way. Sadly, my hopes went unnoticed and it became the pilot for the full series.

    The series itself is a joke on "Starsky and Hutch", and a really poor one at that. The animation and character designs are downright hidious. The humor is mainly cliche and steerotypical, with occasionally a funny moment here and there. The storylines are contrived, and always wind up twisting at the end, badly. The only true funny character in this show is C.A.R.R., simply because he always gets the low end of the deal.
  • Amazing!!! To those who dont like this show YOU SUCK!

    Every time I watch this show it gets better and better. The new Christmas episode is pure genius and how bout the one with the ninjas? The Vermont teddy bear company making VooDoo dolls? Ron Howard as a cult leader? Cmon you know this is funny. If not read the above caption.
  • Alittle stale in the beginning but now it's starting a fire!

    At first I didn't like this show very much. The animation is crappy and the jokes weren't that funny. But now I think the show is starting to do something and it is getting funnier. I think people need to give it some more time and hopefully this show will be funny to them to.
  • It isn't as good as Futurama and Family Guy, but it is a pretty good show.

    Stroker and Hoop are private investigators that help the people that call on them, along with their car, C.A.R.R.
    This show is okay, but it needs more. The animation is okay, but could be better. Some episodes are not very good, but most are funny.
    It has a good plot and some good characters, but I'd say Family Guy and Futurama>Stroker and Hoop.
    This is a funny show, much better than Squidbillies and 12 oz. Mouse! It has some good jokes, too.
    So, this show is good when FG and F aren't on.
    I think this show is underappreciated.
  • Stroker and Hoop is hilarious. You just got to watch it enough and then you will start laughing uncontrollably. But the characters need more depth.

    I think, Stroker and Hoop is amazing. It is, like, the best new show on Adult Swim right now. I also like Perfect Hair Forever and 12 ounse mouse, but Stroker and Hoop take the cake.

    However, I think that both Stroker, and especially Hoop, need more character depth. I can identify with Stroker because he likes to slack off and drink beer, and hoop, I'm not sure if I can identify with him much at all. I just hope that in future episodes they will start filling out their personalities more beyond the point of "shoot first ask questions later".

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  • A bright star pulling ahead of other new Adult Swim shows

    Stroker and Hoop is a great newer show on Adult Swim using a full half-hour block instead of the 11-12 minute shows more often shown.

    Stroker, a parody of the more tough guy-leader of a cop show duo. Is a constant laugh especially in his pursuits of women (The alien woman episode is great) and readyness to draw his pistol (though he rarely hits anything he admits)

    Hoop is the more caring, sensible side of the duo but is probably my lesser favorite (Must say the throwing star "nicking" incident was one of the most funny moments I've seen)

    Whats great about the show are the outside characters including (a person who is becoming one of my favorite characters) Coroner Rick and...I think his name is wide-load who adds a lot of laughs too.

    The show has had a lot of original story lines (The diamonds, the teddy-bears made by zombies) and I hope that Cartoon Network picks it up for a second season.
  • A piece of crap.

    Seriously. Why is this on the air? I watched one episode &was desguisted with it. I couldn't believe i wasted three minutes watching a piece of crap that ain't worth anyone's time. What has AdultSwim been thinking? Airing all of these shows that are too pointless & have things that are not sutiable for human eys.
  • They should not have canceled this show so soon

    I can not believe they canceled this show after only having one season on tv. Its the only good recent show on Adult Swim. 12 Oz Mouse, Squid billies and Perfect Hair Forever suck. They should continue with this show, i hope we at least will get a DVD release.
  • Could've joined the ranks of many other [as] shows

    "John Stroker, his partner Hoop, and their wise-talking car, C.A.R.R. are private investigators. They solve cases for anyone who is desperate/dumb enough to responds to their 1/8 page ad in the yellow pages."

    This show is awesome, and should've never been cancelled. I wish it would continue a fresh new season
  • Show about two stumbbling cops that have a 1/8 of a page detective add. They get distracted by money and sleeping with women.

    This show is about John Strokenmeyer or as people call him "stroker". He is a bumbling cop going throught a mid-life crisis, trying to master in the art of sleuthing but gets distracted by women and money. He has partner named Hoop who is a long blonde haired hippie looking cop that is not as cold as stroker. The show also revoled around Double wide; there gadget geek, Keith; Strokers son;
    Angel; strokers annooying ex wife that means well. Then of course you can't forget about c.a.r.r.; the disrespectful talking vehicle and Coroner Rick; the happy go lucky coroner. [adult swim] should never have canceled this brilliant show. I wish they would at least come out with a dvd for the fans and maybe show there was a cult following even if it doesnt necceasarly help bring it back!
  • two detectives solve crimes and get into trouble with alot of people

    Stroker and hoop is a decent show with some alright humor not perfect but watchable some things about the show can be stupid and the animations arnt the greatest but the direction and the mind set of the show are right on episodes that I thought were good where when stroker and whoop had to take CARR to the car wash pretty funny stuff maybe if they gave it some fine tuning the show would be better but I havent seen it on for a long time so its probebly canceled It was no where near as good as ATHF or family guy