Stroker and Hoop

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)





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  • A bright star pulling ahead of other new Adult Swim shows

    Stroker and Hoop is a great newer show on Adult Swim using a full half-hour block instead of the 11-12 minute shows more often shown.

    Stroker, a parody of the more tough guy-leader of a cop show duo. Is a constant laugh especially in his pursuits of women (The alien woman episode is great) and readyness to draw his pistol (though he rarely hits anything he admits)

    Hoop is the more caring, sensible side of the duo but is probably my lesser favorite (Must say the throwing star "nicking" incident was one of the most funny moments I've seen)

    Whats great about the show are the outside characters including (a person who is becoming one of my favorite characters) Coroner Rick and...I think his name is wide-load who adds a lot of laughs too.

    The show has had a lot of original story lines (The diamonds, the teddy-bears made by zombies) and I hope that Cartoon Network picks it up for a second season.