Stroker and Hoop

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)





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  • Show about two stumbbling cops that have a 1/8 of a page detective add. They get distracted by money and sleeping with women.

    This show is about John Strokenmeyer or as people call him "stroker". He is a bumbling cop going throught a mid-life crisis, trying to master in the art of sleuthing but gets distracted by women and money. He has partner named Hoop who is a long blonde haired hippie looking cop that is not as cold as stroker. The show also revoled around Double wide; there gadget geek, Keith; Strokers son;
    Angel; strokers annooying ex wife that means well. Then of course you can't forget about c.a.r.r.; the disrespectful talking vehicle and Coroner Rick; the happy go lucky coroner. [adult swim] should never have canceled this brilliant show. I wish they would at least come out with a dvd for the fans and maybe show there was a cult following even if it doesnt necceasarly help bring it back!