Stroker and Hoop

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)





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  • This series like "Sealab 2021" and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" is very funny and comes loaded with satiritic references to American shows and fads, as two private eyes Stroker and Hoop try to solve cases for money with disastrous and ent

    Stroker and Hoop are two private eyes who investigate cases. The first joke comes in the car called "CARR" which is essentially a spoof of "Knight Rider" with David Hasselhoff. These two nitwits first case invovles a missing girl.

    Well the laughs starts when the two see that the girl has been possessed by the Devil (like the Exorcist) and she then attacks and practically vomits on them. The two make a getaway but run her over !!

    When Stroker and Hoop go to the girl's parents house, they lie and stall not telling the parents the truth. They then take another case involve a school car wash that is handled by young nerdy girls with tights shorts.

    Stroker and Hoop like successful cartoons
    like Family Guy and American Dad, South Park
    are politcally incorrect but funny comedy
    toons that poke fun basically at everything
    in our society. Not conservatives themselves
    Stroker and Hoop are not shy about their
    opinions. This is simply a funny show, and
    originally billed as a pilot it was never
    picked up until now.