Stroker and Hoop

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)





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  • A Wholly Original And Witty Show

    Shows like Aqua Teen are funny for their very fast-paced humor situations and that's the sort of humor that this new show, Stroker and Hoop, derives from.

    This show isn't going to seem all that great the first couple times you see it, but continue watching and even watch it with a friend who likes Adult Swims shows and you'll start to get it and you'll be able to tell that this show definitely has it's moments and it's own brand of unique humor that comes from it's unique characters.

    Because no character here is really predictable, so you'll always get a few surprises out of the them. Stroker and Hoop are freelance detectives aided by their automobile friend, Carr. Stroker seems to be always intent on doing whatever gets the job done fastest and making the right decisions to avoid getting killed on his dangerous job. Hoop is a peaceaholic who lives with his mom and generally tries to avoid killing others. And Carr is pretty much the most unpredictable one of them all, making him hard to describe.

    The dialogue here is extremely witty not to mentions well-timed. Having characters who you don't know what will really do is pretty funny too. There are also some pretty creative plots in each episode which does increase the quality of the show.

    The animation is decent enough as , literally speaking, the rough edges of the show are excused by good character modeling and a lot of motion. Voice acting is also pretty good especially within some of the main characters, like the voice for Stroker for instance, plays the perfect a-hole detective. Side characters like the local car repair man Double-Wide are also extremely funny and well voiced as well.

    Stroker and Hoop is a show worth watching, given that you are able to get into like I did. If you like shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Home Movies, then you'll probably dig this one.