Stroker and Hoop

Season 1 Episode 12

The Wrath of Kahn'Ja (a.k.a. Dammit Mamet)

Aired Monday 1:30 AM Dec 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

A bizarre episode which is a bit of parody of alien movies like E.T.. The alien named Khan-Ja claims to be from a planet called Sylvian. Her transmitter to her home world is broken and needs a special sapphire to fix it. Stroker offers his help. Stroker and Khan-Ja get acquainted by watching the Tv show "Alf" and erotic videos. Hoop comes in but Stroker prevents him from entering his home not wanting to see the alien woman. Hoop disguises as a balding old man to work a lame theater. The director loves him and offers a part in his "play" Hoop goes to his friend to borrow money to find the sapphire the alien needs but his friend does not want to help him.

C.A.R.R and Khan-Ja talk while Stroker comes in to go sapphire shopping. Khan-Ja is touched by Stroker's help but knows he stole the money from his friend to get it. On their way they practice vocalizations but on the way Stroker realizes his home has been ransacked by government agents. Khan-Ja reveals to Stroker that her alien race is planning an invasion. Stroker is angry. Khan-Ja though offers to make love to Stroker so he can be brave while trying to thwart the invasion. However Khan-Ja as an alien is not built like a human woman and the lovemaking goes awry. Khan-Ja tells Stroker of a fake FBI group called the FPI Stroker beats up an agent and takes his identity. However Stroker is apprehended by the cops later on.

During his interrogation the detective tells Stroker that he did not invade no FPI or Area 51 but a company called Franklin Pharmaceuticals Incorporated. To make things worse for hoop, Khan-Ja recorded their conversation they had in their car and has basically framed hoop for crime. This was all a plan for extortion for Stroker's money or so we think.

In a mental institution, Stroker meets another patient who claims to have been framed by the same alien woman.

While getting ready for his acting gig, Hoop by accident sees Khan-Ja's alien outfit which show she is a fake. The jig is now up and the puzzles are in place, Khan-Ja is not an alien woman but a con woman. She pulls a gun on Hoop but tells him not to reveal anything. Stroker miraculous appears acting on a tip from Hoop

Khan-Ja and her boyfriend Freddy, one of the fake security guards from FPI try to escape in the theater and we see the same UFO ship that Stroker saw at the beginning.

Thinking it's a cheap prop, Stroker accidentally gets the ship flying. Khan-Ja, Freddy, Stroker and Hoop are now flying through space. Khan-Ja says she really is an alien by showing her green skin, but Stroker doesn't believe her and shoots her. In the end, Stroker , Hoop, Freddy actually do crash land on planet Sylvian as a ironic twist to the beginning. Stroker comes out like Khan-Ja and asks for gold for the ship then faints.