Stroker and Hoop

Season 1 Episode 3

Tinfoiled Again (aka Star Crossed Livers)

Aired Monday 1:30 AM Sep 12, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Tinfoiled Again (aka Star Crossed Livers)
Strange things are afoot after Stroker buys his own billboard in an undesirable part of town. His first new client is a man who claims Ron Howard is controlling his mind. Distracted by the sudden disappearance of their appendixes, Stroker and Hoop aren't exactly hot on the case -- until Ron Howard starts whispering dangerous thoughts in their ears.moreless

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  • This Empisode was so funny so thats why everyone likes Ron I loved the Stick that hot dog up your BUTT!I have to addmite that it ws funny how they Man THAT WAS FUNNY!moreless

    Ron made us all laugh,Now I want you to go and beat up that umpire but first take off all your cloths,That was funny how they alwasy screw Stoker and Hoop And made hoop poop in the buffa hahahIf you love seening made people like Ron you would love this.

Mary Birdsong

Mary Birdsong

Karen / Justin

Guest Star

S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock

Benny / Accountant / Cult Leader

Guest Star

James Arnold Taylor

James Arnold Taylor

Ron Howard / Answering Machine Guy

Guest Star

Mary Birdsong

Mary Birdsong


Recurring Role

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    • Hoop: (to Stroker, over the phone) I wouldn't go to Chicken Finger Fiesta.
      Stroker: Why not?
      Hoop: Ron Howard made me take a dump on their buffet.

    • C.A.R.R: (playing poker with his computer) Ha ha, three jacks. Beat that.
      Computer: Flush.
      C.A.R.R: Hey, "flush," my ass! You cheat, the computer cheats!

    • Accountant: (sliding briefcase over) $10,000 now, another ten to be paid upon completion.
      Stroker: Mr. Nessbaum, it has been a pleasure. Hoop, let's go. (Takes briefcase, grabbed immediately by the accountant. They both pull during the following exchange)
      Accountant: Whoa, where do you think you're going with that?
      Stroker: It's my money.
      Accountant: Yes, but it's not your briefcase.
      Stroker: Yes, but the briefcase is part of the deal; it's understood.
      Accountant: Don't tell me about the deal, I'm an accountant and the deal was $10,000, not $10,000 and a briefcase.
      Stroker: But I need the briefcase.
      Accountant: No, I'm an accountant, I need the briefcase. What does a detective need with a briefcase?
      Stroker (letting go) To carry the money. (Opens it and takes out some money) Here, I'll buy the case.
      Accountant: No deal, it was a Father's Day gift.
      Stroker: (resignedly stuffing the rest of the money into his pocket) All right, fine ... jackass. What are these, fives? You couldn't get me a stack of hundreds?
      Accountant: I thought you'd appreciate not having to make change.
      Stroker: Hoop, help me out; and the amount you carry does not represent your cut.
      Hoop: Maybe you should wear that fanny pack I got you for Christmas.

    • Benny: (on his aluminum foil hat) It's my secret weapon against Ron. Always use the freezer-grade stuff, and make sure to put the shiny side out.

    • C.A.R.R: What the hell?
      Hoop: Our livers were stolen!
      C.A.R.R: I knew something was up last night.
      Hoop: Why, what were the girls doing that was strange?
      C.A.R.R: Hookin' up with you two. I calculate they were 9's -- you guys usually worked the 3 - 6 territory.
      Stroker: (searching the seat while he's driving) Where the hell's the fake coplight?!
      C.A.R.R: No! No, not the fake coplight!
      Stroker: Couldn't you tell we were drugged? (finds the light and puts in on the roof) Why the hell didn't you do anything?!
      C.A.R.R: I was distracted. One of the girls wasn't wearing panties, I had to turn off camera 4.

    • Ron Howard: Hey Jenny.
      Jenny: Hey Ron, Here are your messages. Someone from the Stroker & Hoop Investigative Team called and ask you to stop controlling his clients mind.
      Ron Howard: Ya, I'll tell ya. They really come out of the woodwork don't they Jenny.
      Jenny: They sure do Ron.
      Ron Howard: What a crazy town.

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