Stroker and Hoop

Season 1 Episode 3

Tinfoiled Again (aka Star Crossed Livers)

Aired Monday 1:30 AM Sep 12, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Stroker and Hoop celebrate their new billboard--albeit with a typo--by hooking up with twins Ashley-Brittany and Brittany-Ashley. They wake up to find that the twins are gone, they're in the same bed, and they now have fresh surgical scars, suggesting that their livers were stolen. When they go to the doctor, they find that only their appendixes and coccyxes were removed--both vestigial, but part of a rash of thefts in the area.

Stroker arrives at a parent-teacher conference and learns that his son Keith has been a target of bullies, so he decides to start spending some extra time with him. As soon as he gets home, he's approached by a man (Benny) who believes Ron Howard is reading his thoughts. He brushes the man off, but changes his mind when he sees Benny's limo. The detectives meet Benny's accountant at the park and receive a "half now, half later" fee of $10,000. They immediately find the twins with the stolen organs in a cooler, and chase them down before getting stabbed with hypodermic needles. As they're dragged to the car, C.A.R.R spots them and chases them off.

They meet Benny in an electronics store and place a personal call to Ron Howard's office and ask to stop the mind control, which is agreed to by the secretary. When Ron gets the message, he laughs it off at first, but secretly vows not to let anything stop him.

At Keith's t-ball practice, Stroker gives some fatherly advice that doesn't work, and he finds Ron Howard is actually controlling his mind, telling him to beat up the umpire in the nude. He runs off, putting a small sheet of foil to his head, and goes to bars to ask about the twins, taking Keith's teacher as a date for cover. At a restaurant, he finds the twins flirting with two men that share features with him and Hoop, and corners them in the alley, but Ron Howard is in control again, making him moon the twins while they poke him again and take him off to be eaten.

Hoop goes to Ron's office disguised as an auditioning actress and overhears a conversation with two agents from the CIA, who have putting chemicals into the water so people will like his movies. Meanwhile, Stroker finds himself about to be eaten by the Church of the Kind-Hearted Cannibals, who only eat the vestigial organs, but are making an exception this time. Ron Howard gets into his brain ahead, but Hoop is able to hold him off and tell him he believes in his movies. Ron confesses that he made the Academy vote for him after he got ahold of the mind control machine as a child star on "Happy Days," but the CIA found out and made him do experiments. Hoop is able to help Ron "cleanse his soul," but is crushed by a stage lamp mid-confession.

Hoop cannot reprogram the machine to control the cannibals, so C.A.R.R tells Stroker, who is cutting the ropes, to take the spear and fight the cannibals, who die after the poisoned appendixes take affect. At the t-ball game, Keith follows the advice of picturing someone he hates in the ball and swinging hard--he hits a home run while picturing Stroker.