Stroker and Hoop

Season 1 Episode 3

Tinfoiled Again (aka Star Crossed Livers)

Aired Monday 1:30 AM Sep 12, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Quotes

    • Accountant: (sliding briefcase over) $10,000 now, another ten to be paid upon completion.
      Stroker: Mr. Nessbaum, it has been a pleasure. Hoop, let's go. (Takes briefcase, grabbed immediately by the accountant. They both pull during the following exchange)
      Accountant: Whoa, where do you think you're going with that?
      Stroker: It's my money.
      Accountant: Yes, but it's not your briefcase.
      Stroker: Yes, but the briefcase is part of the deal; it's understood.
      Accountant: Don't tell me about the deal, I'm an accountant and the deal was $10,000, not $10,000 and a briefcase.
      Stroker: But I need the briefcase.
      Accountant: No, I'm an accountant, I need the briefcase. What does a detective need with a briefcase?
      Stroker (letting go) To carry the money. (Opens it and takes out some money) Here, I'll buy the case.
      Accountant: No deal, it was a Father's Day gift.
      Stroker: (resignedly stuffing the rest of the money into his pocket) All right, fine ... jackass. What are these, fives? You couldn't get me a stack of hundreds?
      Accountant: I thought you'd appreciate not having to make change.
      Stroker: Hoop, help me out; and the amount you carry does not represent your cut.
      Hoop: Maybe you should wear that fanny pack I got you for Christmas.