Strong Medicine

Season 5 Episode 22

Cutting The Cord

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on Lifetime

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  • Good-bye Andy!

    I didn¡¦t realize tonight was the season finale! It really threw me for a loop! Nor did I realize that it was Patricia Richardson¡¦s last ep as Andy! A lot to take in at once. ƒº

    Andy is up for a position Surgeon General of the United States. Some men come in to investigate her further. They explain to the Rittenhouse staff that nothing controversial can happen there that week, as it would ruin Andy¡¦s chances for acceptance.

    Lu reads in the Daily Business News that Jonas plans to move his company to Rio de Janeiro. Furious that he hasn¡¦t told her about the relocation, she breaks up with him, citing that their different backgrounds make the relationship impossible. She tells Lana it was a preemptive strike before he could break it up with her.

    Andy discovers that her pregnant patient¡¦s baby boy is essentially ¡§pregnant¡¨ himself. Apparently he had an identical twin growing inside him, but one that was never fully formed, and had no heart or head. It has to be removed, but doing so could be considered by some people to be a form of abortion, even though the ¡§life form¡¨ has no real ¡§life¡¨ and would grow to kill the healthy baby.

    That¡¦s not the only problem Rittenhouse is having while trying to keep from doing anything controversial. Lu has to stop giving out clean needles to patients, among other things, because it could be said that she is ¡§advocating drug use.¡¨ One of her patients develops an infection from use of a dirty needle. And Peter can¡¦t write prescriptions for the morning after pill, as it is thought of as another form of abortion. (Okay...being pro-life is one thing, but I mean, seriously, the morning after pill? People need to get a life. Now stepping off my soapbox¡K)

    Not that Peter has a lot of time to write prescriptions¡Khis relationship with Kayla is REALLY heating up. Lana catches them making out in a storage closet, and then later Peter comes over to Andy¡¦s house (where Kayla lives) when no one¡¦s home. They begin to undress, but suddenly Andy comes home with the men who are checking her out. Andy hears Kayla upstairs and goes to investigate. Kayla makes Peter go out the second story window and climb down a tree. Unfortunately, he falls out of it, but is okay.

    Andy delivers her patient¡¦s baby and performs the operation to remove the ¡§fetus.¡¨ Meanwhile, even though Lu continually cancels her Daily Business News subscription, the paper keeps getting delivered. I knew once this started that she would see something in the paper about Jonas not leaving. And I was right¡K

    Some of Lu¡¦s patients testify against Andy about things like her giving out pills to carry with them to undo the effects of an overdose...all things that many people are opposed to. Andy gets grilled about whether or not she agrees with Lu¡¦s practices, whether she discusses cases with her often. She finally gets asked whether she would condemn Lu¡¦s behavior. Andy says that she respects Lu more than any other doctor and would clone her if she could, due to her dedication and despite her stubbornness. Despite all the worrying about Lu¡¦s practices, Andy gets accepted.

    Peter comes to pick up Kayla to go to Andy¡¦s ordination as Surgeon General. Realizing they¡¦re alone in the house, they end up having sex, and arrive late for the ceremony, raising a few eyebrows.

    Andy gets sworn in and Lu gives her a tearful goodbye. I guess she¡¦s gone for good. How rushed was that? I wasn¡¦t expecting it so soon¡Kit seemed to all happen in one episode. That means no more Andy, Les, or Jesse and Lizzie (thank god...sorry but they were not good actresses!). And who will replace her? Lifetime had a lot of luck when Patricia Richardson successfully replaced Jenine Turner. Few shows can replace a main character and go on successfully. They even were successful replacing Nick with Kayla. I thought Patricia Richardson left to spend time with her sick father, but now she¡¦s doing the West Wing? I¡¦m a bit confused here.

    Anyways, back on topic. Lana marches over to Jonas¡¦s office to yell at him for leaving Lu. Upon realizing Lu¡¦s assumption, he goes to her office, and tells her he wants to end the relationship on a high note. They go out to a fancy restaurant, and Lu feels bad for the lobsters that are going to be eaten, so Jonas buys them all and has them released into deep water. He makes her an omelet and ends up spending the night. Lu awakens to find another omelet by her bedside, but no Jonas in sight. She hears the Business News Daily thump against her door. As she grumbles about the paper still being delivered, she realizes that on the front page it says ¡§Merging But Not Leaving! I¡¦m Not Going Anywhere Without You Lu!¡¨ or something along those lines. Jonas appears and explains he had the paper made for her. He tells her he is going to Rio de Janeiro but only for a couple of days. He asks her if she¡¦s made up her mind, and points to his ring finger. Lu looks confused, then looks at hers, and realizes that Jonas slipped a diamond ring on her finger while she slept. He tells her to tell him her answer when he returns, and steps into the elevator. To be continued¡K

    Wow! Despite the loss of Patricia Richardson, 4 out of 5!