Strong Medicine

Lifetime (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Special Delivery
      Special Delivery
      Episode 22
      Jonas is finally cleared of all charges against his company, and with the birth of the baby approaching, Jonas decides that he and Lu will have to move out of their current house. Jonas takes Lu to his childhood home and while giving her a tour of the house Jonas has to do something he never expected to do.moreless
    • Dr. Thorton Hears A Who
      Josie is on an experimental drug to hopefully stop her symptoms of Parkinson's disease. When Lu and Dylan look at the results of brain scans done on rats they question whether they should keep Josie on the drug due to the fact that it causes brain lesions. Dylan's daughter gets quite a surprise when her grandparents come to visit. They also are surprised by how brutally honest she is.moreless
    • Baby Boom!
      Baby Boom!
      Episode 20
      Lu and Kayla have an uphill battle on their hands. First Sirena's mom tells Lu to only save the daughter and not the baby her daughter is carrying. Kayla tries to help Lu deal with Jamie decides to hold the clinic hostage. Kayla decides to try and keep Jamie calm by telling her that Roy is alive and it just needs surgery.moreless
    • Unorthodox Treatment

      Lu treats a young girl with pulmonary hypertension and decides to put her on a drug that will hopefully treat it. Dr. west treats A 34 year-old woman for cervical cancer that she contracted due to an affair she had.

    • My Sister, My Doctor, Myself
      Kayla gets an unexpected surprise from her sister Keisha after not seeing her for six years. Kayla's sister has a mental illness. Lu tries to help a patient have kids in a rather unique way.
    • We Wish You A Merry Chryst Meth
      Lu tries to help a mom addicted to Crystal Meth keep custody of her kids while Dr. west is vacationing. Lu tries to see if she can get the mom off the drug long enough to keep kids from being taken away. While in the ER the mom dies. Lu and Kayla have to decide what to do with the mom's kids. Kayla tries to convince Will that he means a cornea transplant. Will isn't ready to have the cornea transplant because he believes his life is colorful already. Peter gets upset because he believes Kayla is having a love affair with her patient.moreless
    • Rhythm of the Heart
      Kayla and Peter treat Eric for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and while trying to save his life they argue over whose in charge of the ER. Lu treats to patients who end up in the burn unit. Marty comes to see Lu about her skin and is given a broad spectrum antibiotic to hopefully treat the condition. As Marty is being examined Lu finds that her skin is fallen off due to the interaction of the antibiotic. When Lu can't seem to figure out how to get the skin to stop falling off she decides to see if she can try to regroup the patient's skin back. Lu also treats a firefighter with the burn injury and while Marty is undergoing treatment to get her skin back they find each other falling in love and singing to help them forget the pain of their injuries.moreless
    • Promising Treatment
      Dylan is fighting for his masectomy patient's recovery time when her insurance company says she must be released 24 hours after her surgery. Lu's patient a woman with Cerebral Palsy sues her mother for smoking during her pregnancy so they have a reasonalbe claim against the tobacco company that got her hooked. Lana with Kayla's help, helps a boy with a disorder that does not allow him to recognize body signals. And Dylan enlists Lu's help when he fails at giving Araya the sex talk and making her quit smoking.moreless
    • Chief Complaints
      Chief Complaints
      Episode 14
      Lu must decide whether to let Sophie have another kidney from a donor after her sister Francis doesn't want to donate her kidney to her sister because she is tired of all the operations she has had to help her sister through. The time for deciding who be the next chief resident draws near. Kayla and George are tested to see how good they can do with each patient. Kayla misses the interview for chief resident after misdiagnosing a patient with back pain. Kayla learns that the patient's life is in danger.moreless
    • Agony and Ecstasy
      Agony and Ecstasy
      Episode 13
      Lu tries to help a pregnant mom keep her children after the District Attorney's office finds that her DNA doesn't match her children. Lu asks the district attorney to watch the birth of this baby being born to hopefully prove that the baby doesn’t belong to her. Dina learns she has two sets of DNA. Lu also worries about the health of her unborn baby. The genetics lab calls Lu and tells her that her baby has a possible deletion in chromosome 5. Lu worries that the baby could have a certain syndrome that would leave her blind and have a shortened life span.moreless
    • It Takes a Clinic
      It Takes a Clinic
      Episode 12
      Lu tries to get Governor Barbara Curtis to stop the execution of Brenda who is mentally retarded and in order for her to continue living she must fail an IQ test. Dylan must try to save the live of the governor who can't figure out why she keeps having seizures. Dr. west soon discovers that the governor's brain is to big for the base of her skull. When pianist is injured in an accident hand is unable to be found. Dr. West and Kayla only have 12 hours to try and re-attach the hand so the pianist can play at Carnegie Hall someday.moreless
    • Broken Hearts
      Broken Hearts
      Episode 11
      Lu's stressed out over Jonas' fiasco and Kayla, Peter, and Lana each try their own methods to soothe her. Meanwhile, Lu gives a female gangster an HIV test and is unable to get through to her about the extreme danger of being in a gang. Kayla treats a woman who's complaining of pain and suspects that she's a drug addict but isn't quite sure. Also, Dylan is shocked to learn that his patient with Down Syndrome who needs a heart transplant can't get one because of her disease. In the end, Lu is faced with a life-changing surprise.moreless
    • Family Practice
      Family Practice
      Episode 10
      The wedding day has finally arrived for Lu and Jonas. They honeymoon in Costa Rica. Where Lu takes patients from a Costa Rica Hospital back to Rittenhouse to give them surgery. Jonas is soon charged with wire fraud and securities fraud. Now Lu and Jonas have no way to help pay for the surgery the kids need. Nick returns to Rittenhouse to get medical help for his sister who they believe is pregnant but doctors discover that Frankie has a tumor.moreless
    • GSR/Gunshot Wedding
      Dr. Delgado's wedding day has finally arrived. While Dr. West covers for Lu, a patient arrives soon to give birth to twins. Before the new mom can do that Dr. West discovers that one twin is healthy and the other is not. Dr. West discovers that the second twin has attached itself to the first one forcing the healthy baby to work twice as hard for the second baby. Araya has new respect for her father when they arrived in court to see whether she will face charges for breaking and entering. As they wait her turn before the judge angry father shoots the judge because he wasn't allowed to see his son before he left court. As Dr. West continues to save the judge's life is daughter soon learns a shocking secret about her father that she never knew.moreless
    • Infectious Love
      Infectious Love
      Episode 8
      Dylan has fallen in love with Sonya Novak who worked in the basement of Rittenhouse Hospital trying to figure out how animal viruses jump to people. Sonya is soon exposed to the Avian Flu. Lu tries to figure out why one of for patients continues to gain weight even after making some lifestyle changes. The child is soon taken to foster care because the child didn't lose a significant amount of weight fast enough. Lu figures out that Tara is missing a gene that can cause several problems including uncontrollable hunger.moreless
    • Paternity Test
      Paternity Test
      Episode 7
      Dylan is shocked when an old summer love from his college years, who is now suffering from heart disease (which is the leading cause of natural death in women), asks for his help in finding a heart donor. Lu, meanwhile, counsels a family who must decide whether or not to take their wife/daughter/sister off life support after she is in a horrible accident. Once they make a decision, they're faced by another even tougher one, however. Lana recruits an unsuspecting Kayla and Peter to participate in her senior project, which they think is simply finding out their IQs. Later, Dylan is shocked to learn that he has a teenaged daughter.moreless
    • The Y Factor
      The Y Factor
      Episode 6
      Dylan treats a female football player suffering from heat stroke and discovers that she's taking steroids. When she refuses to tell her father or coach, Dylan must make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Lu cares for a woman who just gave birth to twins--who have different fathers. Also, Kayla is frustrated when she gets embarrassing and strange cases while her performance is being evaluated by a doctor. Lana helps her neighborhood hairdresser help her clients.moreless
    • Dying Inside
      Dying Inside
      Episode 5
      Dr. west investigates why three people two students and teacher get sick. He later finds they suffer from Legionnaire's Disease. Now he has to figure out what exactly infected those people. Now he has to figure out what exactly infected those people. Also Lu learns that a patient of hers is sick because her medications were taken away from her and she was given the wrong kind for severe asthma.moreless
    • Differentials
      Episode 4
      Lu discovers that a woman's two young children both have a form of E. Coli and will need kidney transplants or they'll have to go through dialysis for the rest of their lives. When the mother insists that they never ate any raw meat, she's shocked when Lu uncovers how her children got the disease. Also, since the mother can only give one kidney away, she must choose which of her children to give it to. Dylan reunites with a former professor from medical school who now is in a position of power at a university. However, her opinon on the matter of women's brains not being as good at math and science may cause her to lose her job. Lana helps a fellow choir member who was raped deal with the news that she is pregnant and the decision she's going to have to face about the baby. Kayla foolishly listens to a co-worker's advice that "men fight for whatever they want" when her busy schedule causes her to miss a date with Peter and berates the pacifist for his lack of anger.moreless
    • Clinical Risk
      Clinical Risk
      Episode 3
      After a policewoman uses a stun gun to discipline an 11-year-old boy with behavioral problems, Lu takes a special interest in him and the new technique. Dylan is asked to perform a risky procedure by a multiple sclerosis patient who is willing to risk her life to beat the disease. Kayla finds that a patient has come into contact with the deadly poison ricin and is forced to report it to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.moreless
    • Feeling No Pain
      Feeling No Pain
      Episode 2
      Lu tries to find out why a young patient has mysterious bruises on her body. Lu suspects the mother of child abuse while Dylan suspects the girl's nanny. Meanwhile, Dylan helps a patient try to combat her ####### addiction and when she has strange symptoms, he goes undercover to find out why. Kayla moves in with Lana when she has trouble finding an apartment.moreless
    • New Blood
      New Blood
      Episode 1
      Lu meets Andy 's replacement, Dr. Dylan West, an obnoxious man she worked with when she was an intern as they struggle to save the lives of the many people involved in a train accident. Later, she discovers something shocking while talking to a bipolar patient. The president is in town and the Secret Service makes sure the hospital keeps plenty of B- blood (the president's rare blood type) on hand. Dylan tries to help a pregnant patient make the right decision about a potentially hazardous surgery. Meanwhile, Lu contemplates marrying Jonas while dealing with the obnoxious woman who caused Dr. Jackson to lose his job. Later, the unthinkable happens to Lu and she and those close to her struggle to save her life.moreless
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