Strong Medicine

Season 6 Episode 9

GSR/Gunshot Wedding

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 21, 2005 on Lifetime
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GSR/Gunshot Wedding
Dr. Delgado's wedding day has finally arrived. While Dr. West covers for Lu, a patient arrives soon to give birth to twins. Before the new mom can do that Dr. West discovers that one twin is healthy and the other is not. Dr. West discovers that the second twin has attached itself to the first one forcing the healthy baby to work twice as hard for the second baby. Araya has new respect for her father when they arrived in court to see whether she will face charges for breaking and entering. As they wait her turn before the judge angry father shoots the judge because he wasn't allowed to see his son before he left court. As Dr. West continues to save the judge's life is daughter soon learns a shocking secret about her father that she never knew.moreless

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  • two words INTENSE EPISODE

    ok this episode was so good i mean it is so lifetime tv Lu is getting cold feet and dylan saves a whole court room of people and becomes a bit closer to his daughter. Mark comes back to give his mom away and lou finally gets married in the end how could it get any better. (unless there is a baby on the way.... hint hint.)
  • Lu's wedding day has finally arrived! But is she ready to walk down the aisle?

    This episode was by far one of the best episodes of the season.

    With Lu's wedding day coming up, Lana and Eva rush to get things perfect for the big day. For Lu, this means spending an entire two days with her future mother-in-law, a woman that annoys her. All Lu wants to do is have a small, simple wedding, but with Eva handling the wedding, that doesn't seem likely. Between getting a facial and getting her hair done, Lu manages to sneak away to the clinic to check up on a patient Kayla is treating. When she arrives there, she sees that Kayla has got everything under control and that puts Lu at ease.

    When it comes time for her wedding, Lu freaks out and returns to her old neighborhood. There she finds that a lot has changed since she moved into Jonas's mansion. When Marc shows up at their old apartment, Lu is overwhelmed with happiness to see her son. His doctor had refused to let Marc get on an airplane for fear that he would pop an eardrum, since he was currently suffering from an ear infection. So seeing her son made everything a lot better.

    But there still was one thing missing: the old Lu Delgado. Lu felt that when she says 'I Do' to Jonas, she will be losing who she is. As we all know, Lu really dislikes rich people and here she is, marrying a multi-millionaire. She knew that wearing a fancy dress with a huge price tag wasn't who she was. Limos and Mansions just overwhelmed her and she really felt like she was marrying into a family that was changing her.

    While spilling her feelings to her son, Marc asks Lu the one thing that he needed to know. Was she in love with Jonas? That question promptly got Lu to the church where she was about to marry her prince charming. Marc walked his mother down the aisle and gave her away.

    Just before Lu was ready to walk down the aisle, Marc and Lu sees a surprise that Jonas has set up: Lu's entire old neighborhood had shown up for her wedding, which explains why their old neighborhood was deserted.

    Meanwhile, Dylan had an exciting two days also. As we saw from the first few minutes of the episode, Araya had shoplifted an expensive MP3 player, and tried to pass it off as a gift from her mother. Dylan knew something was up and gave her a speech about shoplifting, which lead Araya to break and enter a store to return the stolen item.

    Araya got caught in the act and just as Dylan was leaving the clinic for the night, he recieved a phone call from the police, telling him that they had arrested Araya for shoplifting and had her in custody.

    The next day when Dylan and Araya arrive at the court for her sentancing, they become hostages. The previous case ended with a boy being sentanced to 3 months at a boot camp, which then lead the father to go crazy and grab the deputy's gun. While struggling with the gun, Mr. Lawson accidently shot the deputy and killed him. He then continued to shoot and hit the judge in the shoulder.

    The crazed man gets the entire courtroom to the side of a wall, but Dylan won't sit and be an innocent bystander. He walks over to the man and tells him that he's a doctor and that he just wants to check the deputy. After declaring that the deputy was dead, Dylan goes and check on the judge. The judge is alive and conscious and let's Dylan check the wound.

    While appling pressure to the wound, the telephone goes off in the courtroom and Dylan annouces that it's more than likely the police. He gets Mr. Lawson to allow Araya to come over and help apply pressure and keep the bleeding under control while Dylan answers the phone.

    The police question Dylan about the gunman and lets a team of cops go up to their floor. After the phone call, Dylan tries to get Mr. Lawson to allow the judge to go. The gunman agrees, but on one condition: Dylan's daughter Araya must stay by his side while Dylan takes the Judge out of the courtroom. Deciding to not risk his daughter's life, Dylan declines and starts to talk about Mr. Lawson's options.

    Mr. Lawson tells Dylan that Dylan doesn't know what he's going through, after all he did just kill a man. Dylan then does the unthinkable. He confessed that he does know the feeling because he himself had killed someone.

    After getting off a 36 hour shift, Dylan and his fiancée were heading up the mountains for a weekend of skiing when Dylan fell asleep at the wheel. The car flipped over and killed his fiancée before the paramedics arrived. Dylan told Mr. Lawson that to this day he still feels guilty because he knew that he should not have been behind the wheel after being awake for over 36 hours.

    During the entire time of telling the story, Araya looked at her father shocked. There was so much that she didn't know about her father, and so much that she was learning that day.

    Dylan then gets Mr. Lawson to let him get the bullet proof vest off the deputy to give to him. Dylan then told the man that he was diabetic and that the heat was getting to him and he needed his insulin. Dylan made it seem like he was going to give himself the shot, but when Mr. Lawson turns his head away from Dylan (He has to give the shot in his stomach, a sight that Lawson probably didn't want to see), Dylan takes the opportunity to turn and jabs Lawson with the needle, giving him the insulin. Freaked out and fearing for her father's life, Araya yells "DAD!", the first time she has ever called Dylan that.

    The cops break into the courtroom and calls the paramedics to get in there. Dylan tells the paramedics what needs to happen and Araya comes over to her dad and watch him save Mr. Lawson's life.

    Then Dylan and Araya go over to the judge, where Dylan tells him that they are taking him to Rittenhouse where he will see that he will get the best care. The judge takes the time to sentace Araya for her crime. After seeing Araya help save his life, and see that she could possible have a knack for medicine, the judge sentances Araya to community service at Rittenhouse.

    When they leave the courthouse, Araya stops and asks her father why he gave the crazed man a bullet proof vest. Dylan then explains that he needed Mr. Lawson to sweat and become dehydrated and more susceptible to the insulin.

    Then Dylan annouces that they need to leave soon to make it in time for Lu's wedding. Araya is shocked that after being held hostage, Dylan can just attend a wedding. Dylan explains to his daughter that over the years, he has learned to put his feelings aside when it comes to something important to someone, including Araya and Lu. Araya then asks him if that when the times he can't be there for her, it really is life or death, an argument that she had failed to understand previously. Dylan tells her that in his job, there are times when he needs to stay and help a person, even if that means breaking a promise to his daughter.

    As they walk out of the courthouse, Araya grabs her dad's hand, as if that was her subtle way of telling him that she has finally accepted Dylan as her father.

    They make it in time for Lu's wedding and when it comes time for Lu to throw the bouquet, Dylan grabs it. Just as Dylan had the flowers in his hands, Araya jumped up, trying to get it before her dad does. Dylan gets all protective of his daughter and says "Oh. No way. You're too young for that" and passes the bouquet to Kayla.

    As Lu and Jonas get into the limo, Araya asks Dylan what his fiancée was like. Dylan describes her as beautiful, headstrong, and wanted to change the world, someone just like Lu.


    This episode had a lot of character development in it, especially from Araya and Dylan. With all the new information Araya learned about her dad, they seem to have gotten closer.moreless
  • The wedding...finally!

    This was a fantastic episode. Lu is out of her mind with the preparations for her "small" wedding. With Jonas' mom by her side for two days straight, overwhelmed does not even come close to how she's feeling. Afraid that she is losing the person she's tried to be all her life, she resorts to running back to her old neighborhood, only to find that, it too has changed with her gone. Marc asks her the one question that really matters- "Do you love Jonas?" Her answer is to go back to the church and Jonas.

    Meanwhile, Araya stole a MP3 player, but after a talk with Dylan, decides to return it- but gets caught in the act. While in court, Dylan and Araya are held hostage by a man who is mad at the judge. The man kills a guard and shoots the judge. Dylan finally subdues the man, but in the spur of the moment, you can tell Araya feared for Dylan's life. As he struggled with the man, she cries out "Dad!" After it's all over, and the two are leaving the courtroom for Lu's wedding, Araya grabs and holds his hand.

    Lu did finally marry Jonas in a beautiful ceremony. The two were leaving the church as the episode ended. Kayla ended up with the bouquet because Dylan snatched it out of Araya's reach and gave it to Kayla, saying that Araya was "too young" to have it.moreless
  • Lu and Jonas get married! Dylan and Araya are held hostage. Marc, Lana, Peter, and Kayla are just trying to keep Lu from running out on the wedding.

    I love this episode. It shows that Lu really doesn't like the "rich" scene, but she wants to be with Jonas, so she'll accept it. She returns to her old building before the wedding so she can think. When Marc shows up unexpeditly, it brightens Lu's day right away. Marc walks Lu down the isle to Jonas. Lu looks absolutely beatiful in her dress. Jonas' mom takes Lu to get a facial, get her hair down, and other things. This drives Lu crazy, which is slightly funny.

    Araya is arrested for breaking and entering since she wants to return somthing she stole. Dylan is called and told that they must appear in court the next day. At the courthouse, they're held hostage while an angry father lashes out at the judge. Slowly, Dylan tricks the shooter and ends up shooting him with his insulin needle, saving the judges life and everyone else in the room. This is when Araya calls Dylan "Dad" for the first time. When they leave the courthouse, Dylan tells Araya that they're going to be late to Lu's wedding, and Araya questions him as to how he can go from being held hostage, to going to a wedding. Dylan's reply is that "it's important to Lu". At the wedding, Lu throws the bouquet, and Araya tries to catch it, but Dylan gets it from her, saying: "You are too young". He then hands it to Kayla, who is by them.

    All in all, this episode was great. Lu and Jonas got married and Dylan and Araya got closer, while Araya learned new things about her father.moreless
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Jenifer Lewis

Lana Hawkins

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Nurse Peter Riggs

Rick Schroder

Rick Schroder

Dr. Dylan West (Seasons 6+)

Rosa Blasi

Rosa Blasi

Dr. Luisa "Lu" Delgado

Tamera Mowry

Tamera Mowry

Dr. Kayla Thorton (Seasons 5+)

Ptosha Storey

Ptosha Storey

Alice Wilburn

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Erin Anderson


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Eileen Boylan


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Marc Delgado

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Randy Hale

Nurse Randy

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • The paramedics take Mr. Lawson out of the courtroom. The judge is on a gurney talking to Dylan and Araya
      Dylan: They're taking you to Rittenhouse Hospital. I'll make sure you get the best care.
      Judge: "Thank you" doesn't begin to cover it. To Araya There's still the matter of your breaking and entering. You apprear to have the aptitude for medicine. Community Service at Rittenhouse Hospital seems appropriate to me.
      Araya: Thank you.

    • Lu has Jonas's driver take her to her old neighborhood. She sits on the stoop of the old building, when her son arrives
      Lu: Marc?
      Marc: I had a feeling you'd be here.
      Lu: How did you get here?
      Marc: Well, I borrowed my roommate's car and drove all night to see my mom get married.
      Lu (voice breaking): I'm glad you did.
      Marc: I gotta say mom - If you're thinking of ditching Jonas, and moving back into this place, I'm pretty sure they leased out our old apartment to someone else.
      They both laugh
      Lu: Look at this place. It's so different. The whole building. The whole block. It's lifeless. It's like a ghost town.
      Marc: Yeah, the streets are kind of empty.
      Lu (Crying): I just can't believe how fast everything changes. The real Lu Delgado would never be having a fancy wedding and getting married in some la-di-da dress with a big-ass price tag to make her mother-in-law happy. I just feel like I'm losing who I am. I'm marrying into this world of limos and mansions. And I have to say goodbye to my life.
      Driver: Miss. Delgado... It's getting late.
      Marc signals to the driver to give them a few more minutes so his mother wouldn't go off.
      Lu: Don't rush me! And it's Lu - Dr. Lu.
      Marc (Laughing): Mom. Can I call you mom?
      Lu: Oh, you're a wise guy.
      Marc: I just have one question. Do you love Jonas?

    • The Judge is bleeding intensely. Araya is still applying pressure to the wound .
      Dylan: Listen, he's going to bleed to death if we don't get him out of here now.
      Mr. Lawson looks at Araya
      Mr. Lawson: Who is she to you?
      Dylan looks at his daughter
      Dylan: She's my daughter.
      Mr. Lawson: You want to save him so bad, you carry him out. But your daughter's gonna stay here right next to me, in case someone out there gets creative.
      Dylan: Why don't you let her take him out?
      Mr. Lawson: No, that's the deal. Your choice.
      Dylan: Okay, but, listen, I'm diabetic and the heat is getting to me. I need insulin and my needle is in my coat jacket, okay?
      Mr. Lawson: Slowly.
      Dylan (gets the needle from his pocket): See?
      Mr. Lawson: Looks like a pen.
      Dylan: Yeah, it's the latest thing. The insulin is in this chamber here. And then I just dial what I need. Dials the insulin to 50, in the begining of the episode, he dialed it to 12 for himself. And... open's the bottom of his shirt to reveal his stomach where he would give himself the shot
      Mr. Lawson: What, you gotta do it in the stomach?
      Dylan: Yeah, and I hate needles.
      Mr. Lawson looks away. Dylan watchs as he turns his head away from Dylan. Dylan then injects the insulin into Mr. Lawson's neck. Mr. Lawson is struggling to fight Dylan off, Araya watches, fearing for her fathers life
      Araya: Dad!

    • In the courtroom, Araya is applying pressure to the Judge's wound. Dylan has the Judge's wrist in his hand, checking his paulse.
      Dylan: Mr. Lawson, don't give up hope
      Mr. Lawson: Try looking at the world from where I'm sitting before you lecture me on hope.
      Dylan: I've been there.
      Mr. Lawson: You've killed someone?
      Dylan: Yeah. My fiancée.
      Araya looks at her father, shocked, as he continues.
      I was a fourth-year surgical resident when I met her. She was amazing. Three months after our first date, I asked her to marry me. We were heading up to the Poconos for a ski weekend. I just got off 36 hours on call. I had no business being behind the wheel. But she wanted to wake up in the mountains. And there was no way I was going to disappoint her. Pause 10 miles outside of Tannersville... sigh ... I fell asleep. The car flipped. And she was dead before the paramedics got there.
      Mr. Lawson: That was an accident.
      Dylan: Think that matters to me? Sigh You think I feel any less guilty?
      Mr. Lawson: Looks like you got over her.
      Dylan: No. I learned to live with it. I just finally realized that ... every situation, no matter how awful, presents an opportunity.
      Mr. Lawson: If you're about to tell me everything happens for a reason, I swear I-I'll drop you right where you're sitting.
      Dylan (chuckling): No. Things happen because people make choices. Looks at Araya. And sometimes bad things happen for no reason at all. But we still have a choice how to handle it. As bad as things are for you right now, you have a choice... to make things better or to make things worse.

    • After Mr. Lawson starts shooting, everyone left in the court room takes cover. Dylan pushes Araya and himself under a table to take cover.
      Dylan: You ok?
      Araya: Yeah.

    • Judge: Who's next?
      Recorder: Araya Fujito, sir.
      Dylan: Right here, Judge.
      Dylan pulls Araya up by her arm and walked with her to the stand
      Judge: And you are?
      Dylan: I'm her father.
      Judge: Breaking and entering. That's a serious charge, Miss Fujito. What were you thinking?
      (Mr. Lawson goes crazy and gets the deputy's gun and starts shooting)

    • Jonas: So, today is the big day. Too late to elope?
      Lu: Ah, Don't tempt me.

    • Araya and Dylan arrive at their house after Dylan picks her up at the police station

      Araya: It's not that big a deal.

      Dylan: You were caught breaking and entering.

      Araya: Technically I was caught breaking and reentering.

      Dylan: Oh that will look so much better on your record.

      Araya: I was bringing it back. You should be happy!

      Dylan: Happy that my daughter was arrested?

      Araya: Well obviously your lecture this morning caused me to see the error of my ways.

      Araya starts to walk up the steps.

      Dylan: Stop. I'm talking with you. This is not a joke okay? Breaking and entering is a first-degree misdemeanor.

      Araya (Sarcasically): Lock me up and throw away the key.

      Dylan: Oh, take that attitude with the judge tomorrow and he just might. So, why'd you do it, huh? Why'd you steal the MP3?

      Araya: I don't know!

      Dylan: That is not an answer.

      Araya: I just did.

      Araya storms off to the top of the steps and looks over the balcony at Dylan.

      Dylan: You know what, tomorrow I have to cancel all my afternoon appointments to take you to court.

      Araya: Oh, well, maybe you'll be lucky and have another appendix rupture on the operating table and then you won't have to go at all.

      Dylan: Wait, is that what this is all about? Look Araya...I know this hasn't been easy for you - losing your mom, moving away from everyone you know, and being stuck with me. But I need you to understand that when I have a problem at work, it really is life or death.

      Araya: Whatever

    • The telephone rings as Dylan waves goodbye to Lana.

      Lana (on the phone): RWHC, how may I help you? Dr. West? Dylan signals no I believe he's left for the evening. Uh hold on. To Dylan Hey, You might wanna take this.

      Dylan: Who is it?

      Lana: The police.

      Lana hands the phone over to Dylan

      Dylan (on the phone): This is Dr. West. Wh-Yes. I'm her father. Has there been an accident? sighs Yes I'll be right there.

      Lana: Is Araya hurt?

      Dylan: No. She's been arrested.

    • After knocking on Araya's "door", Dylan enters her room to see Araya listening to music on a new MP3 player.

      Dylan: Where did you get that?

      Araya: Get what?

      Dylan: That MP3 player.

      Araya: I've always had it.

      Dylan: I've never seen it.

      Araya: Well maybe diabetes are scarmbling you memory cells.

      Dylan: Uh no. That is new and it's expensive.

      Araya: Oh, my god, what do you think - that I stole it?

      Dylan: Look, I'm just asking where you got it.

      Araya: From mom before she died. She didn't give me a recipt, okay.

    • Lu throws the bouquet and looks behind her to see who caught it. Araya jumps up to get the flowers as Dylan catches them.
      Dylan: Oh. No way. You're too young for that!
      Dylan hands the bouquet to Kayla
      Kayla: Thank you.

    • Dylan: [ When Araya tries to get the bouquet] oh no you are too young for that.

      Araya: [In the courthouse] DAD!

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