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  • Wonderful drama with great character interactions and enough humor to allow serious subject matter. I wish I had found this much sooner.

    Great character interactions. I love the humor. The male nurse and the receptionist are wonderful characters. I only recently found this show and now I hear that it is going to be cancelled. I wish the network would reconsider that decision. Changes in actors has not hurt this show as it has on others. The writing remains excellent.
  • Strong Medicine, very good medical drama. Superb storylines among other real life episodes and endings. Handsome cast also.

    Finally a medical drama that stands up to the previous 70's drama Medical Center. Though cast and crew aren,t similar the story line of real life episodes about people are on the money. More intense than most it does deal with real life situations that most would have been embarrassed to bring out. Considering all the new issues in the medical community, the show does a great job of entertaining,influencing,and last but not least educating the audience about everyday issues most networks don't touch on.Another feature of the show is the different backgrounds of the actors parts of the show. From the rich and influential to the poor and helpless all fitting together to make a community work. Landmark show.
  • Strong medicine is about doctors trying to help people.

    I think this show is better than ER by a little.I've only been watching Strong Medicine for a few months and i'm hooked.You should watch it if you haven't already.Idon't have a favorite episode because I loved all the episodes i've watched so far and I hope there continues to be more.
  • This is the greatest show in history

    Strong Medicine is a very great show and the writers should be really proud of its sucess. I think that they couldn't have gotten better actors to play the parts and the plot line is awesome. I am glad that they are finally bringing some happiness to the characters lives instead of always making bad things happen to them.
  • Their worlds(dr west and delgado) couldn't be more different but their commitment and passion brings them together. Strong Medicine is a sometimes intense, sometimes hilarious medical drama that takes us inside the world of street level medicine.

    i LOVE this show!started taping every reruned episode and nightly sunday eps too.SM reminds me of ER but isn't as goory as ER is that tells you something.THis show has values..i sure hope this show has another yr on it...PETER riggs(the nurse)hes so hot for a 40 something in RL
  • Excellent drama

    Strong Medicine is an intelligent drama dealing with issues from a women's perspective, not seen very often on TV. The story lines are full of thoughtfully resolved problems that I have experienced in my life. I can see if I were younger, it would help me understand why things go the way they do in life. I like the various characters, and the wide diversity in terms of their ethnic and economic background. I also like that they generally support each other, develop friendships, and understand them. The characters are not cardboard, and I really wish it were put on network television. It was hard to find it, and the friends I've recommended it to, love it as well. I'm glad there is not too much gore, as the ER series has started to have, so I can learn about hospital life without seeing body parts and lots of blood.
  • I used to only watch strong medicine on re-runs when nothing else was on tv, but this year i decided to watch the new episodes because rick schroder joined the cast. i love him so much, he's a great actor and i feel a great person for the job.

    I used to only watch strong medicine on re-runs when nothing else was on tv, but this year i decided to watch the new episodes because rick schroder joined the cast. i love him so much, he's a great actor and i feel a great person for the job. I'm glad he's a cast member on strong medicine, and as long as he is on it i will be watching! rick schroder rocks!!!!

    This show can last a life time. It is a great show. It has back to back great shows. Season after Season it gets better and better. The cast is ever better than the last cast. It can not get any better. But it does. Keep this show alive and up and running
  • Strong Medicine is the best medical show out there today.

    I first must admit that I didn't start watching this show "religiously" until this season. Although I have seen some new episodes when they were airing back in season 5, I have been catching myself up with all seasons.

    I've noticed that a lot of people are ranting on Rick Schroder for joining the cast. Yes, he is a male (thank god for that!) and yes he did join a pretty much all-female show. But I think we need to listen to an executive producer's point of view first.

    At the same time, Strong Medicine producers were looking to shake up the female-dominated show by bringing in a sexy male physician to replace departing Dr. Andy Campbell (Patricia Richardson). To play Dylan West, a surfer-dude doctor with a tragic past, they wanted someone who had a good bedside manner in every sense of the phrase.

    "Rick was my first choice," says executive producer Tammy Ader. "He hasn't been intimidated at all by being on a show for and about women."
    I personally think that Tammy was right by bring in Rick. His character has done a lot of good and is bring a lot to the table. For the first time, we get to see how a male physician views women's health.

    Although I do admit that I was shocked that they didn't hire a female, I'm kinda glad that they didn't. I know this show is supposed to be for and about women, and for the last 5 seasons, they've done great by Lu having a female partner running RWHC.

    But they needed a change. After two female partners, a third would become slightly boring. So why not bring in a male to shake things up? For the first time, we get to see a man's point of view, and how he handles things. Naturally, Dylan and Lu were going to handle things different and sometimes all wouldn't be a happy ending. But that's what makes this season so great.

    For all those who think that since this show is about women and therefore should only have female doctors, I have one thing to say to you: Stop. Stop and give this guy a chance. I know most viewers got used to having a female OB/GYN but in reality, there are male OB/GYN's too. And it's about damn time Rittenhouse saw that and hired Dr. Dylan West to replace Andy.

    Anyways, I love this show and love it even more now that Rick is on it. He's done a great job and is handling everything perfectly.
  • Strong Medicine is perhaps the most realistic show on television that has aired yet.

    Strong Medicine is perhaps the most realistic show on television that has aired yet. I applaud the producers and Sony for a fine show that has continued to bring forth issues which have helped many of the viewers resolve some of their own issues and problems. I know that the producers seek for accuracy on the show because I have been there and have seen their diligent research. It is unacceptable to them for errors to be aired on the show. They have current licensed and active nurses who keep them straight on the proper lingo and medical procedures. You would love the cast and crew if you knew them in person. They are great people and strive to bring realism to the screen each week.
  • Dr. Luisa Delgado is the main doctor at Rittenhouse Womens Health Center. She has went through two partners, but Dr. Dylan West is the first male. West shakes things up since him and Lu didn't get along while she was an intern and he was the Cheif of staf

    Strong Medicine is one of the best shows that is still on TV. The doctors have dealt with everything you can think of, including losing their loved ones. Rosa Blasi as Dr. Luisa (Lu) Delgado is the best. The previous two partners, Dr. Dana Stowe (Janine Turner) and then Dr. Andy Campbell (Patricia Richardson) were nothing compared to Dr. Dylan West, who is played by Rick Schroder. Dr. West is the first male doctor to enter Rittenhouse, and Lu doesn't like it. Lu is recently engaged to Jonas Ray, played by Nestor Carbonell. Jonas is one of the few guys that Lu has ever gotten close to. They are the cutest couple ever. Lu runs the free clinic, which makes the show even more realistic. Strong Medicine is by far the best show I've seen in a long time. I highly recommened it.
  • I love that show, is the first one show of medicine that I see in my life, and I believe that is marvelous because one can see two professional women of different cultures, social status, to do its work of a different form.

    I love that show, is the first one show of medicine that I see in my life, and I believe that is marvelous because one can see two professional women of different cultures, social status, to do its work of a different form. Also as the problems of their patients, are theirs. A good programs, with at times sad, serious, and humorous situations.

    Please Forgive My Grammar, I Don't Speaks English.
  • I love this show. I have watched it from the beginning and I still cannot get enough of it. It's so awesome!

    I watch this show every weekend unless of course they don't show it one weekend. Anyway, It's a personal favorite of mine. I love it. I cannot get enough of this show. It has gotten better and better each time. I personally love Luisa Delgado. I think it's awesome she's getting married this season. It's about time.
  • Wonderful medical drama, but did we need Rick Schroder?

    This is one of my favorite shows out there. Each week I tune in because it gives valuable information for women's medical issues a lot of other medical dramas don't touch. It also gives medical information for issues you don't hear about a lot like lupus, which my great aunt died of. The first few seasons where great, Janine Turner and Patricia Richardson each brought different qualities to the show and it worked perfectly. However, did we all really need Rick Schroder coming in and ruining all that girl power? I liked the show better when it was about Lu and her other female doctors Dana Stowe and Andy Campbell, Schroder is just ruining it for me. However, I still watch for the storylines.
  • A great show with very strong female leads!

    'Strong Medicine' deals with the latest medical findings and procedures. I think that the best part about the show is, other than the great actors, is that Whoopi Goldberg and Tammy Ader (executive producers) appointed the lead characters to be women, very different women. At the end of the show, people get to see the points of view from the down-to-earth free clinic doctor Luisa (Lu) Delgado, played by Emmy nominee Rosa Blasi, and her partner, the high ranking, Dr. Dana Stowe, played by Emmy winner Janine Turner. The acting is superb! The supporting cast has won numerous awards for their work in various shows and movies. People are not blasted over the head with the show saying this is the answer at the end people can think; well I wonder what the answer really is. In every episode I promise that you probably won't make it through without crying. The show also has many funny characters that lighten the mood. Strong Medicine helps you understand what goes on in a hospital and what an ER, OBGYN doctor's day is like, including their personal lives. Right now the show includes doctor who just adopted two children, and another is trying to recover from her . If you are even the slightest bit curious about hospitals or a dramatic show, this is the one for you. Strong Medicine is on Lifetime 8:00 pm Sundays.

  • strong medicine is sooo awsome!

    I love how strong medicine has a little bit of everything from a love story,comidy,drama,blood and gor,real life things that are very helpful to women or well even some men!i love how they all wayz try to live up the cast every now and then each time they have changed the cast it has gotten better and better! i love the new doctor dylan west he is an unbelievable doctor!i love the two couples too! lu and jonas look soo cute together i am estatic she said yes! and kayla and peter omg i can c them getting married to each other having kids growing old n never dieing they are like the perfect couple! i thought it was cute how kayla had to ask for them to fight lol!

  • this show is absolutly amazing!!!! it is the best i have ever seen

    all i ahve to say is WOW!!!! best show ever by far i have watched it since day one and i honestly can say that i have never missed an episode. it is amazing. so real and the characters, you can really relate to them. dr. lou delgado is fabulous. it is just an amazing show! all i need is for it to be put on dvd and my life wold be perfect!!!
  • 2 doctors who differ in thinking and background. One is rich, the other is economical, one is conservative, the other is liberal. Both are developed well and even the secondary characters roles are well developed. Captivating drama that deals with the str

    This show could best be classified as informative and dramatic. I touches tugs at the heart and involves the audience in apersonal way. One feels as if they knows the characters personally. The show deals with real life medical dramas that unfold in every ER around the country. It centers most of its focus on deep moral issues in which the two main doctors who are brilliant in their acting disagree on. The end of each episode leaves the onlooker to examine both sides of an issue and either decide for themselves what the correct course of action would have been or to at the very least, be sensitive to the dilemma. Strong Medicine is both captivating and informative and every person should watch the show.
  • Strong Medicine is a fantastic show that unfortunately keeps getting worse with each replacement of the lead star. Janine Turner was the best, Patricia Richardson was pretty good, and Rick Schroder is horrible so far.

    I started watching Strong Medicine in the summer of 2003, right at the beginning of season 4. While I haven't watched Strong Medicine since Day One, I have seen every episode now (thanks to Lifetime's wonderful, wonderful weekday repeats). Strong Medicine is BY FAR my favorite medical show and ER, House, and Grey's Anatomy pale in comparison to it (too bad the rest of America doesn't agree with me). It's great that it deals with women's health issues and is a perfect fit for Lifetime. Critics call it predictable so I must be really stupid since I rarely can predict anything on the show. Janine Turner is my favorite actress and the episodes with her are priceless. It's quite a shame that she decided to leave. I'd rate the seasons with her a perfect 10. Patricia Richardson was great and I appreciate her a LOT more now that she's gone and somebody horrible has replaced her. I'd rate the seasons with her 9.9. Rick Schroder is horrible (as I just mentioned haha) and so far his character is driving me crazy! If I were to just rate season six so far, the show would be down to an 8. If it weren't for Rosa Blasi, it'd be much lower than that! She is the "heart" of the show. While I've always claimed to like Dana and Andy more than Lu, truthfully I like Lu every bit as much as them. She is a strong woman who is a fantastic role model. While she's made many mistakes, she's learned from them. This brings me to Lana (played by the hilarious Jenifer Lewis), who's also made many mistakes in life and learned from them. Lana is one of my favorite characters and I look forward to scenes with her. Peter is just, well, Peter. Sometimes I like him, sometimes I don't like him, but overall I'm neutral about him. I like that he's committed to animal rights and that he seems like a really nice person but he pales in comparison to Dana, Lana, Lu, Andy, and Kayla. Speaking of Kayla, Tamera Mowry is a fantastic addition to the show. I enjoyed Sister, Sister and it's cool to see her all grown up and on her own. While I'm not a big Peter-Kayla fan, I still love Kayla and she made season 5 better than any other season without Janine Turner. I miss Dr. Jackson already. Even though he hadn't been in the episodes much lately, it was always fun to see him. He cracked me up with his obsession with "the bottom line". Call me crazy but I absolutely adore the main title sequence! The theme song makes me want to hum along, even though it sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo! Strong Medicine is by far the best medical drama ever and although it is definitely going downhill, the episodes are still definitely worth watching.
  • Good show.

    I don't get to watch this show as much as I'd like. It's on the back burner when it comes to other shows I tend to watch, but that doesn't make it any less of a show. I still love this show and Lou is easy to relate to. The fast paced episodes are fun to watch and easy to follow.
  • I love the new twist

    Strong Medicine is one of the greatest shows that is on TV. Each show has a new twist and great acting. No matter who is there with Lu. The story lines are real and can teach people about things that are relivent in life. It shows how a girl with little hope of a great future worked her way up and out of her situation to become a doctor but never forgot where she was and came from. The interacting between the cast is incredible. It shows that doctors can be human. They have feeling and emotions. I love the way Lu relates to her patients. Bringing Ricky in just gives a new twist to the show.
  • The show is about the doctors that work in the RWHC and their lives in and out of the hospital. It is funny, but serious and the cast is always able to make it seem like you are in the middle of a real hospital.

    Strong Medicine is both tough and tender, pulling your heart-strings one moment, making you laugh the next, and even making you hold your breath during each episode. I find the show to be a realistic portral of a real hospital, with real doctors and patients. It gives you a better idea of what goes on inside a hospital's doors.
  • Enter Dr. West...

    The 6th season opener of SM was a little overwhelming. The introduction of 2 main characters and the loss of 2 or more, not to mention Lu getting shot, was enough to make any SM fan a little shook up. Andy is gone, and replaced with Dr. Dylan West, played by Rick Schroeder. Sorry to his fans, but I don’t find him particularly attractive, and I don’t understand why he was asked to join the cast. I liked how SM was so female-driven, but at least Lu and Jonah seem to have sealed the deal, preventing a clichéd and predictable romance between the 2 leads. Of course, Lu clashes with Dylan, as she seems to hate all men upon meeting them simply because of their gender (and later she sleeps with them…can’t say I get how she goes from being totally hostile to a giggly girlfriend. It happened with Ben and Jonah, to name 2.) But this time, it’s only intensified by the fact that when Lu was an intern, he was a surgeon, and he nicknamed her St. Helen’s because of an embarrassing medical flub she committed. Lu considers him extremely egotistical and impossible to work with. Dr. Jackson is also gone, “forced out” by the new head of Rittenhouse, a bitchy woman who wants to nix the free clinic altogether. Peter didn’t appear in this episode, making me wonder.
    This ep’s Rittenhouse patients had more severe issues than most. Isabel, who is 28 weeks pregnant, is in a car accident. She needs surgery to relieve brain swelling, but she says she would rather be brain-dead and kept alive by machine until the baby reaches term, instead of risking the baby’s life by going through with the operation. She makes her husband promise to obey her wishes, but once she becomes unconscious, Dylan manages to talk him into consenting for the surgery, saying it’s the only hope for mother and child. The baby is born very premature due to complications during the surgery, but fortunately, both survive.
    Lu has a bipolar patient named Delia, who comes to Lu in a manic state. She had gone off her meds and into a sever depression, stealing the car of her sister’s friend and parking on the train tracks, waiting for a train to hit her. Her mood suddenly elevated, and she abandoned the car, rushing to Lu in her excitement. A horrified Lu realizes the car is still on the tracks, but it is too late. Eight people are killed, and many more injured. Dylan wants her to report the incident right away, considering that the cops are now after the owner of the car, but Lu doesn’t think Delia can handle it right now, and instead sends her to the psych ward. A fight over this causes Lu to storm out of the clinic.
    That night she is set to meet Jonah for dinner to give him an answer to his proposal. But right near her apartment, a guy jumps her. She willingly gives him her purse, but when he asks for the ring, she refuses, and he shoots her. Lu lies bleeding heavily in an alley. Dylan comes to her apartment to try and work something out, and Jonah, who has been waiting for her at the restaurant, also shows up. The two men become worried that Lu isn’t answering her door or the phone, but suddenly they hear the ringer on her cell. They rush Lu back to the hospital, but the blood Lu needs, B-negative, is very rare, and Rittenhouse’s supply is reserved for the president, who is in town. Agent Norton, who I assume is from the Secret Service, won’t authorize use of the blood until the President is safely in his plane. However, Jonah poses over the phone as the agent, and Lu is rushed into surgery. Dylan ends up saving her life.
    When Lu awakens, she seems to make peace with Dylan, and accepts Jonah’s proposal. She also learns that once Delia got back on her meds, she realized what happened, and called the cops herself.
    Interestingly, at the end of the episode, Dylan pays special attention to Kayla with the whole don’t drive thing. Either this was the way the writers chose to introduce the idea that Dylan is haunted by a car accident from his past, or it could be that they plan to set the two of them up. Last season she and Peter were involved, but this added to my suspicion that maybe Peter is gone after all. Dylan seems so much older than Kayla that I think we’d have a creepy Tom Cruise- Katie Holmes thing going on. I have no idea what direction the show will take. I have a feeling if Lu gets married, it wouldn’t be surprising if she got pregnant soon after. More will obviously be revealed about Dylan’s past, and Kayla will become a bigger part of the show. I hope that woman who wants to get rid of the clinic doesn’t become a major character, and I also hope that maybe Andy comes back for a guest spot. I very much preferred her over Dana, and I probably will prefer her over Dylan. Now that Mark is gone and Andy’s kids are no longer part of the show, they will have to find something new to center on in the personal lives of the Rittenhouse staff, which leads me to believe Dylan may have some things to hide. And how will Lu react to being married to a millionaire, considering how she feels about the wealthy? We shall have to wait and see…….and oddly, as I was finishing this review I saw a commercial for next week’s ep and its all about revealing Dylan’s mysterious past. How right was I?
  • How great was the season premire? SHE\'S GETTING MARRIED :) I love this show. I think that Rick\'s character and Lou are going to work really well together in the end. I can\'t believe that they shot her, but i love that that was her decision to get marr

    How great was the season premire? SHE'S GETTING MARRIED :) I love this show. I think that Rick's character and Lou are going to work really well together in the end. I can't believe that they shot her, but i love that that was her decision to get married. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Strong Medicine is the most incredible show I have seen on television ever. The topics concerning breast cancer have been the greatest and toughest ones for me to watch, because my mother recently died from this disease. I want to say is keep them comi

    Strong Medicine is the most incredible show I have seen on television ever. The topics concerning breast cancer have been the greatest and toughest ones for me to watch, because my mother recently died from this disease. I want to say keep them coming and thank-you.

    Sincerely, Ortancia Murphy
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