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    This Medical show never came to Canada. . Just finished watching all the shows on Netflix. This is the best medical programs that I have seen. It is both educational and addictive.
  • One of the best medical shows-and I only have 3 drama-medical shows that I've ever liked!

    I loved this show (Strong Medicine) and enjoyed the down-to-earth main Dr's (Turner and Blasi), as well as the morality and the great stories. I'm astonished that there is no place on the web that is replaying the episodes. I was totally addicted!
  • The best show for families to watch together, young and old. Very informative & addictive. Powerful stories of true situations happening in our world today. It brings laughter & tears! Best Reality Show Ever Made! Brillant!

    The Most Powerful, informative & addictive show that brings true situations (happening in lives today) to life. You will cry, laugh and cover your mouth from emotions stirred up. It educates and informs about topics and issues dealing with health, relationships and life that some have never known was real and/or could deal with. My Favorite, was the episode where Dr. Lu was raped and they showed the actual rape kit procedure being performed. I have never seen that shown before. My daughter seen for the first time what women go through, for real.. I cried, since it brought back feelings I had went through.. That is Just ONE example of how REAL the show is.. Love It! My 13 year old is also addicted to the show. Our only complaint is that it is no longer on Liftime cable channel! We are devistated that our mother/daughter strong medicine dates are over!

    excellent real drama better tan e.r. in its hay-day

    please bring back the show i will watch it at any time of the day rosa blasi is aces even when janine turner departed
    and then richardson departed the show did not miss 1 beat
    pleas advise as to who i need to contact to assure that s/m comes back to a television in my home ED KHAMIS/E-MAIL/EDKHAMIS@AOL.COM
  • Luvin it!

    This show really was such a great precursor to shows like House and Greys Anatomy. I'm very glad that it had a nice 7 years running. The writers for this show were absolutely brilliant but towards the end it started feeling a little empty, not quite like a hospital at all.
    I was personally loving that the cute tall white guy was with a black chick, Tamara Mowry. It gave me such hope...
  • Got to love that Lou

    Lou is the best doctor I have ever scene in my life. She cares about the people and fights for them, I think that is so cool. My favortie parter was Andy Camble. I thought it was so cool when they brought Dr. Thorten to the show. It was so cool. Who could not love Lana. She was the best one in the show. Jonas I think would make the best husband and father ever. Not because of the money but of his love for her, and any man who loves a woman like that they should love his child the same way or more. He shoewed when he loved Lou the most when Lou got shot and he drove on the street and ran stoplights. That is a true man there.
  • Why do they do this!!!

    I agree with one of the reader's when they said bring it back and why did it go? I know I have said it in some of my other reviews and saying it again, never fails when u like somtething and really get into it, it goes away and they never make enough for re-runs to watch. I think her name is Patricia from "Home Improvement", tool time taylor's wife, I dont remember been awhile back but do know that she came from there but didnt even have a clue that they did this show with her until now, way behind I know, I am now watching this show until the re-runs runs out, guess I have awhile since it has been what back in 2000, well I can enjoy it for awhile and hope before they run out it may come back, the only part of the show I didnt care for is the little conference they all have before the actual show, and it is kind of like "ER", only just for women.
  • WHY DID IT GO AWAY?????????????????????

    I loved Strong Medicine. I have been a faithful watcher for three years. It was like the best rated show on Lifetime and the new shows lifetime has now, they are crappy. I know that all shows have to come to an end, which I am usually okay with. But when Lifetime stopped showing Strong Medicine except for the wee hours of the night that ticked me off. Why can't they show it at five anymore like they used to? or four? or any time during the day when normal people are awake? I tell ya, TV people are smoking somethin'. Anyway, the show rocks, everyone should watch an episode or two because you will fall in love with it. Personally it is one of the better medical Dramas because it puts an equal amount of focus on patients as it does the doctors.
  • Could be counsidered entertaining...

    Yup, Strong Medicine does go "over the top" frequently, but what hospital show or courtroom or detective/police drama hasn't? And yes, it also flaunts a decidedly feminist perspective, but what else would you expect from Whoopi Goldberg on Lifetime TV? Strong Medicine is not intended to reflect reality all the time, because if it did, it would either be too gory or too boring to have entertainment value. The acting is very credible, the writing is creative and sensitive and the direction is first-rate though not unusually clever for an emergency room show.

    Rittenhouse Hospital doesn't exist (I did a quick search) and its characters and patients are fictitious. But the entertainment industry asks us to suspend our logic and common sense every day for the sake of, well...being entertained. And we do it gladly.

    So sit back and relax and watch "Lu", "Andy Campbell" and the rest of the Rittenhouse staff tackle fascinating women's health issues with their usual confidence, expertise and sense of humor -- and OK, a bit more schmaltz and drama, just for fun.
  • I absolutely LOVE this show!

    Why is this show called strog medicine?
    It is called strong medicine because the octors are strong and so is the medicine hence the name strong medicine!
    Lu is a doctor and the mothr of Mark. Lu is the nicest person on Strong Medicine. She helps peopleno matter the risk. In 1 episode she let herself get arrested after she stopped the police from beating up a ill diabetic woman.
    the head doctor whose name I can't remember has two daughters.And she rents out a room to another doctor.
    Lawra is a black secatary for the hospital. She's always in everybodys buisness. And she cares alot for the doctors. And she always tries to help.
    They are the only three people whose names I can remember.
  • It's a show about doctors who save lives!

    I love this show! I wish it didnt have to end. The end episode was shocking! Her husband had to basically deliver their child! I still watch the re-runs of this show! It doesn't matter if you've seen the episode before, you can still watch it over and over. I also missed Janine Turner (Dana Stoew) on the show. I wish they would have brought her back a couple of times. Her story of adopting those two girls was so sweet! This was one of my fave doctor shows ever. I fell in love with all the characters on it.
  • The best show on lifetime.

    Bring back Strong Medicine. I used to watch it every week. I watched it when Dana was on it. Then I watched it when Andy was on it. Then I watched it with Dylan. I am just glad that they never got rid of Lue. She was my favorite. I wished that Andy would of stayed on it though. Peter & Kayla make a nice couple. I knew that Lana and Peter would never leave Lue to get a new job. I wish that they would of never canceled the show. Please bring it back. I love Strong Medicine. I need it.
  • Touching show on Doctors as humans

    This show has made a distinct impression on me right from the time I first saw it from the middle of the 3rd season. What struck me as different in this serial was the way mere actors turned themselves into onscreen angels by putting their heart into their potrayal as Doctors. My particular reference is to Dr Lu, who is actually quite different from our everyday doctors due to her sentivity and caring for her patients. Most doctors are like Dr Andy, tough, indifferent souls from the outside for whom we are just a diseased mass. Dr Lu is different. The patients under her care trust her and wish to cure themselves. That by itself is half the job done. The same holds for her colleauges who seek her opinion or former friends & fellow mmebers of her various counselling sessions. She also seems to get the most trickiest and touching of cases such as women molestors, cancer ridden children whose parents leave them or colleauges whom she loudly defends in the face of positive drug tests. Her acting is superb and doctors like her can really aid in a fast recovery and if that's not possible atleast a graceful death. Perhaps there was something in her which made the dying mom of her former classmate and current boyfriend( I'm in Season 3) turn to her for saying her last words. Dr Andy also has her share of touching cases like diseased child immigrants, employees stealing drugs for grandmother's memory or a girl with former polio aspiring to go into army. She treats them sternly but with inner feeling of care. Most doctors are like her. Andy and Lu balance each other and through this serial we get a glimpse of not just women's problems but societal problems evidenced from the care of low to medium rung patients in a small but sophisticted hospital.

    I really enjoyed Strong Medicine. It is my FAVORITE show even if they...STOPPED RENEWING THE EPISODES!!! It makes me so upset that I have to stay up late at night to watch such a good, long-running show. Strong Medicine will always be my favorite show. Rosa Blasi-Finn practically made the show. She's been in every season and every episode. She has always been my favorite actress, she...omigosh, I can't even being to explain what an inspiration she and Strong Medicine have been to me. Rosa Blasi and Strong Medicine will always been my all-time personal matter what good new shows air. I don't know WHY they EVER stopped renewing the seasons of such a great show that almost everyone enjoys.
  • What a great show!

    Strong Medicine is such a great show. I wish it could have stayed on a little bit longer. I just started watching the show last year and I feel in love with it. I'm always happy when I watch an episode of Strong Medicine. It just makes my day. I love watching doctor shows and this is one of my favories. The show has so many great views on how to handle things like abuse and drugs. The characters themselves were even put into the part of being raped or abused. And the actors on the shows play so great of a role. I would love to have the show back, but I guess i'll have to buy the dvds.
  • Their worlds couldn't be more different but their commitment and passion brings them together. Strong Medicine is a sometimes intense, sometimes hilarious medical drama that takes us inside the world of street level medicine.

    I used to love this show, but now I don't like it anymore, all the nice aspects of the serie are gone and maybe it's just because they show it at such a stupid time here (10.00 pm) but I can't seem to watch a whole episode. I hope they'll move this show to another time and improve the series.
  • This show not only informed me about the medical challenges of becoming a physician, but it also gave me hope that someday maybe I can be that wise in understanding the ways of the human body as well as the mind and spirit of the person.

    It caught my eye when I was flipping through the channels. It dealt with women doctors and their patients, but I learned more than that. I learned that sometimes you have to make life changing decisions for the good of the patient and their families. The more I looked at the show the more I realized what a powerful struggle it is to be a physician especially if you're a woman. I've always wanted to be a good physician someday and Strong Medicine was exactly what I needed. It gave me confidence to face the world and let everyone know that just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I need or want any special treatment. I'm just doing what I love just like everyone else.
  • All the characters on the show are amazing and very talented. I have always liked Rick Shroder. The story lines are not only entertaining but very informative. You need to bring the show back.

    There is not much on TV anymore that is worth watching. The realality shows are not informative or worth watching. We watch Strong medicine as a family every sunday night. It is very informative and very educational. It has helped a lot of people. The show has many good qualities about it. When a show helps people deal with everyday realities of this harsh world. Its worth keeping. When something works, You don't take it apart. You keep it just as it is!!!
  • How can a network cancel one of its best shows?

    Lifetime you are making a BIG mistake! Why would you take off one of the best shows you have on your network. Strong Medicine has help so many women with medical questions and problems feel like there is help out there for them. They are able to speak more freely to their doctors. This show has it all from drama to action to comedy. Lifetime please reconsider!
  • This is my favrotite show ever I am constantly either watching it or talking about it! The writers are really original as far as the medical aspects they persue and I have learned alot watching this show about women\'s health!

    I watch this show no matter what and lately every time I see it I cry because I know that soon it will not be on any more. This show reaches aspects of women\'s health that I never knew about before and will later on help me in the career that I want to persue which is a Women\'s Health Specialist. I would have never even thought about this until I saw this show and now I am totally hooked. I don\'t think the writers or producer of this show could have done a better job at choosing the characters or the plot of this show and it will really trully be missed by me and lots of other.
  • I love watching Strong Medicine

    Rosa Blasi rules and so is everyone else. I hope you won't take the show off. that show rules in my house. because me and my sister watches it every sunday night on Lifetime TV. there lot people out there is big fan of Strong Medicine
    always forever. Strong Medicine rules
  • Do not make the mistake of taking it off!

    Lifetime, do NOT make the big mistake of taking Strong Medicine off the air! Yes, I understand you need to make room for new shows, but you absolutley cannot remove your best primetime drama! Everyone in the family can sit and watch the staff of Rittenhouse Womens Health Center! 2006 is not going to be a good year for Lifetime Television! You truly are making a HUGE mistake!
  • It is so bad ,I just can´t believe how bad it was :S

    I´m not going to waste time writeing a review .... But there are som rules about having 50 words. So if you don´t have 30 minutes to throw out the window , then don´t bother watching this show. Go watch Prison break , Lost , 24 , American dad , Simpsons , Desperate Housewives , Smallville or Charmed.
  • I love this show!!!!

    This show is getting alot better. She is married and pregnant but I have one question Where is her son?? In the last season (I did miss about 3 shows) I never saw any remarks or anything that she even has a son. I know he is off to college but they should comment about him in atleast one episode. At least when his little sister is born.
  • My 10yr was the one to get the whole family watching the show and since that time we have never missed an episode when we couldnt watch it, it was time for TVio to have the show recorded for us, so please keep sm going .

    I hope that sm is not removed from the shows line up because Im hearing that the show was cancelled and I pray that it is kept on because the cast from sm is great and real and rosa blasi is a great actress and lana too the whole case is great so i can't wait for the show to get back to it original timeslot but if not at least keep sm from being taken off air i don't know what i will tell my family especially my daughters and of course my husband..
  • This is the best show. I love it!!

    I think that lifetime is not going to be as good with out this show. I know that I won't be watching lifetime like I use to with out this show. It was great a I loved the cast!!! I would make sure I was home at 4:00 everday to watch it and now i can't.

    i love strong medicine. it's my absolute favorite show on this entire planet. it's the only show that has helped me medically as well as educationally. it's a great show and no one understands why it's not being shown anymore and why it's getting done in February 2006. if someone can explain that one to me i would be greatful. this is the only show i actually care to watch on TV right now, there's not much other stuff on for interesting medical dramas that catch my interest like strong medicine did. the chemistry between the cast members is awesome and the way the show makes you feel like you're part of their lives is awesome. it's such a well done and well thought out show i can't believe it's getting done. whoever chose to do that wasn't thinking clearly. if lifetime doesn't want to air it anymore that's one thing, you can't tell me there's not another station out there that's willing to carry this high ratings grabbing of a show. it's just such a sad thing to see a great show get thrown out in it's prime.
  • O my gosh this show is the best show in the world. I hate that lifetime stopped showing it on the weekdays.

    Strong medicine is tthe best show in the world. Dr. Lousia Delgado has inspired me to become an OBGYN. SHe is the greatest actress in the world. My favorite episode is when Lu found out that she was pregnant I went crazy. I was so happy that I almost knocked my self over on the stairs when I was running down to tell my little sister.
  • The show is wonderful, entertaining yet so full of lessons and heart warming episodes.Please replace have someone for Dr Lu, i got sad when Mickey died in Season 3, they are meant for each other,im a fan of Rosa, she\'s so cool. goodluck more to shows t

    The show is great and wonderful, full of emotions and yet the essence of the medical situation and drama in the hospital is clearly seen plus the personal lives of the characters involved. Rosa Blasi & Patricia are well blended. Keep up the good work and stay more on TV always
  • Strong Medicine is a STRONG hit!!!

    I am a BIG fan of Strong Medicine. I used to watch it every weekday but have not had the time to view it since so many changes have taken place. I have read that Dr. Jackson has been replaced, and that makes me sad…his was a good character. I have not seen any of the new episodes with Rick Schroder, but as I have never been a big fan, I am concerned that this cast change may, in my eyes, hurt the show, (My daughter still loves the show however). I do not like that they replaced Andy with a man though…it was so nice to have a show FOR women, ABOUT women…one that showed that woman can do anything a man can do, sometimes even better.
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