Strong Medicine

Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2003 on Lifetime

Episode Recap

Andy finds a crying baby in a dumpster and tries to save it, but has no luck.

The police wants access to andy's and Lu's patients journals but Lu refuses to cooperate,

She wants her patients files to remain confidental

Later on she is arrested for the same thing. She is realesed when they find the father of the dead baby.

He had driven across the city to dump the baby because of jelousy towards his wife ans the cable guy.

A patient of Lu's is getting more and more depressed so Lu talks her into seeing a psychiatrist.

Later on Aneesha is taken into the psych-ward and is held for 24h for being at risk of harming herself.

She is released without notifying Lu who worries about her, she even warns Aneesha's boss that she might do him harm.

Andy is worried about whether she should help in her daughter's surgery. She is trying to set things right with her husband but it turns out that he never did go to the counseling sessions

and that he is moving to Calefornia so Andy break things up with him.

Dr. Jackson deals with death of a 6 year old girl 10 years ago.

Mark asks Lu why Mickey just doesn't move in with them and Lu is planning to ask him later on.

The episode ends with Lu asking Mickey to move in when they see anesha aiming a gun at them and shoots.The bullet hits Mickey.