Strong Medicine

Season 5 Episode 14

Selective Breeding

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • A dramatic episode sure to keep you watching

    Haley, ( Jennette MCcurdy) Is a girl with Bipolar who Keeps having insane mood swings. Her Disease doesn't just end up being mood swings. She Jumps out of a window because she feels like she has the abilities of
    "A Super Human." Super crazy episode and the only one I have seen as a matter of fact. Haley isn't only dangerous to herself. In one of my favorite parts, While Haley's mom was outside taking the trash out she is in a room with her sister. Haley says her sister can fly. She opens the window and her sister sat. She was too afraid to jump. Next thing they know, She is in the hospital. They think that her sister fell, but Haley told the doctors that she pushed her. She said ,"I Had to. I to show her she could fly." Super Super Creepy. Best episode. Truly the very very best.