Strong Medicine

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2002 on Lifetime

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  • Lu must deal with her rape. When she tells her son, he decides to handle things his own way.

    Lu must deal with the aftermath of her rape. Lana, Peter, and Dana all try to help, but Lu just shoots them down. Lana and Lu have a small fight, and Lana points out the fact that Lu hasn't told Marc. Lu decides that she must tell her son. When she tells him, he acts like he's fine. We later hear:

    ~Dana: "Marc! What are you doing up here?"

    Then we see a flash as Marc attacks Dr. Killner. Killner threatens to press charges against Marc if he attacks him again. Dana has Lu paged, and Lu comes and pulls Marc off Killner, telling Killner that he better not come near her son again. Marc then breaks down and crys against Lu.

    This episode is another great one from Rosa Blasi. As with "Rape Kit" you can see the emotion. And not just on her face, but in her eyes as well. With her great acting skills, you feel as though you're going through the exact same thing as Lu. "Trauma" is a great episode.
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