Struck by Lightning

CBS (ended 1979)


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  • Worthy Try But Badly Executed

    I remember this show! I thought it was great and so funny! What I'd like to know is how can shows as crappy as the Morphin Rangers can drag on forever when shows like this one can vanish without a warning after just a few episodes. Jack Elam had an hysterical role in this series as Frankenstein's Monster trying to live down his past and trying to forget the novels and the movies and just live a normal life. Maybe it was just too funny or too far-fetched and the idiot network execs wanted to pull it before the creators ran out of ideas. If that was the case, then they should have risked it. The idea behind the premise of living down a public persona was a good one, but the writers that be never quite got it, and instead tried to milk the joke for too many one-liners. Elam deserved one good memorable role and this could have been it. The only thing worth mentioning behind this series is the theme song; I can't recall the name of it or even know who sang it, but it was one of the really great things about this short-lived series.