Stuart Little

HBO (ended 2003)


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    • Stuart Little
      Stuart Little
      Episode 1
      The book comes to the movies. It is about a mouse named Stuart that gets adopted to a family with the last name of Little. He faces many problems such has Snowbell (the cat)and his friends wanting to have him for lunch. But later on he fits in and finds that the Little's are his true destiny.moreless
    • Stuart Little 2
      Stuart Little 2
      Episode 2
      Stuart Little comes back from his debut movie Stuart Little! In this movie he has a little sister named Martha and meets a new friend named Margalo. He considers Margalo as his friend but Margalo really only wants a piece of jewelery from the Little's house to give to another bird named Falcon. When she was in the middle of enjoying her time with Stuart, she ran away but Stuart went to find her. Stuart goes through a lot of risks on the way. But he finds Margalo and then Margalo was let out free again and Stuart says that he will not forget Margalo.moreless
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