Stuck in The Middle

Disney Channel Premiered Feb 14, 2016 In Season





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  • Honestly, the BEST.

    I don't understand the hate that the show is getting. Honestly and completely unfiltered without sugarcoats: This show is the best ever that has been on Disney for a long, long time. Each episode has a different and gripping premise and plot, that brings you to an equally well thought out and satisfying end.

    There isn't any annoying laugh background noise, and the jokes are actually really funny; funnier than anything Disney has been able to produce in a while; Bizaardvark was a total disaster in this case, the jokes were cringeworthy and really, really unfunny.

    Stuck in the Middle has (usually) original and *really* good, laughable jokes. The colors that are used in filming are bright and refreshing, the camera quality is fabulous, and the ambience leaves nothing more to be desired. Honestly? I couldn't ask for a better lighthearted show than this.

    Can you believe for the first time I made accounts on like, several different websites just to be able to spread the goodness of this show? Haven't ever done that before, not even to my fav shows/ My little sister watched the entire series in half a week and then went back and started all over again. 10/10 would recommend!
  • This show makes me think Its set in a place that is nothing Disney

    This show makes me think about old Disney Channel Shows and I Don't Know why they won't bring them back.
  • This Show Is Awesome!

    Stuck In The Middle is always funny because the plot of the show is unique, which means they can produce episodes that have interesting plotlines. The characters are funny and the comedy and situations are also hilarious. I believe this show is great for families to watch together and everyone will find the show funny and awesome!