Student Bodies

(ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Triangle
      The Triangle
      Episode 14
      Kim starts to think that the feelings between Cody and Emily might not necessarily be dead. She comes up with a plan for the two to go on one last date to find out.
    • The Break-Up
      The Break-Up
      Episode 13
      Romeo and Emily find that there's a flaw in their plan to be together but still see other people.
    • Romeo's Old Friend
      Romeo's Old Friend
      Episode 12
      Romeo's old friend comes to Edison for a visit. Romeo finds himself tempted to go out and chase girls with his friend instead of staying with Emily.
    • Chris' Death
      Chris' Death
      Episode 11
      As a teacher's dying wish, he requests that Chris gives the eulogy at his funeral. But Chris find himself having a tough time doing it.
    • After High School
      After High School
      Episode 10
      After the gang received their S.A.T. scores, Emily is jealous that Mags received the highest score of the gang. Meanwhile, Cody tries to figure out what to do with his life after high school.
    • The Blow-Up
      The Blow-Up
      Episode 9
      Cody tries to get Holly to break up with him so that he can try to start dating Kim.
    • The Reunion
      The Reunion
      Episode 8
      Cody has a dream about the gang's 25th high school reunion.
    • Victor Gets Drunk
      Victor has a little bit too much to drink at Cody's party and ends up hurting Flash.
    • Time to Try
      Time to Try
      Episode 6
      Kim and Cody try to set Victor up with Holly. Their plan goes awry when victor starts to like Holly's friend Paula instead.
    • Kiss and Tell
      Kiss and Tell
      Episode 5
      Before a party, Emily, Cody, Chris and Mags (later joined by Flash and Victor) play a game called "Kiss And Tell," in which you may have you to reveal one of your past kisses.
    • Dead Men Don't Go To Edison (aka Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)
      The gang are given an English assignment to write a story in any genre. We follow Flash's old style detective mystery and Mags' adventure saving the town from vampires.
    • Romeo Hurts His Knee (aka Romeo's Wounded Knee)
      After playing with Chris, Romeo hurts his knee and ends up in the hospital. His injury starts to put a damper on his plans to play professional basketball.
    • The Junior Prom
      The Junior Prom
      Episode 2
      Holly rents a hotel room for her and Cody in hopes of some fun after the prom. However, Cody finds himself thinking about Kim.
    • Cody and Kim
      Cody and Kim
      Episode 1
      Cody decides to take Holly to an expensive restaurant. To make sure his plan will work out, he tests it out by taking Kim their first.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1