Student Bodies

(ended 2000)


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  • A show i loved watching everyday when i was younger =)

    Student Bodies is your all-around comedy and romance series that revolves around High School life, which i believe makes the show a 'must watch' for all. Let's start off with Cody, a typical and cute high school dude who works with/part time with the Edison high's newspaper staff. Cody's a very hilarious guy, gets people laughing! But at times he can be the cutest ever!
  • Day in, day out... Student Bodies!

    I wish this show would have continued onto their college years. It had a great run and barely ever got advertisements like other shows on Fox in the USA and YTV Canada. It had so many funny moments that would make me laugh hysterically even when they were uninentionally funny. I loved how even though this show had real dramatic moments, they managed to keep us viewers happy by the end of an episode with Cody and his animations. All the characters were memorable and I loved the colorful cast. This show is one of the few that actually depicted highschool like it really was and I'm sure it was one of the first to touch the serious issues of today and poke fun at gentle fun at them.
  • A really great show.

    Student Bodies shows the everyday life at Thomas A. Edison High School as Cody Miller sees it.

    The show follows a group of typical teenagers throughout their experiences. Each character has a personality of his/her own, making all characters different and interesting.

    The Student Voice writers, Victor and Flash, are always in competition against the Student Bodies writers, especially since Student Bodies is a lot popular. So the two groups really hate each other and try to annoy the other every time an opportunity shows up.

    Student Bodies is a really great show with a good plot and lots of jokes that make it interesting to watch.
  • this show is great

    what is better than having your own magazine feautring your own cartoons and your own storys and headlines?
    student bodies is a great series and the cartoon movies the series contains are just great and are really describing the real characters however the show has ended before i'ts original ending time and that is really too bad...