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Aaron Sorkin, the mastermind behind "West Wing" and "Sports Night" brings NBC's next great drama, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Featuring an all-star cast in front of and behind the camera, such as "Friends" alum Matthew Perry, "West Wing" alum Bradley Whitford, plus the talented Amanda Peet, D.L. Hughley, and veteran Ed Asner. Sorkin, who will handle much of the writing duties, makes sure this vehicle promises to be the fall's most buzzed about new drama.

So come take a fascinating look behind the scenes of Studio 60, a fictional sketch-comedy series on the NBS broadcast network. Problem is the series seems to be going down the tube fast. Everyone involved with the late-night dud seems to have one problem or another, including the current Executive Producer, who just had an on-air mental meltdown, and time is running out fast.

Enter the network's Chairman of the Board (Steven Weber) and a new network president (Amanda Peet) looking to make her mark on the net. Her answer is move is to bring in a pair of fresh-faced writers (Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford) to try and save the series. Will it work?moreless


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    Though it certainly had its flaws, the debut of Aaron Sorkin's latest drama offered plenty of tantalizing ideas that make me believe it might all work in the end.

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    Fan Reviews (239)

    • A great show!!

      What a fantastic show this was... I only started watching it because Bradley Whitford starred in it, and since watching the west wing, I became a huge fan of his. But from the very first episode I was hooked and not just beacuse of him, but for the complete package, show, characters and story...

      Aaron Sorkin really did it again, and my huge, huge compliments for Matthew Perry, whom I only knew from Friends (which I didn't really like) but I'm deeply impressed with his acting skills now... I felt all of his pain whith the Harriet relationship...

      I find it hugely unfair that the show got cancelled after just one season...

      Great show all in all, and I'm gonna watch sports night now, with huge expectations...moreless
    • The Philistines Have Spoken

      @edwinacewongkaren - NBC didn't hate the show's skewering of network television, in fact the NBC's president personally loved it which is why it got a full 22 episode order, despite being on the rails from the start.

      @KieranWallser - It may have had an 8.7 here, but networks don't look at ratings. In the ratings they do look at (Nielsen, mostly) the show was always lacklustre.

      American audiences (broadly speaking) tend to not like "smart" shows, and they never do well on network television. If AMC or NetFlix had existed at the time, this show may have found more staying power there.moreless
    • I know why it was cancelled !!!

      This show was a smart and good show, for the life of me I didn't know why it was cancelled and it only dawned on me last night whilst watching it for the umpteen times

      This show was basically berating and was a satire for the establishment in which the show was being showed on . NBC). Maybe the powers to be at NBC didn't like how much most of the stories that sarcastically depict how they censored and pick their shows are hitting too close to homemoreless
    • Bring it Back!!!

      I know it will never happen - but possibly the most criminal cancellation in TV history.
    • season 1

      Aaron Sorkin is a genius and we all know that .that how he makes this show funny , sad and serious all at the same time, plus had a minimum rating of 8.7 how can NBC justify canceling such a strong show . they should bring it back now think it would be loved more then before .
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