Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 16

4 a.m. Miracle

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • The relationships deepen a bit even if there isn't much action.

    I do hope the show returns as this would be a bad episode to end on. Not that it's horrible but it's not the strongest of the uneven series. I liked Harriet's plot, with her not wanting to present her character in a bad light like that. I do agree Luke had a point that Harriet had read the script for months so it was a bit late to be complaining now. Turning it all onto Matt was a bit much and Luke really was too big a jerk making her do multiple takes like that. The sexual hassasment suit was also interesting at first but moving it to talk of Harriet just seemed too much as well. And I don't think the lawyer clicked as well as I thought she would. At least we don't have Matt suddenly going "A Beautiful Mind" on us.

    The baby stuff was just way, way too silly although it keeps up the bit of Danny as a jerk. Still, this episode showed the problem with the series, in that what could be the good concept of backstage goings-on is marred by silliness and poor character moments. I do hope it comes back but better.
  • A less-than-satisfying episode marking a hiatus that may never end

    The drop-off from Tom Schlamme’s directorial effort last week is evident from the very first frame. This is “Studio 60” back to the usual grind, and it’s simply not as compelling. It doesn’t help that the episode feels scattershot and disconnected. A number of plot threads are explored in the episode, but there’s never a true sense of cohesion.

    The main plot is a follow-up to Matt’s downward spiral in the previous episode. Matt continues to struggle with his muse, especially now that she’s put him in his place and left him for metaphorical dead. Without the tension that comes with Harriet tightly in orbit, Matt is unable to function. It’s starting to become noticeable. If he’s still abusing pills (something not seen in this episode) and his depression remains, it’s hard to imagine that he’ll be able to hide it much longer. After all, Danny is a recovering addict and should know the signs.

    His conversation with the sexual harassment lawyer didn’t seem to gel in the way implied by the dialogue. There was certainly a purpose to pushing Matt’s buttons, but it might have been too subtle. The idea, if I understood it correctly, is that Matt was willing to stand up for the sanctity of the writer’s room even when the topic at hand was debauching his soulmate, which in turn makes him a good witness against the claim that the writing room was a hostile work environment. If that was the point, then it was a little obtuse.

    The attraction to Matt, of course, fits perfectly within the odd world of “Studio 60”, where sexual harassment lawyers can point out how damaging an office relationship can be to overall effectiveness, yet solicit a date from a future witness for the defense. As good as this might have been for Matt, it makes Harriet’s apparent slide back into his life more complicated. The episode leaves Matt in a precarious emotional situation.

    A lot of time was spent on Harriet’s time on set with Luke, and it also hit an odd note for me. Perhaps this is part of the cycle that keeps Matt and Harriet in their eternal struggle, but why would Harriet feel guilty about telling Matt how he acts? His sense of entitlement is disturbing, and they’re simply not good for each other. Yet instead of forcing Matt to get his act together and moving on with Luke, she sabotages her relationship with Luke and comes running back to Matt. Sure, Luke was being a jealous fool, but he’s not playing to co-dependency game.

    The Matt/Harriet relationship manages to make Danny and Jordan look sane in comparison. The two of them are still being very cute together, but this episode does suggest that juggling a baby (hopefully in the metaphorical sense) will be harder than they realize. Danny is far too cavalier about the demands that they will face. Any parent can dredge up the war stories from that first child’s early years, when everything was new and incredibly daunting. All the assurances in the world won’t make things easier if Matt can’t get the show out of a tailspin and even more stress hits at the same time as the birth.

    This is the last episode to run before the hiatus for “The Black Donnellys”, and apparently it also had the worst ratings for the series’ run to date. Everyone but the core audience is abandoning this ship before it sinks completely, and that’s unfortunate. More unfortunate is the probability that this episode was representative of the series as a whole. It had plenty of promise and potential and interesting characters, but at the end of the day, it just never came together.
  • The real care baby story was funny.

    Danny and Jordan were great in this episode but that was about it. I got real tired of Harriet on the movie set with Luke. Luke finally showed his true colors to her and I think she realized she made a huge mistake. The lawyer with Matt got old very quickly. And if Harriet is doing a movie that has potential to earn her an Oscar nomination wouldn't she do her scenes and keep her mouth shut?
  • This show is so wonderful, I hope it returns from its hiatus, I hope it gets a second season. And this episode had everything I love about it - great Danny/Jordan interaction, wonderful Matt/Harriet angst, & humour from everywhere & everyone. More More!

    I have a wonderful time at the beginning of the week, my 3 current favourite shows (24, Heroes & Studio 60) are on then, & what a wonderful way to start the week.

    This episode was great.

    Danny & Jordan are together, are sweet & still they are funny. Keep that up. They are great together. And the whole baby thing was hilarious!

    Matt & Harriet - do you know, I thought this would be old by now, but it's so not. They play it well. It really is with or without you for them. Who knew Matthew Perry could act so well? (Though we did have glimpses of it in The West Wing).

    As for the humour, so good, Simon, Tom & Cal are always funny, & so are the writers. It's great there's so few of them, they play well off one another.

    This show must keep going - there just isn't enough intelligent shows out there.
  • oke so what do you get when you fall out of love

    you get writers block, which is exactly what our matt has, he has lost his muse, his guiding light

    luke has his muse, but harriet is very unhappy, she fusses about a part of the script, acts like an amateur.

    then she explains to luke why, now luke is unhappy because he knows she came to him after she gutted matt, guess being the rebound guy is not what he expected, so now he acts like an ass. in the meanwhile matt is being entertained by (what jordan called a hot blond lawyer) who is investigating a old sexual harrasment lawsuit. They hit it of and she more or less does some harrasment of her own (don't worry) danny and jordan were supposed to go to dinner, but danny has to word (he has a friend with writersblok you see) jordan goes to have a nap on his couch but not before she makes a bet with him

    now i could tell you what and how but it would spoil one of the most funny storylines i have seen in a while

    so enjoy
  • Very cute episode!!

    Very cute episode. We basically had three main storylines going on here. First of all there was Danny and Jordan with their 100-dollar bet that Danny wouldn't be able to take proper care of this computerized baby doll that Jordan bought to practice before the baby arrived. This was quite funny specially after Danny left the baby in the hands of others for a second and it ended up being beheaded in a prop guillotine. The scene were Jordan found out about this was hilarious. Second we had Harriet who was shooting her new movie, with that Luc guy as director. They were running late but Luc insisted that he didn't have the shot. Harriet wasn't happy with the way the scene was being shot but Luc kept ignoring her suggestions. By the end of the day, Harriet realized that that Luc guy was doing it all on Purpose just to take Matt's Harriet time and she let him have it. That was nice! And the last storyline was how Matt couldn't even write because of the lack of Harriet that he was experiencing since they had that huge fight. By the end of the episode though, Harriet did go up to Matt's office and gave him a make up kiss on the cheek. That was very sweet. This episode was awesome!

    I loved this episode. There wasn't a whole lot of action, but it had I think one important element. It made Luke look like a bad guy. Before this episode I had always wanted to hate Luke but didn't have a great reason. After this episode where he dissed Matt I now have a reason. I love that Harry stood up for Matt. It shows that she still has feelings of some kind. Also Danny with the real life baby was hilarious. You knew something was going to happen when he gave the baby to Tom and Simon but i wasn't expecting a guilitine. Overall I think it was one of the funniest episodes yet.
  • nicely done..i loved it

    the highlight of this episode for me was the baby scene when they decapitated the poor thing..that was hilarious thank god tom didn't stick his head in that thing I'm sure the prop masters wouldn't have been able to fix him lol.. i i'm starting to like danny and his cute dimples showing this side of him with Gordan ..very to Harriet she and matt should really stop acting like kids and clear everything out
    the end of this episode gives hope ..maybe the writers will surprise us this point I'm ready for new characters..the show got a good pace in ..a new character wont harm ..just a thought..
  • Here we go again. How about trying something other than couples having fights and getting back together.

    Matt and Harriet are talking to each other again. Is this the fifth time around for these guys. I hope that this series really tries something else.

    Aaron, if you're reading, what was so great about the West Wing is that it was more than relationships. It was primarily about the story. The character's lives rarely entered into the focus of the story. Studio 60 has probably given you a chance to touch on all of those areas which you couldn't or wouldn't write about before, but please! Enough is enough. The plotlines with Jack Rudolph - brilliant. The thing with Kim, the Chinese investor's daughter - funny. Harriet's inability to decide what she wants in a man - booooring. Seriously man, I'm cheering when Matt is in a room with any other woman, just hoping that he'll get it on with her and forget Harriet forever. I'm not alone either. My best friend is your biggest fan and even he hates Harriet.

    If your reasoning for not including personal relationships in the West Wing was out of respect for the importance of the character's jobs, then does that imply you don't respect the Studio 60 character's jobs?
  • Studio 60 is back on track!!!

    Amazing episode. Hands down the funniest of the series so for. Exorcist Real Care baby says it all. I think they have to give all the credit on this one to Mark McKinney (Kids In The Hall). Hit all the right notes through the entire show. All the scenes just seemed to gel so well in this episode. And as usual the dialogue takes center stage, even if at some times I was laughing so hard over it. One question though.... Who was the actress that played the lawyer? I know her, but I can't think of her name and its driving me up the wall?!?!?!?
  • there were moments where i couldnt stop laughing for minutes at a time

    matt is having a terrible time writing a show. meanwhile a lawyer shows up to ask around since the studio is being sued for sexual harrasment. the numbers for the show are slipping so there is even more pressure building. harriet is on set of her new movie and there is a little trouble with the scene and luke.

    danny has a bet with jordan that he can take care of a bionical baby with a computer memory for everything that it experiences. this was a hilarious story line!

    in the end harriet comes back late at night to try and help matt unstick his thoughts... the 4 am miracle
  • Awesome episode!

    This episode was hilarious! I almost had a asthma attack laughing!lol
    I loved almost everything about it; the only thing I didn't like at first was the way the attorney was flirting with Matt but nothing happened so it was ok.
    The scenes between Danny and Jordan were so cute, I laughed so hard (still laughing a little bit) when the real-care baby's head and eyes popped out and Jordan screamed and Danny jumped out of the couch! Simon thinking he slept with the plaintive but then realizing later that it was someone else ("I should call her!" lol).
    The sweetest moments of this episode (IMO) were when Harriet defended Matt (when Luke called him a bad name), and when she found him at the end (and kissed his cheek).
    So yeah, overall it was great episode!