Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 2006 on NBC

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  • Now THIS is more like it!

    Finally, the show starts living up to its potential. The opening with Howie Mandel was a bit silly but then, SNL does the same sort of thing all the time and this wasn't too bad. Thankfully, we get the skits kept to a minimum. I like how Sorkin is once again showing he's listening to people's complaints on the show with McKinney's writer telling Matt what many have thought, that writing everything himself is not a good thing. The idea of them getting the skit on, having it pulled and having to write a new one was good and I'm liking how they all click. The stuff with Harriet suddenly unable to tell a joke was a bit silly and once again insulting to the character. But the bit where everyone decides to spit at her because she was the only one not sick was funny and believable. I do have problems with Danny showing this "it doesn't matter how much money is made, it matters if something is good" and the aintitcool stuff seemed another cheap shot at the Internet by Aaron. But Lahti's character was a bit fun now that she was toned back.

    Jordan...on the one hand, it's a good point, she really can't handle being an exec and playing with the press so maybe dropping her is good. But the pregnancy gives it a new dimension, given we have to learn who the father is, not to mention how Jack can react to it. Overall, the show is finding its footing, and shows once more than when Sorkin gets off the soapbox, it can click over big-time and be what we dreamed it to be. More eps like this and we're on the way to being the hit we wanted.