Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Corinne Bailey Rae is performing "live", the control room monitor she's on is labeled "preview" not "program".

    • Guest Host: Howie Mandel

    • The joke Harriett failed to tell.:

      "A Jewish guy calls his mother and says 'Mom, how are you?', and the mother says 'Terrible, I haven't eaten in 38 days.', and he says 'Why haven't you eaten in 38 days?', and the mother says 'I didn't want my mouth full in case you should call.'"

      Matt's alternate suggestion of a simpler joke:

      "Guy walks into a doctor's office with a duck on his head. Doctor says 'What can I do for you?', Duck says 'Doc, can you get this guy off my ass?'"

  • Quotes

    • Jeannie: (Feeling his forehead) You're hot.
      Dylan: It's about time you noticed.
      Jeannie: Don't flirt with me, rook.

    • Suzanne: You both need B-12 shots from the nurse.
      Matt: I've had mine and Danny can't have one.
      Danny: Why not?
      Matt: Memo said you can't have the shot if you're pregnant.
      Danny: Yeah...
      Matt: Seriously, it can be dangerous if you're pregnant.
      Danny: I'm not pregnant.
      Matt: Have you checked? You've been pretty hormonal.
      Danny: It's testosterone.
      Matt: It's estrogen. Suzanne, why don't you give Danny one of those little kits? You probably keep a bunch in your car.
      Danny: (To Suzanne) He's trying to get a riff going. Don't feed the fire and it'll go out.
      Matt: One more thing.
      Danny: What?
      Matt: You can't get that shot if you're pregnant.
      Danny: You know, Chevy Chase woke up one day and he just wasn't funny anymore.

    • Danny: (Calling Matt) Veronica!
      Matt: Yeah!
      Danny: It took a lot of convincing but Suzanne's agreed to be your assistant.
      Matt: Yeah?
      Suzanne: If you'll take me.
      Matt: I'll take the hell out of you!
      Suzanne: Is there a way you'd like me to dress?
      Matt: Sure... but I have to wake up for school now.

    • Jordan: Reporters aren't supposed to be storytellers. Stop trying to entertain me.
      Reporter: You don't like the press...
      Shelly: I think that was ten questions.
      Jordan: By the press you're talking about a lot of people, let me be specific: I don't like you!

    • Danny: (about Martha's column) I'm right, she's wrong and I'm gonna make her cry like a girl.

    • Jordan: I'm a network executive, not Paris Hilton, what does it matter?
      Jack: You are.
      Jordan: What?
      Jack: Paris Hilton. You got made into Paris Hilton. The press decided they needed a new one and you got casted.

    • Danny: Nobody here knows how to operate an umbrella?!

    • Matt: Who thought it was going to rain this long? The ground around here can't hold this much water. And now desert animals are starting to come into my house; snakes and worms
      Danny: Read Martha's column today?
      Matt: Yaks are walking into my house

    • Matt: (To Danny about not getting a B-12 shot) Is it because you're pregnant?

    • Harriet: (about Spit-Take Theater sketch) Wait.
      Matt: What?
      Harriet: I made it through the week without getting sick and we're ending the night with everyone spitting at me?
      (Matt looks at Andy)
      Matt: That's better.
      Andy: Yeah.
      Matt: Everybody just spit at Harriet.

    • (Listening to Harriet try to tell a joke)
      Matt: It's like watching a drunken man cross an icy street.

    • Simon: Listen, it's on the news…The guy killed his family and then himself.
      Harriet: No.
      Simon: Yeah, he did it in the wrong order.
      Harriet: Yep!

    • Danny: You're pretty wet
      Matt: Is that right?
      Danny: Did you have a hard time getting here?
      Matt: The San Gabriel mountains have fallen into Beverly Hills
      Danny: And the prayers of a grateful nation are answered.

    • Matt: I'm an AmeriCAN not an AmeriCANT

  • Notes

    • Music in this episode:

      "Like A Star" by Corinne Bailey Rae
      "Trouble Sleeping" by Corinne Bailey Rae

    • The joke Matt gave Harriet to use at her Falstaff Society induction was also told by Amy Gardner to Josh Lyman in episode 5.05 ("Constituency of One") of "The West Wing." Both episodes of each series were produced by Aaron Sorkin and written by Eli Attie.

    • Bradley Whitford does the "Previously on Studio 60" voiceover.

    • Christine Lahti is credited as special guest star. Howie Mandel and Corinne Bailey Rae are not credited.

    • Mark McKinney who plays Andy was originally auditioned for the role of Tom, he is also a writer on the show.

    • Ironic that the producers used self-admitted germophobe Howie Mandel in an episode about almost everyone getting sick from a virus.

  • Allusions

    • Jason McElwain

      Jordan: I believe that perception exists only inside this building and possibly only inside this office.
      Jack: It exists inside Newsweek, too, J-Mac! Did you read it?

      J-Mac is an unofficial nickname of Jason McElwain, an autistic teenage basketball player famous for scoring 20 points in four minutes during a high school basketball game on February 16, 2006. Coincidentally, his story was printed in lots of newspapers and presented in many news broadcasts.

    • NORAD

      Matt: We put the new sketch at the end and he backs everything up one.
      Danny: That's right.
      Matt: Yeah, he's gonna need NORAD for that.

      NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is a joint military organization of the USA and Canada providing aerospace security for North America.

    • Henny Youngman

      Harriet: (referring to her introductory joke to Falstaff Society) A joke joke. Henny Youngman - set it up, knock it down.

      Henny Youngman, known as The King of One-Liners, was a British-born but American comedian and violinist, extremely famous for the use of one-liners - short and simple jokes delivered rapidly, often interluded with violin playing.

    • Look Back in Anger

      Matt: Well, he just did an experimental thing at a little theater in Pasadena. It was a translation of "Look Back in Anger".

      Look Back in Anger is a play written by John Osbourne about a love triangle between an intelligent but disaffected young man, his upper-middle-class wife, and her snooty best friend. An amiable Welsh lodger attempts to keep the peace. The play was made into a movie in 1958 starring Richard Burton, Claire Bloom and Mary Ure respectively.

    • T-Mobile

      Matt: Danny told me about a story in Saturday's paper. A guy walked into a T-Mobile store with a gun and demanded they give them an additional five hundred minutes. Of course he was pretty easy to trace, cause they had a cell phone account. You guys want to take a whack at writing a sketch about an incredibly bad criminal?

      T-Mobile is a German mobile network operator, working in almost all countries of the world. In the USA, T-Mobile is fairly small, but has roaming arrangements with major receivers.

    • Herb Sheldon

      Danny: Uh, hhh...
      Howie: All right! You're not even talking to a banker! That's your announcer, Herb Sheldon.

      Herb Sheldon was a real tv-figure. Starting from Broadway and then radio, he finally settled on hosting numerous TV shows, including Bugs Bunny Presents, Studio Party (teen rock show) and his own The Herb Sheldon Show among others.

    • Three Card Monte

      Jordan: You know how you win at three card Monte?
      Bill: How?
      Jordan: Get someone to play.

      Three card Monte, also known as Follow the lady, is a card trick and a short con at the same time, where one person is tricked into betting a large sum of money on that he/she can find a money card among three face-down cards on the table. The tricked person thinks he/she is cheating with the outside man, while in reality the person is being cheated by both the inside & outside men.

    • Matt: I'm an AmeriCAN not an AmeriCANT.

      In Once Upon A Time in Mexico Johnny Depp's character asks "Are you a MexiCAN, or a MexiCANT?"

    • Danny Tripp (to Martha O'Dell): Reporters who write dumb stories about friends of mine watch the show at the In-N-Out Burger down the street.

      In-N-Out Burger is a family-owned chain of hamburger restaurants that started in Southern California in 1948. Very popular, the chain is widely known for low prices, their fresh burgers, shakes and fries, and the fact that most of the restaurants are open 24 hours. The meat for the burgers are shipped fresh, not frozen, from a single processing facility. This limits the number of In-N-Out restaurants, due to driving distances, to Southern California, although some restaurants are now open in Northern California, Nevada and Arizona.

    • "My Favorite Year"

      In this movie 50s tv writer Benjy Stone tries to teach his co-worker how to tell a joke using the same joke as the alternate joke that Matt suggests to Harriet (A man walks into a doctor's office with a duck on his head).

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