Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 18

Breaking News

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 31, 2007 on NBC

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  • Everything starts happening at once: Matt's pill usage gets discovered, Jordan has trouble with her pregnancy, and Tom's brother is kidnapped by Al Qaeda.

    Breaking News was honestly one of the best episodes of TV I have every watched, regardless of the show. It was also one of the most emotional. It was the best. The acting was perfect. If this show hadn't been canceled, Matthew Perry should have been nominated for an Emmy this year coming up. You can't see any Chandler in Matthew Albie. When Suzanne confronts Matt about his pill abuse, his acting is indescribable. It actually made me cry a little; he really made the audience feel what he was feeling. And Suzanne did an incredible job. You could really tell she cared a lot about Matt... it was a very touching scene. I hope the Matt/pill thing will resolve alright, but if its an easy ride, I'll be disappointed. Danny is proof of it, and if Matt doesn't have a tough time, then I doubt it will be realistic. Did anyone else catch when he was taking the pills, that he had put them in the vitamin bottle? Does anyone else think that it was just a cover, and that he's still taking them?

    Danny was brilliant too, especially when he confronted Matt himself about his pill abuse. That was probably one of my top ten TV moments of all time. Perry and Whitford have this amazing on screen chemistry - its a crime that they won't be back for another season.

    Tom's brother's story was really sad too... You could tell what was going to happen right in the beginning, as he was doing his segment as the Vice President's Press Secretary, that scene was kind of foreshadowed it. His reaction at the end was really sad. I hope his brother will be okay...

    And Jordan's pregnancy story was excellent as well. We didn't get to find out much about it, as the show was already packed with the above, but it set the scene for what will hopefully be an excellent next episode. I hope the baby's okay!

    Overall this was probably the most intense, emotional 42 minutes I've ever watched. Sorkin managed to blend a whole range of stories together to create a seamless blend of comedy, tragedy, and everything in between. It's a crime this show hasn't been re-newed.