Am I the only one who noticed??? (Danny IS the puppetmaster)

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    In Nevada Day when Matt is stressing about writing the show, Danny make a point of telling him how the people at network standards want to make really sure that when Jeanie says "jeeze" it doesn't come out "Jesus."  That one little comment puts Matt on a roll with the Jesus as head of network standards sketch.

    (My quotes may not be perfect.  Bear with me)

    Matt:  You never did talk to anyone at standards, did you? 

    Danny:  I am the puppetmaster.

    Cut to Danny talking with Jordan

    Jordan:  rumopre has it you're doing a sketch with Jesus as the head of network standards.

    Danny:  Yeah, what about it?

    Jordan:  Jack's gonna want you to cut it.  I want you to fight him for five rounds and then give in. 

    Danny:  Why? 

    Jordan:  I've beaten him too many times lately, first with hiring you and Matt, then with the Crazy Christians sketch, then with dumping that horrible reality show for Nations.  He needs a win. 

    Danny: You want me to kill the sketch because he needs a win.

    Jordan:  I want you to fight him for five rounds and then give in.

    Danny agrees.  Then on the plane.

    Jack: This sketch about Jesus as head of standards.  I want you to cut it.

    Danny:  Ok.

    Jack: What?  Thats it? Ok?  No . . .argument?

    Danny:  Oh, yeah, I was supposed to fight you on that.  But it's not very funny and I didn't like it anyway, so it's ok.  I'm pulling it.

    Jack:  You were supposed to fight me?

    Danny:  Yeah. Jordan said you needed a win.  I was supposed to fight you five rounds and then take a dive.

    Jack:  And that's a win? I'm not gonna take this.  You're airing that sketch.

    Danny:  No, really, it's ok.

    Now Danny fights him five rounds and gives in. Jack gets the win and the sketch goes on the air. Danny gets what he wanted in the first place, Jodran is happy. 

    Danny is indeed the puppet master.

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