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    General: Please note that this is a discussion only board, for the Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    series. And the rules/guidelines are in place solely to make this a
    nice place to visit and keep it running smoothly. prefers we
    don't get to out-of-hand in our discussions so I will enforce these
    rules as described below. Thanks and welcome to the forum.
    1. NO FLAMING: NO trash talk about the series, it's stars or this forum
    (or your unbelivably handsome editor, that's ME!). The same goes for
    the other posters on this board. Reasonable comments about the dislike
    of a particular episode or storyline is ok, but if you're main
    objective in coming here is to trash the show, you'll be shown the door

    2. NO GAMES OR OFF-TOPIC THREADS: Games, polls, surveys, lists, etc., don't involve discussion. There's a Games Forum I'd recommend for anyone wanting to run games or anything like that. Any games posted here will probably be moved there, so if you can't find your thread, check your posting history or look there.
    Note: prefers we don't do these kind of threads.
    Other then that, not much. Enjoy!
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