Saving The Show Could Not Hurt NBC!

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    i have just started watching the show, and was really impressed by the first two episodes, so am disappointed to find out it has already been axed. Maybe i just watch more american tv now with all the digital channels we get over here, but this seems to be happening all the time - angel, VM, dead like me etc. It must be even morefrustrating living in america, investing time in a new show and then seeing them get cancelled each year. I guess we should just be grateful for shows like west wing, sopranos and the wire that manage to stick around
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    Kalah_ wrote:
    Publicity? It didn't get enough, with names like Peet, Perry and Whitford? I thought part of the reason it failed was the mass of publicity and pre-hype, and the difference between expectations and reality. It's always easier for a show to be successful when it comes from below; it's easier to meet (and exceed) expectations when there aren't any.
    No, that usually means a show succeeds. nbc just quit promoting it after the first episode. Wasn't the last show, that can be defined as your second sentence/quote, ''Cheers''.
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    I cant understand the networks. They have a show like this that actually had some character and depth and cancelled it. The rants on the show about how the companies/stupid viewers would prefer to see the worst in human nature than watch a show that actually caused one to think and attemppt to form an opinion is just sad.
    The show had great relationships within the characters, and while they gave each other a hard time they were always there for each other as true friends should. I truly feel that we have all been deprived of something that had great potential to learn from a show that did more than entertain but also mad you think about what yhou believed and why? This was an awesome show.
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    I don't care how good they think they promotion was ... it wasn't enough. My daughter and I latched on to it right away when we saw Matthew Perry and we were hooked from the first episode. I would then tell people about it and they had never heard of it.Ithink most people never gave it a chance to see if it was any good because they weren't really aware of it. It gets hard to pick-up people then because if they missed the first few they aren't as likely to try and get up to speed with this type of show.
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    All I gotta say is...I bet NBC was wishing they had this show now. With the writer's block going on...NBC really screwed up on this one. Now we're just gonna get more stupid reality tv.
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