TV Guide on whether Studio 60 is fixable

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    The new TV Guide has an article on how some ratings-challenged shows can be fixed like the Nine, Justice and the Class. Studio 60 is mentioned and after saying the cast, production design and dialouge is great, it goes into what doesn't work.

    It's mostly stuff many of us have noted: Sorkin going on the soapbox too often; the self-importance and self-righteousness; slamming reality TV while ignoring how "feel-good" reality shows have started to supplant the usual reality crap; how the point of the show, the backstage workings of a comedy show and the characters involved, have taken a back seat to Sorkin's telling people what TV should be like; and of course the fact that the genius comedy writer comes up with skits worse than SNL yet everyone comments on how great they are.

    They finish up by saying that Studio 60 can be fixed and turn into a "nice romantic comedy about impassioned souls racing the clock to make us laugh. It just needs to get over itself."

    A good analysis and given how Sorkin is starting to face his own problems in the show (like John Goodman's judge telling Danny to stop assuming anyone not in New York or LA is an idiot), I'm hoping it can bounce back. I'd like to add my own item to that above list: How Sorkin is using what could be a wonderful relationship between Matt and Harriet to work out all his old issues with Kristen Cheonwerth (I apologize if I mispelled it). I'd rather he deal with it privately than air it out in front of millions and tie it into the show.

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    I honestly believe that Goodmans character played a big part in saving the show.

    That's probably stupid, but hey.
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    Goodman's character was great. I hope they get guest stars just as good in the upcoming episodes.
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