Why Was This Canceled?

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    I think it was a very clever show and from story point of view, it still had lots of possibilities. I loved to watch it.

    But honestly, I didn't find it"too liberal" but rather too idealistic. It painted a world where a comedy TV show is still the main program of a TV channel, where the staff works together smoothly, where even the executives of the network aim for quality and for profit. Oh, I agree with Sorkin, this would be a nice world to live in. And I think he just imagined what would happen to a show if it were handled like this. And reality followed in a way his fantasy: S60 got the chance. A whole lot of chance from the network.

    But the audience didn't watch it because it was too different from that they used to and from what they experience. Yes, there is a strive to put yourself into mystery world when watching tv but also, you'd like to personalize with the characters. And here, all characters were too good. They all lived up to a quality standard an everyday person can't because ... Because of several reasons but probably lazyness. The lazyness which sometimes helps us to created wonderful objects like cars or washing machine, sometimes lets us down but not forcing us to think.

    So these characters were way from us and far from reality just like the surrounding environment of the show. There was nothing that related to our life.

    BTW: the sketches. I had the feeling that they weren't funny on purpose. To be honest, the remaining sketch shows aren't any better. I found a beautiful irony in this.

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    because 30 rock was better
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    Being a conservative I have to agree the liberal message sometimes was a bit too much for me but overall I really liked the show so I tried to ignore it the best I could. There were a few times I winced at what was being done or said but since it was a fictional show and one that I enjoyed I tried to keep it all in perspective and not let it deter me from enjoying the well written plot lines.

    I do also get tired of the bashing of reality TV as a whole. There are great well done shows in that genre just like their are badly done shows in other genres. If we are refering to those sleazy low production reality shows I have no issue with them being called what they are but I happen to be a huge fan of The Amazing Race or Survivor. I seek quality TV in any genre and what entertains me. I tend to pick what I consider the best of each type of show and watch them. Sometimes it works out and other people agree with me enough that it stays on for several years other times I have to watch shows I like (Studio 60, The Class, Kidnapped, The Nine, Will Traveler from that year) disappear.

    Now that I write that it appears that particular time frame had an overabundance of shows I liked but didn't catch on. Sigh I am doing better this year though the only new show I have stuck with this year is The Mentalist (ok and a quilty pleasure 90210 sometimes). Though I guess this year it is more second season shows that disappoint me by being canceled... Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money.

    Oh yeah my other comment is often on cable good smart shows often fail too. Dead Like Me was an awesome show and besides one person probably didn't have a high paid cast. It couldn't manage to stay on more than two seasons. Though I look forward to the movie and maybe some closure!

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    I think one of the main problems was the closeness to The West Wing. The actors, the story lines, even the jokes - all was very similar. Too similar.

    Main story lines were copied straight from The West Wing. The main author can't accept any help until the whole writing staff quits, so he has to deal with amateurs. The fight against the religious right. Substance abuse and indiscretion. Every sketch has a political connotation.

    That would be tolarable if Sorkin had some new ideas to adapt the story to the new setting. But he didn't. Instead of dealing with California he put more and more elements from The West Wing to Studio 60. A comedy veteran form the McCarthy era? An hostage situation in Afghanistan? Come on.

    Another problem: They forgot to bring the funny. We don't see much of the sketches - but what we see is not funny. Sorkin obviously knows only one joke (I haven't eaten for 38 days...") and that's all.

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    Water78 wrote:
    because 30 rock was better

    It wasn't because 30 Rock was better, although they are both built on the same premise, they are incomparable because one is a half-hour comedy and the other is an hour-long drama. The reason was production costs, 30 Rock's were less, so it stayed.

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    Ossie wrote:
    Was cancelled because people prefer to watch idiot reality tv shows.

    I like watching reality shows, but I liked watching this show a millions times more then any reality show out there. Is this show still available on DVD?? I sure hope so.

    ~~ Tina ~~

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    I totally agree with you... I'm from argentina, and the first time i saw Studio 60, i was amazed, there are not many shows that serious, i was a beautiful drama, the production was incredible, and it's writting was wonderful... When a found out that they were cancelling it after just 1 season, i was really mad... but i can't blame the fans for no supporting, because i heard they did a lot of things to help the show... After a year or so, i still can believe that NBC cancelled it.. But as many people said perhaps they weren't prepared for such a realistic show. (but that's not an excuse)

    I still believe this was the greatest and smartest show ever written...

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    looks like I'm a couple of years late, but I felt like adding my dollar/pound/euro/yen's-worth

    Does anyone else find it kinda ironic that Wes' rant in the season pilot of S60 hits right to home on some of the realities that came up against the popularity of the show? Yeah, you could blame the falling-off of the viewer-count towards the end of the season on an increasingly romance-driven focus, or the need to actually concentrate on a storyline over more than a couple of episodes, or you could look at the situational realities of the world the S60 was first aired in. This show, like a lot of shows that take shots at the government, is considered in America 'liberal' etc, and I feel it's no coincidence that later in the season Sorkin wrote into his script that the manipulation of this bias(?) can fast become construed by some as 'unpatriotic'. Perhaps it may have done better under the current mindset/political affiliation of the people that first get their hands on this stuff. It's a crying shame that it didn't do better, and, as a result of this, get exported to primetime abroad (I live in Scotland, and only ever discovered the existance of S60 a week ago - now I've seen it twice).

    I would also add, and I don't mean this patronising in any way, that the flavour of humour involved here - quick, caustic, offhand - isn't one masterly tailored to the general American public - much in the way that the original British Office had to be adapted, and I think we saw a shift later in the season to try and remedy this - I don't mean 'dumb down', but altered to deliver more obvious and structured (setup-delivery) jokes, which, if anyone's watched the special feature, was EXACTLY the opposite of what Sorkin and Shlamme (did I spell that right?) set out to do. If anyone wants to know exactly what I mean here, watch and compare the British, then American trailers for the film In The Loop, and do in five minutes what a university level course in cultural media studies tries to do in a whole term. The original flavour of humour worked in the West Wing, yes, but that was because it had a serious, relevant and, to most of the original audience, vaguely familiar precedent (that's almost a pun) of the White House to back it up. A Saturday night TV studio on the other hand? Plus, how are you going to try and put a more serious underline on the base that is a comedy show?

    To sum up, S60 is genius - these are just ideas to why the crime of judgement that was the decision to discontinue might have been taken up against the drivel (my opinion, it would seem I am in the minority) that is reality TV. I'm pretty sure Sorkin and co. knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for when they delivered the show, and that many of the clues vs. the show's appeal and popularity appear in the script itself. I admire them even more for shooting it anyway.

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    I loved this show when it first came on, but I was a bit young and didn't usually stay up so late, but after watching the entire season, im still pretty pissed that it was canceled. Fantastic show
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    I have to admit that I didn't read even half of the comments here. (I am a bit intoxicated and have a horrible case of ADHD even when I'm sober.) That having been said, I feel like I should clarify the comments about people preferring to watch reality shows. I don't know that this is the case. I think it's more that networks prefer to air reality shows and people ARE WILLING TO WATCH THEM. [Sorry for the all caps, but I don't know how to do italics in this format.] One of the most telling events in television for me was when NBC decided to cancel their Friday night primetime drama Homicide: Life on the Streets. Homicide was an awesome show, and it even had pretty solid ratings (on a night when nobody is home, by the way). NBC didn't even try to claim that it wasn't a good show, or that it didn't have acceptable ratings. They were just honest about the fact that a great show that is filmed on location in Baltimore costs a lot of money to produce, while they could film Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on the same sets as the regular Law & Order for a fraction of the cost. So they would just need a fraction of the viewers to make the same margins. I'm one of the morons who watches SVU and allows NBC to put out a lower quality program at a higher profit margin.

    This is the reason why reality TV is so popular. They sign a bunch of nobody "talent" to contracts that are completely unfavorable. They don't pay writers, and they don't go nuts on the production, because if the camera work looks like it's not that smooth, it just adds credibility to the "reality" of the program.

    So it costs them nothing to make this reality crap. If even a third of the people watch it, they're in the black. If you want it to stop, the only way is to stop watching the garbage that they pump out.
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    I couldn't agree more, one of the best TV series I've seen. It maybe touched some "strings" it shouldn't.

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    Many years later, I still love this show desperately. When I'm really hating life, I break out the DVD set and go on a marathon - all the way to the very last episode. I have no problem imaging a second season and where the characters would go.

    I love most of Aaron Sorkin's work so it was no surprise I'd be attracted to Studio 60. I like the way he puts facts in and I'm not so wrapped up in the "correct way to write something" that I care whether his characters are a whisper back to something he did earlier. To me, each of his characters was a completely different person with a completely different life.

    There appeared to be a lot of honesty in the script - a place most TV shows, drama or not, would refuse to go. God forbid their audience think for a change.

    I have come to the conclusion my relationship with Aaron Sorkin's work is severely dysfunctional. I love it to death, but I've come to realize he may not have what it takes in the commitment department. I don't know whether that's the reflection of a "Type A" perfectionism that realizes what is created will live on forever and dearly wants it to be right before it leaves the showroom or simply too much responsibility for him to handle.

    Aaron was quoted in "W" when speaking of his own addictions: "You don't get cured of addiction--you're just in remission." Isn't one of the things they demand as part of the Anonymous programs not to get into any kind of relationship for the first year? No pets, no sex, nothing that requires that type of responsibility?

    It could simply be he has a short attention span like Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe is also not known for sticking around any project for too many years. While I think Rob might have a better track record than Aaron, he still feels the need to leave a project after being in it just a few years.

    I loved Sports Night and The West Wing, but Sports Night was canceled and The West Wing only had Aaron on staff as a writer for the first few seasons. Personally, I don't know how Aaron got through the number of episodes he did for Studio 60. That was a lot of work for one season. I can only imagine that being able to speak about the effort and the pitfalls of being a writer who has to put out a script on a weekly basis helped him get through all 22 and give us an ending we could love for all eternity. His endings are the one thing I love most about his work. We always get closure.

    Here we are again with The Newsroom. We were very lucky to get two seasons, even though they were HBO/summer short. At the end of the 2nd season he was already moving on to something else. I feel very lucky that we were granted an additional six episodes, but like I said elsewhere, my joy of being able to see those characters again will be tempered by the sorrow of knowing I will only get to be with them six more times.

    I love the intelligent way he writes and I love the actors and actresses he gathers when putting together a cast worthy of his pen. I love too much about Aaron Sorkin's work and why I continue in this clearly dysfunctional relationship I'll never know. I guess like Matt said of Harriett:

    "I love her talent. The woman's got millions of fans but there are maybe fifty guys in town who know how good she is and we're two of them."

    All I can do is wait until the next time his creativity is piqued and hope he can hold on to it for more than just a couple seasons.Cry

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