Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 20

K & R (2)

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 14, 2007 on NBC



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    • Simon: Leon Cushman's going to meet me at the side of the building, I'm going to talk to him for a half a minute, and I just want you there with me.
      Jeannie: Sure, but why?
      Simon: Leon wants to sleep with you. He'll do this for me to impress you.
      Jeannie: He doesn't want to sleep with me.
      Simon: Jeannie, this isn't the time to be delicate, so I'll just say it. There's no such thing as someone who doesn't want to sleep with you.

    • Matt: 15 minutes goes by without me hearing from you, I'm driving over there with a police escort.
      Danny: Where're you getting a police escort from?
      Matt: I will commit a crime and lead them on a high speed chase if I have to; I am not kidding around!

    • Tom Jeter: The doctor's giving my mother a sedative called Atrividium
      Captain Boyle: Yeah.
      Tom Jeter: My father's taking shots of a sedative called Johnny Walker Red.

    • Harriet: You're engaged?
      Danny: Yeah
      Harriet: And there's a baby?
      Danny: Yeah
      Harriet: Because like an hour ago none of this was true.
      Danny: Yeah, things are moving fast tonight.

    • Tom: You can't be trying to tell me that my brother's up there because I made fun of Mohammed tonight!
      Captain David Boyle: Yeah, kid. I'm sure the Taliban watches Studio 60. Maybe they Tivo it.
      Tom: What is your job here?
      Captain David Boyle: Comfort.
      Tom: You're not very good at it.
      Captain David Boyle: I keep trying to tell them that.
      Tom: There's nothing you know?
      Captain David Boyle: There's a lot I know. There's just nothing I can tell you.
      Tom: Do you know how he's being treated?
      Captain David Boyle: I'm sorry?
      Tom: You heard me.
      Captain David Boyle: Honestly, there's...
      Tom: Do you know how he's being treated?
      Captain David Boyle: No.
      Tom: Yes, you do. Is he being beaten up?
      Captain David Boyle: It's not a good idea to engage in hypothetical...
      Tom: Yeah, you're right. It's probably not. (getting angry) Except this isn't a hypothetical... It's actually happening!
      Captain David Boyle: You want to hit me?
      Tom: What?
      Captain David Boyle: If you want to hit me it's okay. Looking at you and looking at me, it doesn't seem like it'll hurt.
      Tom: (gets up to get a drink) I think I can use a sedative myself.
      Captain David Boyle: Now we're talking.
      Tom: You're such a jackass!
      Captain David Boyle: I know. Can you believe they made me a captain?
      Tom: Yeah, I can believe anything now.

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