Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 21

K & R (3)

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 21, 2007 on NBC
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The long day's journey into night continues as we learn more, in flashback, about how Matt and Danny came to be fired. Jack tries to convince Simon to apologize for his statement to the press. Matt continues to explore paying a ransom to free Tom’s brother over the objections of Captain Boyle. Harriet sits with and act as a distraction for Danny who is keeping vigil for Jordan at the hospital.moreless

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  • Of all the critical acclaim that Aaron Sorkin and Studio 60 got, they can add one more... Brilliant but Cancelled.

    Of all the critical acclaim that Aaron Sorkin and Studio 60 got, they can add one more... Brilliant but Cancelled. Although it lost it’s way a bit in the middle due to studio pressures, the show quickly got back on track, and ended on a high not. I do admit that it did get a little cheesy at the end, I was able to let it slide because Aaron Sorkin did not want to leave his fans hanging. Thank you Mr. Sorkin for making another fantastic show. I, like many of your fans, would have loved to see this show continue on. I hold on to the hope that someone sees the true brilliance of this show and picks it up to air on another network. Until then, I eagerly await for your next project.moreless
  • This is "Painful to watch" because it's turning out to be such a good show, and it's been cancelled for weeks.

    The part three (yes.. part three) of K&R continues the flashback theme as we find out how Danny and Matt were fired many years ago. The issue was a sketch done shortly after 9/11 and provides history of the current hostage situation. Jordan's future is unclear and the future of her daughter is up for grabs if things end terribly for her.

    All this episode does is show what a great writing looks like. For example, when things look to sell out and Danny almost starts to pray, he stands his ground and leaves Harriet. I'm not saying that praying is bad, but I dislike it when a show forces a character to go against expect behaviour. I wish we had many more seasons to learn more about Danny, and watch his continual debates with Harriet. The issues of hostages, foreign policy and celebrity involve are all very well developed as Tom's family tries to determine the best set of action as his brother's situation heats up.

    Religion and politics are always tricky subjects for any drama, and Studio 60 is tackling both perfectly in the same episode.moreless
  • I can't believe there's only one episode left! This has been one of the smartest and most well written dramedy's in the history of television! It's too bad that the networks only care about how high the ratings are... (More words on the review)moreless

    I can't believe there's only one episode left! This has been one of the smartest and most well written dramedy's in the history of television! How can you cancel a show like that?! Is it too smart for regular people living in a world full of crappy reality shows on the TV? Well, I hope not! It's too bad that the networks only care about how high the ratings are... The cancellation is also strange because of the fact that they cancelled a show that was based on Saturday Night Live, one of NBC's darlings during the years... But, at least they aired (one episode left) the whole season, so thanks for that NBC! How about Season 2 on HBO? Ah, that would be lovely wouldn't it?! Let's hope for miracles!moreless
  • I wasn't able to see this episode and can't seem to find it on iTunes. Does anyone know why it might take longer than Apple says it takes (the morning after the original airing) to get it online?moreless

    I wasn't able to see this episode and can't seem to find it on iTunes. Does anyone know why it might take longer than Apple says it takes (the morning after the original airing) to get it online? I really want to see this episode as it sounds really interesting but my power went out at exactly 10pm last night :( Anyone able to help? Thanks appreciated!
  • The penultimate episode continues to show why this was a missed opportunity

    When I heard this was a trilogy spanning one single dark night of the soul, I was thrilled by the idea. When I saw that it was essentially the “Studio 60” version of “Lost”, right down to drawing parallels between past and present with flashbacks, I was even more thrilled. Bringing the series full circle and grounding its themes in “television during wartime” was the icing on the already incredibly rich cake.

    To say that I will miss this series when it’s gone is a massive understatement. For the past few weeks, I’ve been screaming at my TV in happy frustration at the end of every hour. Knowing that the end is near is making it that much harder. It’s like getting towards the last couple of chapters of a book that took a while to get going, but was worth the patience by the end.

    I was a little surprised by the lack of resolution, because when you think of a trilogy, you think that the third act would bring the pieces together. Structurally, though, this is more of the classic five-act form: introduction, rising action, complication, climax, resolution/denouement. And that’s pretty much what we have with the final five episodes.

    That makes this the climax, for all intent purposes, and from a character perspective, it’s true. Everyone gets to a point of personal crossroads at the end of the hour. Danny is placed in the most hopeless of situations, left with nothing but faith to pull him (and in a sense, Jordan) through. Harriet faces faith on her own terms and helps Danny understand humility, perhaps getting a sense of where Matt’s coming from in the process. I was expecting that dynamic to happen with Matt and Harriet after the first part of the trilogy, but this was a better execution.

    Matt’s moment was really with Jack, bringing him towards closure with all the issues brought up in the pilot. Jack, in turn, must face down his own decisions while dealing with the fallout of Simon’s outburst. I don’t recall if they’ve touched on Jack’s sexuality before, but it was an interesting direction to take; without a second season, however, it could be seen as extraneous. Whatever the case, I found Jack’s attitude and restraint with Simon to be a telling contrast to his tactics with Matt and Danny.

    Since the trilogy includes a number of dramatic elements in threes (Danny/Harriet/Matt on faith, Matt/Jack/Simon on truth vs. perception), there’s the third crisis with Tom and his brother. This is more plot driven as a necessity, but there’s the struggle between Tom and his two “advisors”, Mary and Captain Boyle. Tom is caught between the percentages and the difference between personal and global moral concerns. It’s a bit more abstract for the audience, since the other dramatic threads are more directly relatable, but it’s still compelling.

    All of the characters dance and weave around these three threads, contributing to each character triptych in turn, and those minor shadings make it all more cohesive. As concluding arcs go, this is a stunner, and the effort taken to connect the continuity dots (finally bringing the Bill Maher item in line with this retelling of Matt and Danny’s exit in 2001) is well appreciated. If Sorkin and his staff can pull off a solid dismount for the finale, this series will go down in the books as true missed opportunity.moreless
James LeSure

James LeSure

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J. D. Walsh


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Kari Matchett

Mary Tate

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Ayda Field

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When the doctor strips off the bloody smock he still has a spot of blood on his right shoulder. When the camera cuts back to him after cutting to Danny the spot is gone.

    • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Captain Boyle gives his secure code as "Tango Nevada Echo Echo Bravo", but "N" in the military phonetic alphabet is "November", not "Nevada". The code he should have stated was "Tango November Echo Echo Bravo".

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Matt: How is it possible that at a time when the entire country is completely in line, including the two of us, that... how is it possible that people are so offended by a thoroughly benign sketch?! Is true patriotism really that fragile that it can be threatened by a late night comedy show?!

    • Harriet: It takes the average person in America 60 years to make what you make in a year. It takes the average person in the world 60 lifetimes to earn what you earn in a year. You have choices. Same is true for me, but the one thing that isn't handed to you on a silver platter is humility. So I like to begin each day on my knees and end each day on my knees.
      Danny: If He's everything you say he is I shouldn't have to audition.
      Harriet: It's not an audition.
      Danny: If He's real-
      Harriet: He is.
      Danny: And He loves me-
      Harriet: He does.
      Danny: Why not just fix it?
      Harriet: ...I don't know. And I'm hoping it's going to be a long, long time before you get to ask him yourself.

    • Harriet: Get down on your knees.
      Danny: Really?
      Harriet: Yeah.
      Danny: Why?
      Harriet: Respect.
      Danny: See, this is my first speed bump. I would think if I were God I wouldn't have any ego problems. I wouldn't need "Oh Lord, creator of the universe, most powerful and merciful and handsome of all the deities". There's a baby that's two weeks premature, her mom can't stop bleeding, my friend and employee's brother is being held prisoner by medieval heroin dealers... If he needs ten minutes of sucking up before he'll fix this, I don't want to work with him.

    • Harriet: People want and deserve to feel patriotic right now, and making fun of them-
      Matt: For the ninth time, I'm not making fun of patriotism, I'm making fun of car decals passing for patriotism! The same way I make fun of diamond-encrusted crucifixes from Harry Winston passing for faith!

    • Jack: You know, in 1993 Congress issued an apology to native Hawaiians on behalf of the United States for the overthrow of the kingdom of Hawaii 100 years earlier. All was forgiven, and I have a house in Kauai.
      Simon: Alright, fine, enough.
      Jack: You'll do it?
      Simon: Yes.
      Jack: You'll read an apology?
      Simon: the people of Hawaii. Can the people of Africa get one next, or are the Sioux Indians in line ahead of us?

    • Danny: What are you doing?
      Harriet: Cheering you up with a little Holly Hunter.
      Danny: Yeah?
      Harriet: It's what I'm here for.
      Danny: How is it no one's ever hit you in the head with a potato?
      Harriet: I duck and weave, baby.

    • Matt: (To Harriet) I don't think you're allowed to sleep with Luke and care about what I want both at the same time.

    • Simon: (Talking about the press) They make the capture of three US troops a showbiz story, and in the process casually put the three of them in greater danger, and then they ask me if we're manipulating the story for our benefit?! There are some situations that call for being impolite.

    • Jack: Does Danny have anything to drink around here?
      Simon: Danny's an alcoholic.
      Jack: His girlfriend's bleeding in the hospital, her daughter's born two weeks early, Tom's brother was taken hostage by the Taliban, and the star of one of his shows just went on television to declare his allegiance to Al Qaeda.... He doesn't keep anything around for special occasions?
      Simon: I declared my allegiance to Al Qaeda?!
      Jack: 'No wonder those guys want to kill us. I live here and I want to kill us'?
      Simon: It got out of hand.
      Jack: Yeah, ya think?

    • Jack: We're gonna draft an apology and you're gonna read it.
      Simon: I don't care if you draft the Gettysburg Address, I'm not reading anything.
      Jack: Forget the hell that's about to rain down on this network and on this show, I'm standing here telling you you're never gonna work again! Ever! You and Michael Richards can open a taco stand together.
      Simon: Jack?
      Jack: Yeah?
      Simon: Fire me or shut the hell up.

    • Harriet: I'll give you two choices. I can do more Holly Hunter...
      Danny: Or...
      Harriet: I can teach you how to pray.
      Danny: Teach me.
      Harriet: God always wins.
      Danny: No, it's just... your Holly Hunter is unbearable.

    • Matt: Look, I'm all for fighting a global war on terror. I'm Jewish! I wanted to kill Arabs long before any of you!

  • NOTES (4)