Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • For me, this was the slowest episode of the season....

    Was it me or was Studio 60 a bit slow this week? For someone looking forward to beginning the new episodes with a bang, I was disappointed. After all that exciting relationship tension created during "The Christmas Show," I thought Studio 60 was finally headed in a direction to really pull in viewers.

    Unfortunately, there were no really funny moments that stand out in my mind. While there were cutesy things such as Matt bidding one dollar over Luke's bids to be Harriet's date to the dinner, there were not many (if any) real laugh out loud moments. Some reasons for this perhaps were: no Cal, not enough Danny and Matt scenes, not enough Harriet and Matt scenes, and where were Jordan's hilarious one-liners? It was really much too serious an episode for me.

    As a recap, Matt warred Luke over a dinner date with Harriet at an event honoring her thrown by some Catholic organization. Matt, being against this group, donated not only to them, but to a sex-crazed group to balance it out. Danny began his stalking of Jordan, calling her every five minutes and asking her out a billion times, only to have her say "no." (I have to admit this was a let down, because they seem to have some excellent chemistry). I was incredibly sad for Danny when Jordan explained to him that he was embarrassing her, by doing things like having everyone he knows right him a letter of recommendation. Meanwhile, Jack was fighting the FCC, but not having much luck with the Board, and Lucy and Tom agreed to go out on a date (even though it looks like Jack offered Tom up for the same night to the daughter of the Chinese business man).

    I am hopeful that tonight was mostly a set-up for what will be a hilarious episode next week...with a return to Studio 60's dramedy was. Because Studio 60 as mostly a drama doesn't do it for me.
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