Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • Mostly set-up but a great Simon/Darius scene elevates it.

    After a long break, it seems Sorkin is finally addressing some of his problems again with that new VP telling Jordan she can't just paint all reality shows with the same crappy label. I also like how the woman shows she's not intimidated by Jordan, a move way overdue. The more they talk on stuf with the FCC battle, the more I think Sorkin might have been better off doing a show focusing on the network as a whole rather than one comedy series. Fighting to keep the integrity of news is a good plot and I like how Jack is ready to do it. I also enjoy the sadly realistic bit that the board would rather remove Asner than risk a multi-billion dollar battle, showing Sorkin does indeed realize that in life, money would come before quality for these people. I wince at them restarting the whole "foreign girl going after Tom" bit again but Jack had a great scene working with them all. The romances seem a bit too much now, especially the online auction and Danny's boderline stalking of Harriet. But at least she calls him on the fact it's more infatuation than real love. But the highlight of this episode was the Simon/Darius bit. I always found it presomptous of Simon that it was his duty to give other black comedians a break and save them from the inevitable life on the streets. It makes sense that Darius, an educated writer, doesn't want to be just "the black sketch" writer. That built to one of the best scenes yet where Simon blasts Darius for doing this after all Simon did to save him and Darius fires back "Yassa, Mistuh Simon, you sure is good to us field ni----ers." It's a great thing for Darius to let Simon know that not every black man feels like he does and they don't have to be shoe-horned like this. This is the Aaron Sorkin I've been waiting to see and hopfully the second half of the season who show more of that.
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