Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 7

Nevada Day (1)

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2006 on NBC

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  • Yep, a very special episode, and a great one too. It had a little different feel from the ones so far, but it was good by all means. Still a very intellectual humor, but with a dynamic twist. Taking the characters for a walk may actually save the show.

    First off I loved the stab at CSI:Miami. It's nice to see the show make a brave stand for itself. A snide joke about the competition is great way to show that Studio 60 is still kicking for live.
    And on the whole the episode was yet another improvement since last one, which was a bit of a late comeback. Getting the characters out of the studio is a good move so far and pays off very well for the show. The story has become more dynamic and interesting to follow even if you don't like the Sorkin kind of humor. The episode has a whole new feel about it and a bit of great directing has made it sort of exciting and still as sharp as always, so I'm sure it will score higher in the viewer ratings.

    Episode Summary:
    The beginning is an overview of the current status of events - Tom and a motley crew of characters are in the office of a rather snide and ill-tempered judge. Then it goes into a nice retrospection of how they came to be there. As Matt takes on religion once more, Harriet makes an unwise comment about gay marriages that is interpreted by the media as being homophobic. She is assaulted by a gang of gay hooligans and when Tom tries to protect her he pushes one of them, who later press charges. Later Tom, who plays the Jesus character in Matt's new mock of Christianity, is taken into custody during the rehearsal of the sketch and ends up being extradited to a small town called Pahrump, Nevada for a old charge of speeding. He is wearing Simon's jacket an when search they discover a smoked joint in it's pocket.

    I loved the episode, as I said it was smart, funny and exciting, but it was so good that it made the two things about the show, which are the core of it's lack of viewers, rahter apparent.
    1. The show tries so hard to be intelligent and funny that it forgets to be real. I mean, I'm sure Sorkin did his legal research and all but being extradited for speeding is a bit far-fetched. It's still a great story but I had to watch it a second time to be able to fully appreciate it.
    2.Everybody in the series, every single character is of a extraordinary intellectual level, or simply a downright genius. It's just hard for people to relate to that kind of personality.