Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 7

Nevada Day (1)

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2006 on NBC

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  • A trip out of town helps the show finally click to form.

    I was a bit worried about this episode as Sorkin made it clear last ep the low opinon he has of people who don't live on either coast. So I LOVED it when Goodman's judge threw the show's whole pretentious and smug attitude right in their faces while making it clear he was not the cliched hick guy they expected. I also liked a line Danny made of "we're just not that funny" which also seems to be a shout-out.

    We did get a CSI: MIami joke but it was more high road than I expected it to be. Also, the talk between Danny and Matt where Danny tricks Matt into creating the JC skit was quite good, showing how well the show can work when it counts. And from what I saw, the sketch was almost "South Park" like in being funny while pointing out the foolishiness in the mentality networks have toward that name ("I was burned, stoned and cruicified but it really hurts when people use my name.")

    The stuff with the Chinese deal and Jack's whining about the UN show seemed a bit much and I worry about Peet's pregnancy making Jordan more a back-burner. But I do like how Jack points out that her independent streak does not make her a good pick for a network executive. I also loved the reactions to Tom's problem from all people. "Are you pitching me a sketch?"

    While dragging this to another episode seems a bit much, I do think this is a great example of how the show really can click once Sorkin gets off the soapbox a bit and away from the actual in-show "comedy". I'm looking forward to next week's more than I thought I would and if Sorkin keeps pushing material like this, the show might see a surge in ratings which it deserves.
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