Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 8

Nevada Day (2)

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on NBC

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  • An incredibly amazing episode. I can\'t get enough.

    I loved this episode. I love all of Aaron Sorkin\'s Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip episodes. Aaron Sorkin is an amazing writer. He writes drama, he writes comedy, he writes to educate us, to make us more aware, to think, to laugh, to love. He does all these things in Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. Nevada Day, Part II is a perfect example.\

    Sorkin starts the episode out with a heavy topic that is currently in the news; the Christian Right\'s rejection of homosexual relationships. At the end of Part I Harriet is accosted by what Sorkin terms a \"gay street tough.\" Tom Jeter steps in to shield her from the ugliness and the bad guy falls over a bush and lands on the hard asphalt parking lot. Later Jeter is arrested, but due to an old parking ticket in Nevada he is extradited to that state. Unfortunately he is wearing Simon Stile\'s jacket, which contains in it\'s pocket a half-smoked joint. Simon, having already been caught twice, and a half-smoked joint being a felony in Nevada sets up the drama in which you\'re never really sure what the final legal resolution WILL be. Guest star John Goodman keeps you from knowing exactly which way it\'s going to go for Tom until the end.\

    In a case of \"what goes around, comes around\" Jordan is forced to make a request of Harriet based on the fall-out of a misquoted article and then winds up being preached to by corporate head honcho Wilson White herself regarding her ex-husband\'s book of lies. It certainly brings to light how out-of-control the media has become and how easily we as the public are swayed by any number of packs of lies.\

    Aaron Sorkin\'s comedy extends through sarcasm, wit and just plain silliness in the case of Alex and Jeannie who laugh like two year old\'s at the name of the Nevada town Pahrump or the physical comedy of Danny Tripp positioning himself to lean against a Police car that has been sitting in the hot Nevada sun only to find it\'s true scalding temperature. It\'s also the little things that add to the humor. We see Samatha several times throughout the episode with her hair up in curlers reminiscent of the 1960s which almost makes the comedy sketch \"Judgmental Credit Card Rep\" funnier than it actually is.\

    I love the way the comedy always bounces back after scenes that bring tears to my eyes, like Tom Jeter being forced by a judge to have to deal with the possibility of losing his brother overseas and the sarcasm of Danny Tripp as he asks the flight attendant whether the making of caesar salad is keeping the plane from going as fast as it can. (Although I think the correct response should have been \"We can arrange for you to get out and help push if you\'d like.")\

    We learn fun facts in this episode such as to be a journalist in Brazil you have to have not only a college degree in journalism, but a license as well or that the 820th Red Horse squadron of the US Air Force goes into war zones and builds things incredibly fast and the casualty rate for multiple tours in the middle east is likened to playing Russian Roulette with one\'s life.\

    What I have found that I love most of all about this series is the fact that Aaron Sorkin is a man and knows...understands love. Not just man and woman love, but family love, self-respect and maturity of spirit. He seeks to inform us, not by just talking about an issue but making sure we understand the arguments of both sides. Most times each side\'s beliefs are not the shallow, egotistical generalizations frequently bandied about by opposing sides, but stem from concerns much deeper than the need to follow and be one of the flock. They are people searching for and finding their own truths and beliefs and we are allowed to benefit from it all.\

    I have not only fallen in love with these characters, but as each episode airs I am wowed by the amazing depth of the cast. Matthew Perry really makes me believe he\'s in love with Sarah Paulson and Sarah does an incredible job of trying to balance her character\'s own feelings for Matt Albie against the list of ecumenical disagreements that tore their relationship apart. Nate Corddry continues to amaze me with his dramatic prowess as well as D. L. Hughley; both better known for their comedic abilities. Brad Whitford as the older and wiser Danny Tripp (as opposed to young and almost ADD Josh from West Wing) and Timothy Busfield as the easy going Cal are so perfectly cast for their roles. As each story reveals itself you learn even more intricate nuances, such as the look of terror on Nate Torrence\'s face when he\'s told his character has to take over the news desk or the sense that Simon Helberg is playing the credit card rep sketch down to show us how hard it is to work with scripts that were written for someone else. Amanda Peet\'s dry and sarcastic Jordan McDeere seems amazing vulnerable at some points and one is left to wonder if that\'s just her modus operandi to bring Studio 60\'s cast and crew up to their highest level of performance. Steven Weber brings a pomposity to Jack Rudolph that really makes you hate him.\

    At the end of the show we are treated to a beautifully framed picture of two people who obviously love one another very deeply. Whether it was written in the script that way or just a directorial or cinematographer\'s choice, the fact that their love was shown without further innuendo was simply beautiful. I hope Aaron will continue to shed light on this love and build their deep friendship because it\'s something so rare in the world today. I hope Matt and Harriet figure out how to fix what was wrong the first time around so the second time is the charm.\

    I was thrilled to hear that Studio 60 received the order for all 22 episodes. I dearly hope that NBC will have the courage to allow this show to survive more than two years. I thank Aaron Sorkin and the cast for the compromises made to keep this amazing show alive. I pray that NBC doesn\'t break my heart the way CBS and ABC have in the past by not supporting the show\'s longevity.